WMF Ceradur Profi

Talking about stainless steel pans, like these WMF Ceradur Profi, is almost talking about the German firm WMF. This brand, of the highest level, has always been characterized by having developed one of the highest quality steels. To do this, it has been carefully designing and manufacturing in Germany since 1853.

It is not a brand that wants to position itself as the cheapest. Competing on price is not one of your goals. It has always focused on developing extreme quality products that can last even decades.

This 18/10 stainless steel of these WMF Ceradur, which has been called Cromargan, is characterized by its resistance and especially by its final polished finish. The brightness that you will see on the first day will be the same as it will have many years later. After all, when you buy a product in this price range, you are buying quality. And WMF is a brand that has oriented all its products towards excellence for 160 years. That is the best guarantee.

Here we leave you with a short video about these WMF Ceradur Profi pans . It is not in Spanish, but it serves to perfectly see its finishes.


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