Tefal Comfort Grip

Tefal, as the leader in the household goods sector, is always innovating. And with these pans, Tefal Comfort Grip presents its entire range of technologies and novelties to us.

As a characteristic, Tefal focuses a lot on achieving optimal finishes and implementing the best technologies, often at the cost of abandoning the design a bit . It does not happen in this case. These Tefal Comfort Grips have a very neat, beautiful and ergonomic design.

As its name suggests, the Tefal Comfort Grip, focus on facilitating the handling of the pan, perfecting two characteristics to the extreme :

  1. Lighten the weight to the maximum with the use of the lightest materials,
  2. Develop an ergonomic handle that allows a perfect grip and manipulation.

But not all that glitters is gold, these Comfort Grips have some drawbacks that can be decisive for certain cooks.

The bad? : not compatible with induction hobs. The good? It incorporates the latest Tefal technologies such as the new ThermoSpot.

In this short video we show how Tefal ThermoSpot technology works and why it is a great success to incorporate it into our pans.


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