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The French firm Tefal, well known for being the number 1 manufacturer of household items, has several families of pans in its catalog. We cannot say that it has a low range, as they are all of excellent quality. But among all,  these Tefal Expertise show the best of the firm.

To begin with, we must say that Tefal Expertise are outstanding pans in almost everything. The firm has taken care of every extreme, both in its manufacture and in its design, and it shows.

Although in the analysis of the Tefal Sensoria we remarked that the design was too sober, it has been embroidered here . Its design is clean, combining matte black with silver and with an ergonomic handle that gives them a really premium look .

It is clear that Tefal wants to turn these  Expertise pans  into the reference of the brand, and for that reason they have taken care to the extreme both their technical and technological part, as well as their finishes and design.

In this short video you can see very graphically what we mean.



They are high-thickness aluminum pans , which guarantee the rapid diffusion of heat. Despite the fact that aluminum in principle does not go well with induction, Tefal has inserted a ferritic disc in the base of these Expertise pans and, thus, they can be used interchangeably in gas, glass-ceramic, electric and induction cookers.

And in these induction cookers it heats up very well, and heats up very quickly. And this is one of its best functions, within seconds of putting it on the fire they reach very high temperatures. This results in significant time and energy savings.

Its design is really careful, combining two colors (matte black and silver) that give it a clean and modern look.


As for its non-stickness, it is guaranteed by Tefal’s own system, again in this model in its highest range.

Tefal has several types of non-stick: Titanium Pro, Resistium, and Titanium Excellence. In these pans, how could it be otherwise, use the top of the range, the Titanium Excellence. It is a non-stick surface reinforced with Titanium inserts . This guarantees, on the one hand, a very high non-stickness and, on the other hand, a very good durability.

To guarantee optimal protection of non-stick surfaces, we recommend using the appropriate kitchen utensils. This is because if we use a stainless steel utensil on a non-stick surface, we will most likely damage it. And if it is damaged, aluminum can be toxic and food will also stick to us.

The advantage of these Tefal Expertise pans is that by having a Titanium coating they protect the surface from any damage. Therefore, it will be really difficult for us to damage it even if we use any type of utensil.

In the same way, we value very positively that its non-stick surface also applies to the exterior. In this way, it has a coating on the outside to prevent food that jumps out of the pan from sticking to the hot metal. It seems to us a success and something fundamental.

The Titanium Excellence non-stick surface with Titanium inserts is the best that Tefal has. Its resistance to damage and its non-stickiness are beyond doubt.


Regarding the measurements of the set that we analyze today, it includes the following pans:

  • 1 x Non-stick pan with Titanium 21 centimeters
  • A 24-centimeter non-stick pan with Titanium
  • 1 x Non-stick frying pan with 26 cm Titanium

All models, regardless of diameter, have a height of 5.5 centimeters. Also, of course, you can find each pan individually.


One thing that worries us who use pans on a daily basis is that the materials that are used are not harmful to our health.

The Tefal Expertise does not use PFOAs  in its construction, so we can cook with complete peace of mind. As in all pans, they will be harmless as long as they are in perfect condition, without scratches and without the aluminum in sight. However, with these Expertise pans, it will be difficult to spoil this protective layer thanks to its Titanium surface.

Special features

These Tefal Expertise pans and their Grill have the best of the French firm:

  • Tefal Thermospot:   This is a small circle in the center of the pan that will turn red when it reaches the optimal temperature. It may seem trivial, but it is really useful when you have not gotten the point of the oil yet.
  • Diffuser bottom: This is responsible for distributing the heat evenly over the entire surface. This ensures that the temperature does not vary at all from one end to the other, or from the center to the ends of the pan. This is really important in pans larger than 10 or 11 inches, so that all parts of a steak or fish are cooked at the same time.
  • 100% Aluminum : Its all-aluminum construction has two main advantages. First, it allows for rapid heat distribution throughout the pan. And secondly and fundamentally, it lightens the weight a lot. These Tefal Expertise are really light, anyone including the elderly can easily handle it with one hand.

Detail of the diffuser base incorporated by Tefal. Ensures a perfect and homogeneous heat distribution over the entire surface of the pan

Are they worth it?

We are facing high-end pans, which are comfortable and very light. Its surface with Titanium reinforcements will allow us intensive use and some abuse.

The advantage of this set of pans is that when purchased in a set they are really inexpensive, considering the price of a single  high-end titanium frying pan.

We believe that for most families who do not need a high-end titanium skillet like the one above, or an iron skillet, it is the perfect purchase.

Other finishes available

In addition to the pans, the Tefal Expertise family has an excellent aluminum Grill also with Titanium inserts . This grill has square measurements of 26 × 26 centimeters and 2.9 centimeters high. It goes without saying that making a good steak, a good fish or some good vegetables in this Grill completely changes .

The Grill Expertise is ideal for making a steak, a hamburger, fish or vegetables. Simply when the Thermospot alerts you, set the food down and enjoy!

The Expertise family is wide and in addition to the pans, they also offer us a practical WOK. As you know, it is a particularly deep frying pan with an oval bottom, ideal for preparing sautéed recipes at high temperatures. Of course, it maintains all the advantages (such as titanium) of the Expertise family.


  • Its quality / price ratio is beyond doubt.
  • Its Titanium inserts give it excellent resistance and durability
  • They are really light
  • Its design is very careful


  • Unless there are offers, its price is high.

Maybe you are interested

If something doesn’t convince you about these Tefal Expertise, we advise you to take a look at the best pans from the Spanish firm BRA, the BRA Advanced. They are outstanding in everything, and very similarly priced.

And finally, if you want to value other brands beyond Tefal, for a normally slightly lower price you can find the Monix Mineral model , some pans from a historic Spanish firm, made  of Titanium  and with unique technologies.

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