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When it comes to cooking, you can agree with us that not all pans are good for everything. Specifically, frying is a very demanding task, both at an energy level and for the tool you use. Therefore, what better than a frying pan?

However, even within the frying pan industry there are many options available. So many, that many times it is more difficult to choose one than to make the meal. Therefore, today we want to show you which are the best frying pans.

Best frying pan

What’s more, we are not only going to help you choose a frying pan, but we are going to show you the 5 best ones. For this we have based ourselves on the quality of its materials, its construction and, of course, its price. Go for it!

Magefesa frying pan

As is customary, whenever we talk about quality kitchenware at a good price we have to talk about Magefesa. In addition, it is one of our favorites since it is a brand of Basque origin and also with national manufacture.

The Magefesa frying pan has everything you could ask for: it is a good size, enough to make potatoes for 6 people or even more (specifically, 26 cm in diameter), it has PFOA-free non-stick, and of course, What to say about its price?

However, its characteristics do not stop there, but to make this frying pan even more irresistible, they have made it suitable for dishwashers and all types of kitchens.

But this is not all, it is important to emphasize that it is made with vitrified enamelled steel, which makes it heat up much faster, saving up to half the energy for the same work.

Menax frying pan

But it wouldn’t be fair to talk about quality without mentioning the Menax frying pan. Remember those pans and casseroles from before? Yes, those that seemed that the years did not pass through them. The same thing happens with this Menax frying pan thanks to the quality of its materials and the brand’s commitment to creating a good product.

Menax offers us three options of frying pan depending on its size: 22, 24 and 28 centimeters. Thus, it goes from being a frying pan for two people to being a very interesting purchase option for larger families.

We especially liked its quality, its structure (made with high-quality vitrified steel) and its grating, also made of steel. In addition, thanks to its non-stick coating you will not have to worry about cleaning, it is easier than ever.

LS Kitchen Frying Pan with Basket

After a long time analyzing kitchenware and kitchen utensils, we already know which brands are worth it and which, although with a lot of popularity, it is better to avoid. LS Kitchen is the opposite example, it is not well known but its products seem to us to be the best on the market.

Its frying pan is a clear example of this, made with laminated aluminum and with a steel bottom, it has one of the most durable constructions that you can have. In addition, it is available in two sizes, 20 and 24 cm in diameter.

To improve its durability, it has a high-quality non-stick coating , free of PFOA and PTFE, so cooking with it is completely safe.

Ibili frying pan

And if we talk about brands that are not known but that undoubtedly should be, we cannot leave Ibili behind. We have already mentioned it sometime, but Ibili creates very good products for prices that really surprise.

Their aluminum frying pan is one of their hundreds of successful products. Ibili offers us two sizes: 18 and 24 cm and says that it is suitable for all types of fires.

However, some buyers claim that it is not valid for induction, so if this is your case, I would choose one of the ones we have already seen.

Otherwise, it is a frying pan that has no faults: its basket is perfect, it has a double layer non-stick and it is dishwasher safe.

Space Home frying pan

And finally, the Space frying pan, which according to the brand itself can be used as a fryer, as a conventional frying pan or even as a wok thanks to its shape.

You use it as you use it, you can benefit from its construction with laminated aluminum and its double nonstick layer Nonstick Plus free of PFOA and PTFE.

Space Home has thought of the whole world, so its frying pan is suitable for all types of fires, standing out for its energy efficiency.

In general, it is a frying pan with very good finishes, high quality materials and of course, with results that speak for themselves. However, his basket seems not to measure up to the rest of the pan.

What to consider when buying a frying pan?

Buying the perfect product is, in many cases, too complicated. Not only because of the number of products to choose from, but also because of our desire to always have the best.

In order for you to choose the best frying pan you need to know the 3 keys that make such a frying pan a good product:

  • The grid is essential, as that is why it is a “deep fryer”. They do not have much science, but the fundamental thing is that it is resistant, that is, that it has a strong structure and that its holes are small (enough to keep food out).
  • When you talk about pans, you always talk about nonstick, but is it important in frying pans? Well, it never hurts to have a good non-stick, but keep in mind that the food will not touch the pan unless you remove the rack, which in that case it is interesting to have a good non-stick.
  • And finally, the material from which it is made. Frying food is a very aggressive process for any material. The best for this function are enamelled steel and rolled aluminum, but the others need not perform poorly.

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