Valira Air

The Valira Aire model is the latest from the Spanish firm, an expert producer of pans, casseroles and even portable food containers for everyday use. It is a frying pan designed for fat-free cooking and which ensures even heat distribution when cooking.

The model has different sizes from 20cm to the largest of 30cm. This makes the Aire de Valira model  adaptable  to any need.

They have strong commercial campaigns that try to convey to us the idea that anyone can cook like a chef using Valira pans. Is this true?

The Valira brand is well known by now for making 100% Spanish products. It was founded in 1970 and is characterized by the production of pots and pans made of liquid aluminum.

We leave you a brief video of the frying pan at its best: in action. This is a video preparing a recipe in these Aire de Valira pans.


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