Silit Toskana

Silit Toskana is the set of stainless steel pans that we will talk about next. This is the type of pans that are essential in any kitchen for its durability and resistance. Ideal for preparing multiple recipes.

In addition, Silit is a German brand that has been developing high-quality kitchenware since 1920. Its focus is on providing products that meet customer needs.

Therefore, Silit manufactures pans, cookware, and Express pots, which allow cooking in a simpler and more attractive way. Even faster and more sustainably. To achieve this, all its products are manufactured with the highest quality standards in terms of functionality, aesthetics and ergonomics.


Obviously the polished stainless steel is one of the strengths of this set of 2 Silit Toskana pans. In fact, the surface finish is one of the key elements in any pan, although not all brands incorporate it.

It not only makes the pan more resistant to corrosion. It also prevents the surface from wearing down and at the same time reduces friction. But perhaps one of the most important aspects of the polished finish is that it does not retain food debris.

It means that with a smooth, polished surface, there is less chance of fat or food deposits to build up. Of course, a polished finish also provides a visually pleasing appearance. It is also much easier to clean.

Similarly, stainless steel has the ability to withstand high temperatures. Therefore, it does not matter what type of fire you use. Your pans will remain intact and will give you better cooking of food.

On the other hand, Silit Toskana pans are made with Silargan. This is a material that combines the functionality of ceramic with a non-porous surface. It is highly resistant to scratches and cuts.

It also guarantees a more authentic flavor since they preserve the flavor and natural aromas of the food.


Let’s talk now about non-stick on Silit Toskana pans. Remember that non-stick is a fundamental aspect in pans. One of the main benefits is that less oil is used, so our meals are healthier.

In the specific case of this set of 2 pans, it has an excellent quality non-stick coating. Not only does it provide a stronger surface.

It also does not include perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). This compound is highly toxic and is considered carcinogenic by the European Union. Therefore, there is no risk of toxicity.

This degree of non-stickiness prevents the pan from absorbing too much oil during cooking. As a result, the food does not stick and is therefore easier to clean after cooking.

The non-stick coating also results in a more even heat distribution. Because of this, the food you prepare cooks faster, which allows you to save on your gas bill.

Ergonomic design

When cooking in pans, the ergonomic appearance is key to easy handling. This is also another of the strengths of the Silit Toskana pans. In addition, its size also facilitates food preparation.

The smallest has a diameter of 20 cm, while the largest pan has a diameter of 28 cm. Furthermore, each pan has a rim that is wider than any other conventional pan.

Because of this you can pour your food without worrying about spilling it and staining your surfaces. Not only that, these pans also feature an ergonomically designed stainless steel handle.

This means that you can hold the pan firmly and comfortably. Whether you need to hold the pan while cooking, or place the pan on the table. Its ergonomic design guarantees you to handle the pans safely.

Additional accessories

This set of 2 Silit Toskana pans also includes a slotted spoon, also made of stainless steel. Its spatula-shaped design with rounded corners prevents the non-stick surface from scratching while cooking.

You can use it to turn the food and ensure better cooking. Additionally, the grates on the spatula allow you to remove cooked or fried food from the pan. It can also be used to eliminate foam in stews or other foods.

The main advantage, in addition to the quality materials, is that you save money by not having to buy this utensil separately.

What are its advantages?

From what we have described so far, Silit Toskana pans bring you many benefits for your cooking and food preparation. Below we mention its most outstanding advantages:

  • They are stainless steel pans. It means that they will last you for many years offering the best performance. In addition to being durable, they are highly resistant and have a great capacity to retain heat.
  • They have a quality non-stick surface. Regardless of the food you prepare, nothing will stick. You will even use less oil to cook and thanks to the fact that the heat is distributed evenly. Your food cooks faster.
  • Polished finish. They are pans with an attractive and elegant appearance. This thanks to its surface with a polished finish. Polishing also ensures that food debris does not stick and can cause an unpleasant taste or smell.
  • Ergonomic handles and wide edges. Regardless of the type of food you prepare, the ergonomic design of the pans makes cooking a breeze. You can hold each pan safely and without risk of dripping thanks to its wider edges.
  • Compatible with all fires. Silit Toskana pans can be used on any type of fire. This includes from glass-ceramic hobs, to induction hobs, and gas.

Between you and me

Considering all the above, Silit Toskana pans are undoubtedly an excellent choice. They give you great durability and resistance regardless of how you use them.

Plus, the polished stainless steel provides a stylish appearance. On the other hand, its non-stick surface does not allow anything to stick. The flavors and odors of food are not retained either.

Additionally, a slotted spoon is included and each pan has an ergonomic design that makes cooking easier. With these pans you don’t have to worry about dripping when pouring your food.

Maybe you are interested

You may also be interested in purchasing a single stainless steel skillet. If so, we recommend the WMF Favorit frying pan , which stands out for its patented Cromargan finish and its non-stick surface, also made of stainless steel.

In addition, its price is slightly lower and it has a Transtherm base. This base distributes heat evenly and allows you to significantly reduce cooking times.

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