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This moment was going to come sooner or later. Although it may not seem so at first glance, the kitchen industry is very dynamic and very close. In recent years, Tefal had led the way in the strength and performance of the frying pans. The other giant of the Spanish sector of Sartenes BRA, put all the meat on the grill to keep up with it, and with the BRA Efficient it kept pace with the Tefal pans. But it is now that he has finally made the leap and created the best to date: the BRA Advanced.

These pans are certainly not normal pans. The Advanced BRA pans are the result of years of work and development. In its construction, as we will see later, they did not spare a single expense. These pans have a really adjusted price for the benefits they have, because after all, their direct rival is the Tefal Expertise. Are they worth it?


For the construction of these Advanced BRA pans, the Spanish firm uses the material par excellence: aluminum. It is a nondeformable cast aluminum of the highest quality. It allows on the one hand a fast and balanced distribution of heat, and on the other hand lightens the weight. Aluminum is an astonishingly light material , so this frying pan will be easy to handle with one hand. It is ideal for elderly or weak people who cannot carry a lot of weight.

They feature a heat resistant Bakelite handle with elegant blue finishes. On the outside, the frying pan has a lot of quality and when you pick it up with your hands, you can see its robustness. One advantage of the handle is that it is not riveted to the body of the pan. This allows there to be no screws or rivets inside the pan that make cleaning difficult and accumulate dirt.


At the bottom of the BRA Advanced frying pan we find a Full Induction diffuser bottom. This has two functions. On the one hand, make them compatible with all types of kitchens. They will work without problems in gas, glass-ceramic, induction or electric cookers.

But in addition, this diffuser base is responsible for evenly distributing the temperature of the pan over its entire surface. In this way, even if the pan is large, the ends will be at the same temperature as the center.

You can also put these BRA Advanced pans in the dishwasher, although it is not necessary at all. As we will see later, the non-stick is so good that washing it will seem hilarious.


And here we come to the real BRA revolution. The qualitative leap of these pans with respect to the BRA Efficient is undoubtedly their non-stick surface. In this case, as we said, BRA spared no expense and provided them with one of the best non-stick surfaces that we can find on the market: Teflon Profile. 

This non-stick surface , ecological, respectful with the environment and free of any toxic substance such as PFOA. But the best is not that, the best is what they have called Skin technology. It is an intermediate shell, a second coating, made with Silicon Carbide. This material is a shield that is interposed between the non-stick surface and the top layer.

With this, what they achieve is that even if they are subjected to very intensive use, bumps or even strong scratches, the non-stick layer at the bottom will never be damaged. The middle layer of the BRA Advanced skillet, which is made of shell with Silicon Carbide (SiC), will prevent any damage. It is a surprisingly strong and effective non-stick surface .

Therefore, you will have pans for many, many years. And thanks to this, what we told you before. Cleaning will be really easy. As nothing sticks, just put the pan under the tap for a couple of seconds after using it and wipe it with a napkin, it will be clean and ready for the next use.


  • It is a Spanish brand that manufactures at home under the highest quality standards of the European Union.
  • Its materials are carefully chosen so that the pans are light and resistant.
  • They are compatible with everything (dishwasher and induction).
  • Silicon Carbide Skin Technology – Non-stick and extreme resistance.
  • Energy Saving Fund : allows the acquisition of temperature to be faster, saving cooking time and costs on the electricity or gas bill.
  • Elegant design and free of visible screws or rivets.



  • Its extreme lightness: allows them to be used by people of legal age or especially weak.
  • Manufactured under the strictest quality controls.
  • The ease of cleaning them is one of its greatest virtues.
  • The intermediate shell makes them almost indestructible.
  • They are presented in a SET of three measures that covers all needs.


  • At the moment they are not easily found in any commercial area and are frequently sold out.


We must recognize that whenever they asked us for the best frying pan, we always put Tefal Expertise first. But now with the landing of the BRA Advanced, things are not so clear. The Expertise are outstanding pans that have proven this over many years; The Advanced BRA pans in the months leading up to the sale, have shown that more than meet all that can be asked a Premium pan.

If you want to choose some pans without fear of being wrong, and make sure they have extreme resistance, don’t think about it, these are your pans. BRA Advanced will last for many years and will withstand daily abuse without any problem. Without a doubt, a wise decision.


If you want to assess the other options of other brands, we leave you with the analysis of the pans against which these BRA intend to fight. As we told you, it is about the Tefal Expertise. They are very similar by slightly changing the design.

They are extraordinarily resistant pans, reinforced with Titanium and a tough enemy to beat.

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