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When we buy a cookware, we all want it to last us and to pay off the money we have invested. For this, it is very important to look at the materials with which the utensils we are buying are made. In today’s case, we are going to analyze the WMF Provence Plus cookware , a battery of extraordinary quality at a price that, in certain cases, can be well worth it.

As you may already know if you are regular readers of this blog, we are in love with the WMF firm. This premium German brand has been manufacturing kitchen utensils since  1853 . More than 165 years! You can get an idea of ​​the quality of their products. At the end of the day, when a brand survives so many generations and remains a world reference, it will be for something. We are going to take a deep look at the Provence Plus battery from WMF and analyze if for the price it has, it is worth it.


For the construction of the WMF Provence Plus cookware, the German firm has chosen the best material. The stainless steel Cromargan 18/10 is the hallmark of any product WMF. It is a finish  patented by the German firm.

The main difference between Cromargan stainless steel and competitive stainless steel is the polished finish it has. The exterior of the WMF Provence Plus shines, and shines a lot. And also, the characteristic of this brand is that after 10 years it will shine like the first day.

One of the reasons why we say that we fall in love with every WMF product (among many others) is because of the Cromargan finish of its steel. That polish keeps the steel of any utensil signed by WMF shiny.

Leaving aside the aesthetic side, we find a Set of 4 or 5 pieces. The 5-piece set is the most interesting for us in terms of quantity / price. It is made up of:

  • 24 cm low pot with lid and 5.7 liter capacity with lid
  • 20 cm saucepan with lid and 2.5 liters capacity
  • Low pot of 20 cm with lid and 3.3 liter capacity with lid
  • 16 cm low pot with lid and 1.9 liter capacity with lid
  • 16 cm saucepan with lid


As a characteristic feature, the lids of this WMF Provence Plus cookware are made of glass. As you know, the lids can be made of glass or stainless steel. Each has its lovers and detractors. The advantages of stainless steel lids are that they are much more resistant to shocks and that they can be placed in the oven. The advantages of glass lids are that you can see the contents of the pot without opening, thus saving energy.


The German firm has been a specialist in household items for 165 years, and as a Premium brand we cannot expect anything other than full compatibility with everything. As for the dishwasher, this WMF Provence Plus cookware withstands high temperatures and the power of the jets without getting messy: it can be washed daily in the dishwasher.

Secondly, when it comes to its use in the oven, it doesn’t have any problems either. You can start your recipe on the fire and finish it in the oven. The stainless steel of this Provence Plus holds it all. Of course, you should be careful with the tapas. As we said at the beginning, the disadvantage of glass lids is that they do not withstand high temperatures in the oven. So if you want to use these pans in the oven, remove the lids!

And finally, this cookware is compatible with all types of hobs. It will work without problem on glass-ceramic, induction, electric or gas hobs.


  • Transtherm base: the latest WMF technologies have been implemented in this cookware. The Transtherm bottom allows it to work with all types of cookers without damaging the pan. In addition, its function is to accelerate the acquisition of temperature so that it heats up in the shortest possible time. With this, we can reduce energy consumption and save on the bill.
  • Bottom slightly curved inwards: this may seem crazy, it is the greatest genius of MWF. The interior of the Provence Plus saucepanis slightly domed towards its inner side. With this they achieve that when the container is heated, the base expands avoiding the loss of heat. And works!
  • Stainless steel handles : how could it be otherwise in a Premium cookware, the handles are made of the same 18/10 Cromargan Stainless Steel. Some low-end batteries have plastic handles and are the first to break. These stainless steel handles are virtually unbreakable. In addition, they have WMF Cool + technology to avoid any thermal transfer from the pot to the handles.
  • Wide edges ready for pouring: Another quality detail is the finishing of the edges. They are slightly rounded and have the perfect width to be able to pour the contents without splashing or falling off.


Holding the WMF Provence Plus cookware in our hands , we realize that we are dealing with a premium piece of the highest quality. The weight, the packaging and the robustness of the set makes us presume that it is a high-end range.

The hardness of its steel, the WMF guarantee, the Cromargan polish and all the quality details like the stainless steel handles, the glass tops, the Transtherm base, the pouring edges and the technology to avoid heat loss has a price. It is not a cheap kitchenware, but it is true that on certain occasions we can find some demolition offers. Our advice: if you find it on sale, don’t think twice.


  • It is one of the best kitchenware brands in the world with 165 years of experience.
  • Quality guarantee from a firm that manufactures under the quality standards of the European Union.
  • The glass lids allow you to see the content without lifting them, thus saving energy.
  • They are fully compatible with induction, hob, oven and gas cookers .
  • They can be placed in the oven.
  • Cromargan stainless steel is the best you can find. It’s super tough and the polish stays shiny forever.


  • Glass lids cannot withstand high oven temperatures.
  • The price (if it is not on sale) is high, although typical of a high-end range.


If you have seen this cookware but for whatever reason it has not convinced you, there is another option. It is his eternal German rival. The Zwilling Twin Classic are the other high-end option. They are priced slightly higher, and they also ooze quality on all four sides. Either of the two are two options with which it is impossible to go wrong.

On the other hand, if you are looking for something small, cheap and quality, the WMF Mini series is simply ideal for one or two people. It is a set of the highest quality from the German firm and at a price adjusted to its size.

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