Moulinex Home Baguette Bread Maker

The bread maker best valued by experts in the field is without a doubt the Moulinex Home Baguette breadmaker. Thousands of people trust her to eat bread of that type that can no longer be bought in supermarkets, without spending a lot of money, enjoying the kitchen and knowing all the ingredients of the recipe.

So much so, that you can make bread with all the flours you want : wheat, rye, spelled, even almond or corn flour. It all depends on how creative you got up that morning.

Moulinex OW6101 Features

In recent years the quality of food has decreased exponentially, and one of the most affected has been bread. Both in large supermarkets and in neighborhood stores, it is difficult to find bread that does not come out of a bag or worse, from the freezer.

Luckily for bread makers, brands like Moulinex have created bakeries like the Home Baguette so that we can enjoy homemade bread. Here you can see its characteristics:

  • Its motor is very powerful so that you do not run out of strength when kneading bread. Specifically, it has 1650W of power.
  • It has a large bucket to make loaves of bread between 750g and 1.5kg, so there will never be a shortage of bread at home.
  • It has a total size of 48.8cm x 30.6cm x 38cm and its weight marks 9kg on the scale.
  • It allows you to choose between 16 automatic programs that bake the best breads you have ever tasted: baguette, sweet baguette, baguette cooking, basic bread, French bread, full bread, sweet bread, quick bread, gluten-free, salt-free, omega-3, just baking, cake, jam, dough and pasta.
  • It includes a delayed start mode, with which you can put the ingredients in the machine and program it to start mixing, kneading and baking whenever you want within a space of 15 hours.
  • At the top of the bread machine it has a large window so you can see how your bread is being prepared.

Advantages of the Moulinex Home Baguette bread maker

You may be wondering, what makes this bread maker so special ? Or, what does the Moulinex Home Baguette do that the rest can’t? The best way to answer you is by showing you its advantages:

  • The Moulinex OW6101 is very easy to use. All buttons are arranged so that cooking your own bread is simple and intuitive.
  • Its operation is very simple, but cleaning it is even more so. Thanks to the nonstick coating of its tray (made of PTFE), unmolding the bread as well as cleaning it is very easy. For this, we can disassemble the bucket and the blades without difficulties.
  • Thanks to its delayed start program you can wake up in the morning with the house smelling of fresh bread or program it so that when you get home from work you have a loaf of bread about to come out of the oven.
  • The Moulinex Home Baguette bread maker includes the accessory for making French baguettes with which you can make 8 mini baguettes in two batches.
  • Versatility is another of its strengths, it is not only used to make loaves of bread, but you can also cook cakes, jams, pizza dough… There are even recipes for making stir-fries or croquettes dough on the internet.
  • It includes a recipe book so you can make many types of bread and find which one is your favorite.
  • Moulinex is one of those brands that we can call, of a lifetime. And it is that it has been around for almost a century, with its maxim of satisfying customers. Thus, they offer an official guarantee against possible failures in the machine.
  • We could not finish the list of advantages without talking about its price. To be honest, it is very economical considering everything it offers.

Bad points

Although it is one of the best bakeries, both from the French brand Moulinex and in the sector, we have found a defect:

  • Although for some people this may be an insignificant problem, the truth is that it is a bit large (48.8cm x 30.6cm x 38cm) especially in height. This can be a problem if you wanted to store it in a closet, but if you are going to leave it on the counter it should not create complications.

Who is this bakery for?

You have probably been looking at other bakeries and you are not sure which one best suits your situation. But don’t worry, it’s not your fault, with the rise of online stores you can see hundreds of them in less than an hour, which makes the decision complicated.

The Moulinex Home Baguette breadmaker has a very clear audience, lovers of bread in any of its varieties. Many bakeries have the problem that they can only make sliced ​​bread, which although it is delicious, may not be the only bread you want to eat.

This bread-making appliance gives you the possibility to make small baguette-shaped buns, perfect for making sandwiches for children’s recess, to eat between meals or even to take to the office.

And of course, it is the smartest purchase option for you if you like to innovate. With this bread maker you will not have problems: 16 automatic programs, a recipe book with 30 recipes and communities of thousands of people on the internet sharing their personal recipes. Of course, you can also innovate and start making your own creations.

Frequent questions

Does the bread stick?

No, the best way to avoid this is to peel the bread and rest for 10 minutes once you have finished baking.

Can I open the lid whenever I want?

You can, but it is not recommended for baking bread

How long does it take to make the bread?

It depends on the program, but generally between 2 and 3 hours

Do you do it all alone?

Yes, the machine mixes, kneads, ferments and bakes

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