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Steam cooking is one of the best ways to cook because of its simplicity, how little it stains and of course, because it is one of the healthiest ways to do it. And what better way to do it than with a steamer pot?

Best steamer pot

However, there is a problem, and that is that there are thousands of different steamers on sale, which makes it very difficult to choose one. As we want the best for our readers, we have done the fieldwork and researched to find the 5 best steamers :

Axentia steamer pot

The steamer pot from the firm Axentia makes its way among its competitors to gain a foothold in this top 5 steamer pots.

Its construction and design with stainless steel is not the most robust. But on the contrary it maintains a perfect solidity / weight ratio. In addition, the lower container is marked with the volume, so that it is not necessary to use other meters to pour the correct volume of water.

To improve the cooking of food without interfering with its properties, the Axentia steamer has an encapsulated energy saving base. In this way, it distributes the heat evenly over the entire surface, whatever the type of kitchen, as it is suitable for everyone.

In general, it is a fairly balanced pot in terms of quality / price ratio that, if it is not going to be used a lot, it can be the perfect model.

Farberware Steamer

If we talk about steamer pots, we certainly have to talk about Farberware, one of the houses that makes the highest quality pots in the world.

In it, even the smallest detail has been taken care of to the maximum to multiply the durability of this pot. From its base with an aluminum and stainless steel core to its self-cooking lid that helps keep the heat inside, we have loved this pot.

To make this pot even better, Farberware has made it suitable for all types of kitchens and also for the dishwasher. Of course, whenever possible we recommend washing it by hand for greater durability.

In short, a steamer like those made before, always looking for quality, durability and satisfaction in the kitchen.

Stainless Steel Collection Steamer Pot

However, these pots we have seen may be small to make all the food with, right? Stainless Steel Collection has its own steamer pot with 2 compartments for food, so we can make complete dishes at the same time (potatoes and meat, vegetables and fish …)

Their pots are made, as the name suggests, with stainless steel, ensuring a very acceptable level of durability and results. Thus, we can use it even on a daily basis, being sure that it will last for a long time.

To all this is added that cleaning it is very simple since it is dishwasher safe, and if not, it can always be washed by hand since thanks to its non-stick, nothing sticks.

In summary, it is the perfect steamer if you are looking for a good product, with good performance and quality, but that maintains an economical price.

WMF mini steamer pot

What to say about WMF? A brand with more than 100 years of experience, experiences and learnings could not have done better. Specifically, the pot that has been cast in our article is your steamer pot from the Mini range.

In its Mini WMF range, it creates products of exceptional quality but to prepare small amounts of food, being specially designed for one or two people, reducing space and consumption.

Your Mini steamer pot is made with high quality polished stainless steel, being possible to put it in the dishwasher without any fear knowing that it will last for years and years intact.

For best results, WMF has used its TransTherm system in the base so that it is suitable for all types of kitchens without diminishing its performance.

Generally speaking, it is the best option for small families. In either of its two diameter options (16 or 18 cm), it has the best possible quality materials and assembly for a very good price.

Steamer pot M + K by ELO

In the line of steamers that stand out for maintaining fairly high quality standards with fairly low costs, the M + K by ELO pot stands out.

Made of 18/8 stainless steel, it is suitable for all cookers, including induction ones. In addition, it can be put in the dishwasher without any problems.

It also has heat resistant plastic knobs so that we do not burn when we take it, something that not all steamers have.

Its lid, which does not have an escape hole for steam, is particularly striking, however thanks to its design this is not a problem.

In general, it is a pot with a fairly competitive price and without much to envy to the high-end pots that cost almost twice as much as it.

What are the advantages of cooking with a steamer pot?

If there is something that cannot be denied, it is that when you talk about steaming you always speak well of it. The motives? Its great advantages over other traditional cooking methods. To give you an idea, here are 5 of the ones we like the most:

  • Steam cooking is more respectful with some nutrients such as vitamins, present in food and essential for our body.
  • When cooking with the steam of the water and having the pot closed, the juices released by the food contribute to its cooking, improving and enhancing its flavor.
  • As steam cooking only uses water, fat is not added during cooking as it does when frying or even on the grill.
  • The texture and flavor of food are key to enjoying a good meal. In this regard, steam cooking is the method that most respects the texture of food.
  • As the steam pot remains inside the steam from the cooking water, it does not let the heat escape, reducing the cooking time.

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