De Buyer Mineral B Element

At this point, no one doubts the quality of French factories to produce iron pans. Moreover, we could say that 80% of the iron pans in all the kitchens of the world, like the De Buyer Mineral B Element, leave that country, but why?

To begin with, the tradition of iron pans in the Gallic country goes back a long way. For example, the world’s two largest manufacturers, De Buyer and Le Creuset, were founded in 1830 and 1927 respectively. Since then they have continued to manufacture products of the same quality and with the same recipe: simplicity and durability.

And it is not for less. It is not strange to see iron pans more than 15 and 20 years old in the kitchens of France in perfect magazine condition. As we already wrote in our blog  detailing the characteristics of iron pans, iron is an almost eternal material.

The manufacturing process is completely handmade, starting with the pouring of the cast iron into a mold and ending with the hands of an expert craftsman who finishes its edges and cleans the edges.

Here you can see a short video of what we are telling you, the interior of its factories and its manufacturing process is really fascinating :

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