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If you are reading this article, it is because you are concerned about one of two things (or both): the durability of the pans and your health. That is why iron pans are emerging as an excellent alternative to modern pans with Teflon and complex non-stick chemicals. And among them, these Lodge iron pans stand out .

Iron pans are totally different from the rest, not only in their appearance and weight, but in the way in which we should use them, wash them, store them … Not for that reason they are better or worse, but it is true that whoever tries a frying pan like these lodge iron pans , don’t go back to Teflon. Why?

Iron Lodge Skillet

It is true that iron pans have many advantages, but they also have drawbacks, some of them very important. Let’s take a look at each one, take a look at these Lodge iron pans and see if they’re worth it. You stay?

The American firm Lodge has been developing frying pans since 1896. Do you want to see how an iron pan is made? Inside video!


The star material, how could it be otherwise, is iron. So much so, that it has no other material anywhere. Other models, such as the Le Creuset iron pans, include a wooden handle. These Lodge iron pans are not, 100% iron.

This has several advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, we can make a thousand perrerías with this pan, put it in the oven and heat it whatever we want. Being completely made of iron, there is no material that can melt or deteriorate.

The main drawback that the handle is made of iron and not wood is that it is not antipyretic and the heat is transferred. We have to be careful when handling this Lodge iron skillet, because if it is hot we can burn ourselves. There are solutions, like this cheap silicone protector. After all, natural has a price.

On the other hand and in terms of material, iron is one of the oldest materials used in the kitchen. It is totally healthy, it does not have any chemical non-stick substance and therefore it will not transfer dangerous substances to our food.

Iron Lodge Skillet

However, the main drawback of this material is weight. Due to the construction material of a frying pan, we can divide them into three types: aluminum, stainless steel and iron. Iron ones are by far the heaviest. Therefore, this frying pan is not ideal for a very old or very weakened person.


As for the compatibility of these Lodge iron pans , we begin by highlighting their main quality: it is ideal for the oven.
Although there are aluminum pans with Telfón that are compatible with ovens, they are usually limited in temperature to 170-200ºC at most. At higher temperatures, the Teflon surface can be severely damaged and become damaging.
Iron pans, however, can be used at very high temperatures in the oven. They do not have plastics, wood or any other material other than iron. In that aspect, therefore, a ten.

Iron Lodge Skillet

As for induction cookers, Lodge iron pans are fully compatible. They do not need adapters or complex adapted diffuser bottoms. Iron is induction compatible.

And finally, when it comes to the dishwasher, we recommend not doing it. The ideal thing to ensure the duration of these pans is to wash them by hand once we finish cooking. This task will be easy because the food scraps will go away very easily. If after this, we pass it a napkin to dry it and give it a small layer of oil, we can assure that the Lodge iron skillet can be inherited by our grandchildren.

In this video you can see some cleaning tips for these iron pans.


Are iron pans non-stick ? It is the million dollar question whenever we talk about this type of pans and the answer is simple and forceful, YES.

First we will have to differentiate two main types of iron pans, enameled ones and those without. Vitrified enameled iron pans, such as Le Creuset pans, are non-stick thanks to the crystallized enamel on their surface. They do not need curing, treatment or care of any kind. They also cost three times as much.

Iron Lodge Skillet

On the other hand we have the iron pans that are not enameled, like these Lodge pans. These need to be cured, or what is the same, give them natural non-stickiness. For this, it is enough to place them in the oven at 200ºC for one hour with a layer of vegetable oil.

Over time, this Lodge iron skillet will become more non-stick. As it is used, the oil will stick to its surface creating an outstanding natural non-stick. Therefore, this frying pan wins over the years. The more you use it, the more non-stick it will be.

Iron Lodge Skillet


  • They are made in the United States: Lodge is not a Chinese brand that emerged in the heat of the natural boom. It is an American brand with a long tradition in that country, with a deserved fame and that is landing in Europe.
  • It comes Pre-Cured: this means that from the first moment we can use it quite successfully. However, we advise repeating the curing ourselves as indicated above.
    It can reach very high temperatures: which allows us to expand our range of recipes. There are dishes that require very fast cooking at very high temperatures, and these Lodge iron pans allow you to do so. Of course, be very careful not to reach for the handle if you do not put the protector on it.
  • They are very healthy: they do not have a chemical non-stick surface, nor any type of plastic or derivative. It is 100% iron, which ensures that our recipes will always be free of PFOAS, PTFE … They are very resistant: In addition to the fact that iron is the most resistant material par excellence, the thickness of these Lodge pans contributes to making it more robust. They are thick, the walls of these pans make us realize how long they will last us. We can cut on its surface, use metal utensils and whatever we want. It is impossible to break them.
  • Optimal heat distribution: thanks to the fact that iron is a fantastic conductor of heat, the temperature will be the same in the center as in the extremes. With this we achieve that in no recipe one part is more cooked than another.
  • Energy efficiency: these pans, due to their material, heat up faster and once they reach temperature, the heat is retained for much longer. We can, therefore, turn off the fire and finish the recipe with the residual heat, with the consequent energy savings.

Iron Lodge Skillet


Iron pans are indestructible, healthy pans with many advantages. But they are traditionally expensive. The Le Creuset iron pans used by the best chefs in the world come to mind and their price easily reaches triple digits.
However, these Lodge iron pans are priced much, much less. It is true that they differ from the French in that they do not have vitrified enamel, but they share the vast majority of its virtues.

Iron Lodge Skillet

We think that if Le Creuset French pans seem expensive to you, these American-made Lodge are the perfect choice. Their price is absolutely adjusted to what they offer and if you make the calculations of their price between the decades (yes, the decades) that will last you, you can laugh.


  • They are robust, durable and indestructible.
  • They are healthy, without chemical compounds.
  • They are manufactured in the United States, with the quality guarantees that this implies.
  • They reach very high temperatures, ideal for certain recipes.
  • They can be put in the oven.
  • High energy efficiency.
  • Unbeatable quality / price ratio.


  • They weigh a lot, they are not advisable for especially weak people because when they are full of food, even if they have a handle, they are very heavy.
  • You have to be careful with the handle, as you can burn yourself. It can be easily solved with the silicone protector that they sell.


If for whatever reason you still have doubts about these pans, we offer you three alternatives.

First of all, if what you are concerned about is weight, but you don’t want to neglect natural materials, we advise you to value the WMF Profi Resist pans . They have almost all the advantages of iron pans, without the downside of weight. Now, its price is somewhat higher.

On the other hand, if you want some iron pans and you want the highest quality regardless of the price, the ideal is undoubtedly the Le Creuset iron skillet. Made in France, they are the iron pans par excellence and recognized many times by the best chefs in the world.

And finally, the second French brand with the longest tradition of iron pans is De Buyer. De Buyer iron pans are very similar to these, almost identical in price. In this sense, we can say that choosing the French Buyer or the American Lodge is more a matter of aesthetics than of qualities.

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