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Cooking is a practice that almost everyone enjoys, especially the delicious dishes that remain as a result, but it takes time and dedication. For all those who do not have enough time, there is an alternative to cook delicious dishes in half the time: express pots. On this occasion, we are going to talk about the Alza Omega express cooker , an express cooker from the firm that, although not the best in quality / price, deserves a look. Waiting! Are there better ones? Take a look at the Alza Quattro, it costs about the same and is more interesting.

The Spanish brand Alza has more than 90 years of experience in the manufacture of kitchenware, specialized in the manufacture of express pots. All those years of experience can be seen perfectly reflected in the quality of its products: pans, pots, pans, and even accessories for the kitchen such as thermos, coffee makers or graters. And this Pot Omega de Alza is a good expression of those years of experience.


The Alza Omega pressure cooker is made of 10/18 stainless steel. Using this material for kitchenware is one of the best options, due to the characteristics of the material. Stainless steel is highly durable, so the Alza Omega pot will have a long life in your kitchen, with proper care. It is a strong and durable material, as well as lightweight. This makes the pot manageable and easy for anyone to use.

Stainless steel is also a great conductor of heat, thanks to its resistance to high temperatures. This means that the Alza Omega pot heats up faster and retains heat for longer. In addition, the pot includes diffuser bottom technology , which we will talk about later.

This Omega pressure cooker from Alza is also made with aluminum and steel valves, which guarantee safety in case of excessive pressure increase, and silicone sealing gaskets, the ultimate safety element.


The non-stick is one of the most important parts of any kitchen utensil. The non-stick coating is what prevents food that is being cooked from sticking to the pot. Not all the materials with which kitchen utensils are made include natural non-stick, so it is necessary to check what material the non-stick is made of.

The non-stick coating is in contact with food, so it is necessary that it does not contain PFOA chemicals, nor does it peel off and stick to food. This is recommended for cooking in a healthy and healthy way, since a quality non stick coating allows you to use less oil in your dishes.

The non-stick of the Alza Omega pot meets these characteristics. Being made of stainless steel, the non-stick layer is completely natural, and does not come off the pot. Including such a non-stick coating affirms the quality of the Alza Omega pot . By having this type of non-stick coating, the Alza Omega pot is dishwasher safe.

It is advisable not to scratch the bottom of the pot, so that the natural non- stick is not lost.


As we have already mentioned, the Alza brand, having many years of experience in the market, knows how to innovate and improve its products. That is why the Alza Omega pot includes some of the best technologies in the world of cooking.

  • Manufacture in stainless steel: as we have already mentioned, stainless steel has innumerable advantages in the kitchen world. It is a material of great durability and resistance, both to heat, high temperatures, and corrosion.
  • Heat diffusing bottom: the stainless steel with which the Alza Omega pot is made makes it a great conductor of heat. But thanks to the technology of the diffuser base, the heat distribution is done evenly. This helps the food cook evenly, and that there are no more burnt parts than others.
  • System power saving: today is taken into account the sustainability and care for the environment. That is why the Alza Omega pot is committed to an energy saving system: the pot retains heat for longer. This allows the power source used for cooking to be turned off much earlier, ensuring that the food will stay warm. In addition, it includes the natural non-stick layer, so you can cook with very little oil, and cook healthier dishes.


  • It is a pot of great resistance and durability. Thanks to the 10/18 stainless steel, it is a kitchen utensil that is very difficult to damage.
  • It is a sustainable pot with the environment. Thanks to the technologies it includes, it allows you to cook in a healthy way and help save energy.


We have been able to see that the products manufactured by Alza have a high quality in their manufacture, and are accessible to all consumers. But what is it that differentiates it from the rest?

The Omega Speed ​​Cooker is a simple- looking product with a traditional shiny stainless steel finish. But, despite the simplicity of its design, we have seen that it includes the most innovative technologies on the market.

In addition, it adapts to the needs of each consumer. It is a pot compatible with all types of cooker: ceramic, gas and induction. This, together with its durability, makes buying the Alza Omega pot an investment: it doesn’t matter if you change the kitchen, you can continue to use the pot.

It is available in various capacities: 2.5, 4, 6 and 8 liters. This means that you can use this pot whether you have a large family, or if you live alone.


If you have not been convinced by this Express Alza Omega pot, we recommend a slightly higher model, with a higher price but which is the authentic best seller of one of the best brands in the world. We are talking about the WMF Perfect Plus. Thousands of clients rave about her, do you want to see her?

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