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Saint Ignatius Aragon

When we have our house we want everything to be in order, with the right accessories. We pay close attention to details and all the important things until we get to the kitchen and realize that we are missing something. It is possible that you fake a pressure cooker, and this time we will tell you about the  San Ignacio  Aragon pot , which has more than 70 years in the Spanish market.

Being recognized for its innovation and quality, we will be sure that you will like it. This is a pressure cooker that is available in two capacities. These being 4 and 6 liters. You can buy them separately, the capacity that suits you best, or the set of both. It has a good quality, but it is obviously not comparable to the quality of a WMF Pot.


When it comes to the San Ignacio Aragon pressure cooker, it is very important to note that this is a highly resistant product. That is why this model was built in good quality stainless steel so that you are completely sure that you will be able to enjoy this pot for a long time.

We must emphasize that this is a pot that has an aluminum base encapsulation. This means that it will be able to absorb all the heat and spread it through the inside of the pot; which will help us achieve the perfect doneness in the food you cook every day.

On the other hand, we have the handles of the Aragon de San Ignacio pot. These are of good quality, ultra resistant and very durable which will allow you to load and move it with great comfort and precision. Even after preparing your food.


One of the most important points when we buy a new pressure cooker for our home is compatibility. We must bear in mind that these are the product of a very long useful life. That surely we first change our house before we change our pot. This can last a long time, as much as you take care of it as it should.

And also, hence the importance of having a pressure cooker that is compatible with all types of kitchens. In the case of the San Ignacio Aragon pot , this is a pot that is compatible with all types of fires. Including induction. On the whole, thanks to its diffusing bottom it has a very good heat distribution.

This is a pot that is compatible in the same way, with the dishwasher. Which will allow us to have more comfort and more free time when we finish cooking our food. However, this pot cannot be used in the oven, nor in the microwave.

Main Features

  • When we have a pressure cooker it is very important that we know and make the correct selection of the capacity in liters. The Aragon San Ignacio pot is a pot that you can find in 4 and 6 liter capacities. The selection will depend on what you consider suitable for you and your family.
  • This is a 9- inch diameter pressure cooker. It is important to know this when you start cooking your food.
  • One of the great features of this pressure cooker is that it is very stable. Its weight is 3.6 kilos and that together with water and food makes the pot very stable and does not tip over.
  • It also has an ultra practical, light, modern and very attractive design. This pressure cooker can even be part of your kitchen décor if you wish. Likewise, its design gives you the possibility that the pot can be taken to the dishwasher so that you have less effort when cleaning kitchen utensils.
  • It has a closing system that is very hermetic. This helps prevent pressure leakage and at the same time reduces any type of accidents that we may have when mishandling the lid when closing or opening the pot.
  • Finally, in the most relevant characteristics of this pot, is that, in the upper part, it has a very good security system that will allow you to feel comfortable while the pressure cooker is in operation.

Between you and me

The San Ignacio Aragon pressure cooker is a pot that fulfills all the tasks of cooking our food. In addition, it has a successful cooking of food and these will retain the nutrients that will allow us to be much healthier.

Advantages of the San Ignacio Aragon pot

  • One of its great advantages is the safety system for handling this pressure cooker. Even the most inexperienced people in the handling of these utensils in the kitchen will be completely reassured that they will have a successful handling of the system  that will protect them while they prepare their food.
  • It is a good option for everyone, it will allow us to have a high quality product for a long time. It is perfect to be used anywhere and to cook any food.
  • One of the things we like the most about this San Ignacio Aragon pot is that it is compatible with all types of kitchens and finally we can wash it without problems in the dishwasher.

Disadvantages of the San Ignacio Aragon pot

If we must talk about a disadvantage of this pot, the truth is that it is very difficult. According to some user comments, it may be that the diameter of this pot is very small and can make it difficult to remove larger food.

Maybe you are interested

If you have not been convinced by the San Ignacio Aragon pressure cooker, you can also opt for the Alza Space. This is a super fast pressure cooker. It will allow us to cook our food in less time and we will save 70% of our time and energy. In addition, it is a pot that is compatible with all types of kitchens. Like the San Ignacio Aragon. Counting on excellent technology.

One of the things that most attracts our attention about this Alza Space pot is that it has a very innovative thermo diffuser bottom. It is composed of three parts. Two of stainless steel and one of aluminum, which will ensure that we will cook our food without problems.

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