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Founded in 1968, the German company Karcher AG quickly established itself in the kitchen products sector to become one of the largest manufacturers in the world. He has  more than 40 years of experience in the world of materials for both professional and family kitchens. And in this Karcher Jasmin drums the good work of his career is reflected.

With high-quality fryers, pans, saucepans and even juicers, Karcher AG has endless items for sale made from the best materials. They ensure professional experience for anyone interested in this area; or simply enjoy good cuisine.

Today, his work team continues to search for new ideas to innovate in their own market; the cookware Jasmin Karcher is an example, with a complete set of approximately 20 pieces in total. Worth? We see it!


The Karcher Jasmin cookware is made of stainless steel, thus guaranteeing that the food will have a uniform cooking throughout. It comes with a set of tempered glass lids, making them look stylish; It is a complete set suitable for all types of kitchens.

They not only support induction cookers, but also ovens with temperatures of up to 240 ° C. The Karcher company is strongly rooted in Northern Europe, although it is not as well known in other parts of the world. They can be trusted knowing that these pots and pans are PFOA free.


By hearing the words “Stainless steel” we can already get an idea of ​​the non-stickiness of pots and pans made with this material. Containing no extra chemicals, they are free of harmful materials that stay in food like PFOA and PTFEs.

Also, the material of Karcher Jasmin pans allows food to cook evenly, making it healthier and more appetizing.

The Karcher company works with only high quality materials, seeking to eliminate as much as possible the use of oils in the preparation of meals for a healthier life.

 Special features

  • A great set:  It is one of the few drummers that bring so many pieces; thus counting on 20 in total to meet all the needs of the user.
  • Dishwasher safe:  Another plus point is that they are easy to clean and can be left in the dishwasher or washed by hand.
  • Perfect for induction cookers:  It is what has given the most reputation to Karcher Jasmin cookware ; And it works perfectly in induction cookers.
  • They support up to 240ºC:  Ideal for all types of kitchens and even the oven, supporting up to 240ºC without a lid.
  • Long-lasting:  Even after the years, they are still like the first day without the need to pay special attention to care.
  • Opening in the lid and wide rim:  All Karcher Jasmin pieces have a modest opening in the lid where excess steam escapes.

Between you and me 

The number of pieces that the Karcher Jasmin cookware has is incredible , in them we can highlight a 14cm saucepan and 4 pots of 22cm, 20cm, 18cm and 16cm. It is added an ideal saucepan for stews of about 22cm and 4 bowls of the same material of about 20cm, 18cm, 16cm and 13cm respectively.  

Each of the pieces comes together with a glass lid (or tempered glass), while the bowls have a matching extra lid.

We believe that it is an excellent cookware, with top quality materials. They are trying to penetrate the Spanish market, so their prices are still really reasonable. Therefore, it is a good opportunity to acquire a very complete kitchenware for a very reasonable price.

Advantages of the Karcher Jasmin cookware:

  • Without much care, the Karcher Jasmin battery can remain as the first day for many years.
  • It is a really complete set at a good price.
  • The lids are made of glass, which allows you to see the inside of the contents without lifting them. 

Disadvantages  of the Karcher Jasmin cookware :

  • The brand is little known in Spain, although it has a good guarantee. However, a stainless steel cookware is not something that is easily damaged.


If you want something from a more well-known brand, we invite you to take a look at the Tefal Duetto pans . The cookware does not have so many different measures, but it is cheaper. In addition, the quality of the French firm is beyond doubt.

And finally, if you don’t mind increasing your budget slightly, for a little more you have one of the best quality / price cookware on the market: the Zwilling Twin. They have stainless steel lids, so you can put everything (pot + lid) in the oven without any problem.

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