Pot Express Black Friday 2020

The famous Black Friday of 2020 is here and you have been waiting a long time to buy a Black Friday express pot at the best price. Today is the day! For this we have prepared this section especially for you.

All week of Black Friday  we are pending, minute by minute, to hunt the biggest offers of Black Friday express pots that we can find. We will offer them to you, updating them so that you can get the best pressure cooker at the best price.

We are going to prepare a menu of the best offers !


We start with a brief summary of the three selected models. There are three models that shine especially in some respect: the best quality / price, the absolute best and the best price. All three are extraordinary and very, very tested. We are not talking about low quality products, and any of these models have the guarantee of a first level manufacturer. Go for it!

WMF Perfect Plus

The WMF firm is one of our favorites for the quality of its steel. It is one of the best-selling Express Pots in history, and thousands of customers attest to its excellent quality. For this and WMF pots, the firm uses 18/10 Cromargan stainless steel.

It is a super resistant steel to scratches and corrosion. In addition, it has an exterior polish that makes the shine it has when you take it out of the box it keeps it ten years later. It is a wonder.

But the great thing about the WMF Perfect Plus pot is that it is one of the most tested, sold, and safest cookware in the world. The German firm has been manufacturing this Express Pot for 100 years. Isn’t that the best guarantee of quality?

And now, it is possible to find this Black Friday 2020 express pot at the best price. Sight!

Kuhn Rikon Duromatic

The most Premium pressure cooker is, logically, one of the most expensive. We say that it is one of the best express pots for several reasons. Kuhn Rikon is a Swiss firm that does not prioritize the price of its products. Makes authentic quality pieces that are almost indestructible and do not age.

The Kuhn Rikon Duromatic Pot is priced high, but not at all expensive. It has a Superthermic base that makes it one of the fastest on the market. If the rest of the year this premium express pot has been out of your reach for the price, don’t miss out on this offer!

BRA Vitesse

The Best Price tag goes to the BRA Vitesse. This Spanish brand has always excelled in the manufacture of very high quality products with very reasonable prices. The BRA Vitesse is one of those best sellers that has been tested in thousands of recipes. The safety of the Express BRA Cookers is one of the main premises of the firm, and according to their security systems, it is clear that they take it very seriously.

This model that we recommend for its excellent price includes two sizes. This is ideal because if you want to prepare something for the whole family, the large is the right size. But if you want to make something quick for yourself, with the small pot and in just over 10 minutes you will have the food ready. Faster and cleaner. If you want to continue reading, we leave you with the analysis!

Fissler Vitavit

And the third brand in contention. We have talked about the Swiss Kuhn Rikon, the German WMF and now we have the third great brand of the kitchen giants: Fissler. This firm, also German, is a historical one of the Premium kitchenware.

It is a stainless steel pressure cooker that has, as a characteristic, the intuitive Fissler traffic light system. When the pressure in the pressure cooker is at the perfect pressure point, the “traffic light” will turn green. With this we will know that we must leave it like this to start discounting the minutes.

If it turns orange, the pot is telling us that we can lower the heat, that it is very strong and we can still save some energy. And if it turns red, it alerts us that the pressure in the pot is being too high.

The Fissler pressure cooker has several safety systems so nothing will happen. Your system will evacuate the pressure on its own, but it’s good to know what’s cooking inside the pressure cooker.

The Fissler pot has a high price but with today’s offers, you take one of the best pots to your home for very little. Check out the Black Friday 2020 express pot offers!


This list, which we update almost in real time, shows the best-selling and most discounted express pots. Don’t miss the opportunity for a unique day!


This is not everything! We are waiting for any offer, but if you want something more here you can find the best offers of the day.

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