Typical Croatian Dishes: Top 10 You Should Try

Croatia is a country located in Eastern Europe, well known for its beautiful landscapes and its beaches as blue as the sky, which are highly visited by tourists; But the charm of this country is not only characterized by that, because its gastronomy is a door that opens the way for us to know the identity of the country, and through it we are able to fall completely in love with this culture so different from many. If you want to know the typical dishes of Croatia and fall in love in the process, read on …

Octopus salad

Once the octopus is boiled and cut into pieces, it is seasoned with olive oil, garlic, vinegar, salt, pepper and lemon; and then, finally, mixed with tomato, onion, a little parsley and that’s it! In just a few steps and with such simple ingredients, which stand out for their freshness, a dish is brought to life that transmits a tropical and light vibe, which you should definitely try if you find yourself touring Croatia.

Pag cheese

The cheese of pag or sheep’s cheese is famous in Croatia due to the great antiquity of its production, which has passed from generation to generation. It is currently being produced and offered in shops and restaurants.

The quality of this cheese is characterized by the specialty of sheep’s milk, since it has a united flavor thanks to the type of aging it is given; And we cannot forget that its shelf life also plays a very important role, since it is fermented for more than 18 months, which gives it a strong and very tasty flavor.

You cannot resist trying this cheese of such quality and age; Beyond trying a different cheese, you would be tasting the history of the first pioneers of Croatia.


The Ćevapčići is basically a fusion between a sausage and a meatball. In that way? Well, you see, in Croatia a meat-based dish is made, which is minced and seasoned with various species; later the meat is taken and it is given the shape of a sausage, and then it is taken to the grill. It can be served with potatoes or its most common companion, a fluffy bread called Somun.

This novel dish is one of the typical Croatian dishes and you cannot deny that its originality conveys a great desire to upset it.


Pljeskavica or Croatian Burger, is characterized by having the mixture of two meats, beef and lamb, with a spicy but subtle touch. It is served with a large quantity of ají ajvar sauce, a little chopped raw onion and bread, or it can be French fries.

Contrary to what you might imagine, this is not an ordinary hamburger with the only difference being its mixtures of meats, in Croatia the Pljeskavica is only the meat with its companions, but without being directly stacked in the form of a “hamburger”. So if you find yourself on the streets of Croatia and decide to order a burger, don’t be surprised when they serve you meat on one plate, potatoes and onions on another, you just enjoy!


El Sarna consists of a dish based on cabbage leaves stuffed with beef ; These rolls are cooked for a long time in the oven. This dish is considered typical in Croatia because in the winter season it is widely consumed.

Being a typical seasonal dish, it is not always available in restaurants, but don’t be shy about asking, it may be your lucky day and it is on the menu.


Brunet is a juicy fish stew, which is usually served with polenta. It is very typical in some regions of Croatia, such as: Dalmatia, Kvarner and Istria.

If fish is your thing, do not hesitate to try this stew that offers a fair of flavors for your palate.


Čobanac is a meat stew, ideal for cold days. The charm of this roast comes from its preparation, since it is carried out with primitive fire, and this allows the Čobanac to develop a smoky flavor and awaken all the other flavors present for its preparation. The cooking process tends to be slow, but I assure you, it will be worth the wait.

To give you an idea of ​​the importance of this dish in Croatia, I must tell you that a festival is held annually in its honor, which is great to enjoy typical gastronomy and have a good time.

Škampi na buzaru

This is an incredible dish that you must try if you are in Croatia, because due to the coasts that this country has and its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, it is really easy to access the protagonist of this dish, the prawns, in a fresh way. prepared in a tomato, garlic and white wine sauce that bring life to Škampi na buzaru, a delicacy with the taste of the sea.


Pogača is a typical bread from the islands vis- Croatia; It consists of a bread baked and filled with tomatoes, onions and salted fish. Surely you never thought of a bread stuffed with fish, but in Croatia this dish is part of the typical gastronomy of the country.


Since we are talking about typical Croatian dishes, we cannot leave aside the Rožata, because as you know, a little sweet never falls bad. This dish is based on a caramel flan, which stands out for its recipe that focuses on its key ingredient: rose liqueur. If a Croático flan does not have rose liquor, it is considered a bad imitation and “Cheap” from the eyes of its inhabitants.

As you can see, the typical dishes of Croatia range from tender beef to delicious octopus salads, since the gastronomy of this country is characterized by the mixture of land and sea, which is fascinating and delicious.

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