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Redmond skycooker

The Redmond SkyCooker Kitchen Robot is one of the most revolutionary robots on the market, with functions that allow cooking remotely from a mobile app. The veteran North American company Redmond, always at the forefront of new technologies for small kitchen appliances, applies the most innovative functions to all its robots. It has the guarantee of Redmond, one of the most sophisticated and innovative brands on the market, which is always committed to quality in its kitchen appliances, and to the smartest kitchen available to everyone, regardless of their level and knowledge. culinary.

The future is here with this multi-function Redmond SkyCooker Kitchen Robot, which can make the simplest recipes, as well as the most innovative and sophisticated ones, with new and surprising functions, which make this robot a true and magnificent kitchen helper.

We leave you with a short video about the operation of the App that controls the robot and the robot itself!

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