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Bra understands the passion that many have for cooking. They have more than 50 years of experience in the manufacture of all kinds of kitchen products, making them with the best materials. They provide  the highest quality and the most attractive designs for all users. The Bra Tekna is a pot that goes through an exhaustive manufacturing process and at the hands of the most detailed experts on the market.

The Bra tekna is a pressure cooker with a 6 liter capacity. It also comes in 4 and 7 liter capacity presentations. The Tekna de Bra is very easy to use and is made with the best materials. Likewise, it is fast, intuitive and above all, safe. It is suitable for all types of kitchens.

One of the great advantages of this Tekna pressure cooker is that it allows us to save 70% of the time and energy we invest in cooking. Not just giving us more time with our family or friends. But it helps us with saving services such as electricity and water. In addition, 50% of them help us now .

We leave you with a short video of this fast cooker in operation.

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