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Redmond RMC M90E Multicooker

For busy people there is nothing better than an appliance that cooks for us. The kitchen robot Redmond RMC M90E Multicooker has all the desirable features to enjoy cooking well done without investing too much time in cooking.

The American company Redmond , leader in small kitchen and  home appliances, is committed to the vanguard in all its manufactures. It has been awarded many times for its revolutionary appliances in various international forums and fairs, so its products are synonymous with quality and excellent service. Not for nothing is its name due to the most impressive technological city in the world: Redmond, Washington State. The world’s leading technology company, Microsoft, comes from this city and there are many more, including this brand of household appliances.

This  Redmond RMC M90E Multicooker food processor has 45 automatic and manual cooking programs, including frying, stir-frying, baking, slow cooking or stewing among others, and an easy and intuitive touch screen. It is the ideal option for those who want to enjoy a healthy and varied diet, while wanting a quick way of cooking that does not require too much time in the kitchen.

We leave you with a great video summary of the characteristics of this Redmond Kitchen Robot.

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