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If you are in need of a pair of sturdy, good quality pans. We have the ideal option for you: Kitchen Stories pans . It is a set of 3 non-stick pans, which you can use on any type of plate.

In addition, these pans are available in three different sizes. It means that you can prepare a variety of meals without worrying about space. You should also know that they are ceramic pans that provide excellent heat distribution.


The pans Kitchen Stories are made of materials of high durability and strength. Each of the materials contributes unique characteristics to the surface and structure of the pan.


First of all, they have a high-quality nonstick ceramic coating. Obviously this material is present on the entire surface to guarantee the best cooking results.

This characteristic prevents any food from adhering to the surface. Another important aspect to mention is that the pans have not been made with harmful materials such as lead, cadmium, nor do they include pfas or pfoa.

This is an important aspect to consider, as no toxic fumes are released when they are used. Even if the pans are accidentally overheated, they won’t release any toxic smoke.

Diamond crystals

But that’s not all, these Kitchen Stories pans also incorporate another very durable material. We refer to the diamond crystals that are complemented by the ceramic coating to improve non-stickiness.

The role of diamond crystals is to reinforce the durability and strength of the non-stick surface.


Additionally, a durable and resistant material is also present in all Kitchen Stories pans. We refer to Bakelite, which in this case is found in the handles of the pans.

The great thing about Bakelite handles in pans is that they cannot be deformed by the effect of heat. In other words, these types of handles have the ability to isolate heat. In fact, Bakelite is considered a very bad conductor of heat.

Thanks to this you don’t have to worry about the handles getting hot and getting a burn when holding them. Also, you should know that Bakelite handles keep their shape. They are even resistant to the corrosive effect of certain solvents.

Non-stick from Kitchen Stories

Whether dealing with pans Titanium, pans stainless steel or iron pans. Non-stickiness is key to determining the quality and efficiency of pans. In this case, the Kitchen Stories pans incorporate a non-stick ceramic coating.

Beyond that the ceramic coating is respectful with the environment. Its most outstanding feature is its durability and resistance. These types of skillet liners can withstand high temperatures without food “sticking” or sticking to the cooking surface.

In addition, the ceramic coating provides protection against scratches, allowing the non-stick coating of the pan to last much longer. If this doesn’t convince you, consider the fact that ceramic tile is more energy efficient.

This means that the food you prepare will heat up more quickly, thus avoiding wasted energy. In addition, ceramic pans retain heat very well. That is, they keep your food warm for longer.

Additional characteristics

As indicated at the beginning, this is a set of three pans available in different sizes. The largest pan has a diameter of 28cm, the medium pan has a diameter of 24cm, and the smallest pan is 20cm in diameter.

All pans have ceramic coating and Bakelite handles. But they also have other additional features that are worth mentioning:

  • The pans are suitable for all types of plates.
  • Therefore they can be used on induction hobs, glass ceramic hobs, mixed hobs, and gas hobs.
  • They can also be used in ovens up to 180 ° C.
  • Not only that, they are also dishwasher safe.
  • Additionally, all pans have a drip-free rim to avoid spillage when pouring food.

Kitchen Stories pan technology

Kitchen Stories pans use a novel technology called Searsmart. It consists of a much more efficient cooking system and with better results in terms of the taste and smell of the food.

What’s remarkable about Searsmart technology is that it allows air to flow underneath food. This happens while the ingredients are frying in the pan. The result is crisp and better tasting foods.

Additionally, excellent heat distribution is provided over the entire surface of the pan. Thanks to this, you can cook your food using less oil, which of course makes it healthier.

What are the advantages of Kitchen Stories pans?

  • They have a non-stick ceramic coated surface.
  • This prevents food from sticking or sticking.
  • The ceramic coating also provides an advantage in terms of better cooking results and ease of cleaning.
  • The surface of the pans is reinforced by diamond crystals, which contributes to improving non-stickness and durability.
  • On the other hand, all the pans have handles made of Bakelite. This material does not warp, and it does not conduct heat either. (No risk of burns).
  • The non-stick also ensures that food cooks faster and stays hot longer.
  • Its Searsmart technology provides a crisp and more flavorful texture to food while it cooks.

Maybe you are interested

We’ve outlined the highlights of Kitchen Stories pans for you. However, you may be looking for another type of pans. If that’s the case you can take a look at the WMF Ceradur Plus frying pan .

This is a single skillet, made of aluminum, and also has a non-stick ceramic coating. It is also suitable for induction and oven hobs.

It also features a fire retardant synthetic handle, which means it is fire resistant. Even its ergonomic design allows you to hold the pan securely and firmly. As for its price, it is an affordable frying pan considering the quality of its materials.

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