Iron Pans

To begin with, when we look for iron pans we look at many things, and iron pans fulfill many of them. Thus, we want them to be durable, non-stick, healthy and inexpensive.

Three of these four premises are more than fulfilled by this type of pans: they are durable, non-stick and very healthy. As for the price, as there are wrought iron models for the same as a Teflon one. On the other hand, we find enameled cast iron models with a higher price. In this post we will see the differences and if it is worth paying the extra cost of an enameled cast iron.

Le Creuset iron skillet

On the other hand, when cooking, one of our concerns may be that the non-stick coating (be it Teflon or typical of a brand) is damaged and some toxic substance is transferred to our food. Well, in iron pans this will never happen. And it is for a simple reason, it is nothing more than an iron plate that has been shaped.

These pans, therefore, can only transfer something to our food. Something that our body already has and that never hurts: iron.

The best iron pans 

Of course, in each kitchen section some brands and models stand out. In the case of iron pans, we have three models that attract the attention of kitchen experts. We leave you a short table where you can see the most important aspects of what we consider the three best iron pans. Good choice!

Le Creuset iron skillet

Le Creuset pays very special and dedicated attention to the manufacturing process of its iron pans. During the process, a unique piece with extraordinary hardness is created . Its non-stickness is absolutely guaranteed by the brand, as it has an enamel layer that is perfectly coupled to cast iron . Then it is cleaned very well and begins the vitrification process, so that it is much more durable. 

We leave you with a one-minute video about the manufacturing process of Le Creuset pans. Truly handmade, this is what justifies its price.

These processes provide unsurpassed resistance to scratches and shocks. The vitrified enamel makes it  impossible for the pan to absorb any taste or smell of any of the food that is cooked in it. The problem? Surely you think that due to the creation process the Le Creuset pan will be very expensive. Well, its price is high but not expensive. It is one of those purchases that will accompany you for a couple of decades. If you can afford it, it is by far the best cast iron skillet.

De Buyer Mineral B

One of the most striking features of the De Buyer Mineral B iron skillet is that they are constructed entirely of iron. On the other hand, its manufacture is very simple and this gives it a reliability in the brand.

For the manufacture of these De Buyer Mineral B pans, they are shaped on an iron plate, then a protective layer of completely organic beeswax is placed on it and the handle is riveted; this is a frying pan that can last us many years.

Here we show you a short video of its manufacturing process:

One of the main drawbacks of this skillet, and of almost all iron skillets, could be the weight. They are much heavier than a conventional aluminum or steel skillet. They weigh up to 3 kilos and may not be the best tools for people who have some kind of weakness or who are already very old.

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

Of course, the most important material in the Lodge is iron. In such a way that it is only built with this material. This has some advantages and some disadvantages. As it is completely made of iron, it is a utensil that will last us for a long time. We can use it from induction cookers or inside the oven.

However, one of the main drawbacks we face with these Lodge brand iron pans is that the handle can transfer heat. Great care must be taken when handling this pan. Of course, in the market, you can find a wide variety of solutions. For example, silicone protectors.

On the other hand, iron is one of the oldest materials used in the kitchen. This is a completely healthy material and it does not have any chemical non-stick substance, so the food will remain free of toxins.

Here we leave you the ???? Supermenu of this article.

Best-selling Iron Pans

Here we leave you with a list of the best-selling iron pans. We especially like these lists because they allow us to have a global vision of what people taste and like. After all, when a frying pan was bought by hundreds of people who have valued it well, it is the best guarantee. 

This list is updated daily!

The price of Iron pans

These iron pans are similar to the ones many of our grandmothers used years ago. And whoever doubts the durability of these pans, ask one. These types of pans, especially cast iron ones, are very common in traditional French kitchens. The French manufacturer Le Creuset has been serving the kitchens of that country as frying pans since 1927.

If in Spain they are not in all kitchens, it is for a simple reason: their price. Historically they have been pans with very high prices. However, in recent years and with the offers that we can find on the internet, prices have been democratized.

For this reason, it is increasingly common to see this type of pans in the kitchens of our country. They are very simple, and consequently they are only two pieces: the iron plate itself and the handle. Both pieces, joined by a rivet. Therefore, there are no moving parts or materials to wear out.

We leave you ( How we like them! ) Another list this time ordered with the biggest discounts today. This is also updated daily.

Types of iron pans


Behind this long name there is a very simple technology, or almost no technology. Its manufacturing process is extremely simple. Molten steel is poured into a mold, when it cools the handle and a layer of enamel are added. Finally, it is subjected to extremely high temperatures to vitrify (turn into glass) that enamel. And with that, we have a frying pan with outstanding characteristics.

These enameled cast iron pans have several advantages over wrought iron ones:

  • They are much lighter, according to the prestigious brand Le Creuset, their iron pans are up to 9% lighter than those of the competition.
  • These pans are totally nonstick from minute one, they do not need any treatment on our part since the vitrified enamel works exceptionally well from the first day.
  •  They are indestructible, so we can leave the food in the pan, put it in the dishwasher, scrub it and leave it wet and dry without risk of rust. They will perfectly withstand any mistreatment

As a consequence of all these advantages, the price of cast iron pans is higher than those of wrought iron. And, in short, there is no way to spoil a cast iron skillet.

Do we recommend an enameled cast iron skillet?

Absolutely yes. These pans are totally versatile and are good for everything. Just as we told you that wrought iron pans are not perfect for all recipes, these cast iron ones are. They have all the advantages of iron pans without having any of their drawbacks.


These are iron plates that have been shaped and attached to a handle. They are very simple pans and therefore are almost free from manufacturing problems or wear and tear. Of course, they are very particular pans since they do not have any non-stick coating.

The non-stick on these cast iron pans is different from all pans. The normal thing in a Teflon frying pan is that it is very non-stick at the beginning and it loses this capacity with the passage of time. Well, with an iron skillet it is the other way around. When you open the pan, the food usually sticks. However, as time goes by, the iron takes on a slightly darker color .

When this happens, the pan itself will gradually become non-stick. After a few weeks your pan will have acquired a non-stick surface that will last a lifetime.

We have tried pans from the French brand De Buyer and have confirmed this point. At first, the non-stick was almost nil. Now, after a year of use, the pan has developed a very remarkable non- stickness. In the first uses of the pan it is good to put very hot oil on the fire for a long time so that it acquires non-stickiness.

Do we recommend them? It depends on what I use for.

After a while of use, we have preferred to make tortillas to use conventional cooking pans. They say that it is possible without sticking, but it seems to us that it is really difficult to achieve it.

However, to prepare meat, fish or sauté vegetables, we always use the iron skillet. Cooking is super simple and the touch of flavor it gives is fantastic. Now, we would recommend it as an auxiliary pan and not as the only pan to make all kinds of recipes, since some recipes such as tortillas will need a non-stick extra.


– Total absence of toxic substances, cooking with an iron pan will only be able to transfer to our food something that our body needs: iron

– Extreme durability, its one-piece surface and the lack of all technology, makes them almost eternal, since nothing can be broken.

– They reach much higher temperatures than an aluminum pan, so we will have to cook with less power and we can turn off the fire well before finishing the recipe. This represents considerable energy savings.


– Of course, it has its cons, and the main one is the weight. They are very heavy pans. Once empty, they are not very manageable for older people and small people, but everything gets complicated when they are full of food. In this way, it requires you to hold it with two hands and work like that in the kitchen complicates things a lot.

– They require a lot of care so that they do not rust. * (Does not happen with enameled cast iron)

Everything you need to know about iron pans

If you are a lover of cooking, you must have the best equipment to prepare delicious recipes. Likewise, if you are moving to a new house by yourself, you should also have the best utensils. The kitchen is one of the places where you usually spend a lot of time and share with friends and family. So, to give the best impression, be sure to buy quality pans. This time, we present you the iron pans. Get to know them and then decide to acquire them.

What are iron pans?

Iron pans are nothing more than a tool for the preparation of our food. These utensils have a very long useful life and are designed so that you can count on them at any time and without major problem. 

Iron pans are a tool that will allow you to cook all kinds of food in a healthy way. So healthy that it will not transfer toxic substances to your food as it does not have Teflon or any non-stick coating. It’s as healthy as steaming with Lekue. These work in a completely different way than Teflon pans; You will have to heat the pan very well and then you will have to add a good amount of oil and then you will add the food.

These pans should be cooked at a high temperature at first. Then you can regulate the heat to your liking. Likewise, you must cook in the order that we have discussed previously. With this tool you can cook whatever you want, you just have to get used to how it is used.

How to wash iron pans?

Iron pans can seem very sturdy, and the truth is that they are. But, it is important that we give them some care to help them last much longer in the best quality. Some tips for this are:

  • It is important that you never leave them soaking in water.
  • It is advisable not to use detergent to clean these.
  • You should not use them in the dishwasher.
  • Forget to leave them draining, before storing them you will have to dry them.

Cleaning iron pans is very simple, you just have to pay attention to a few things. One of them is that, to remove small remains after having cooked neutral foods, without odors and that have not stuck to the pan, you must place it under the stream of water and pass a kitchen paper. Remember that you should not leave it wet, or dripping.

To remove any sticky residue or to clean it after cooking a fish, one of the best options is to heat them with coarse salt. You should heat the pan for a few minutes, scrape with a spatula or wooden spoon, and then rub hard with a paper towel. Remove the residue under the stream and dry with paper.

It is very important to remember that it is not recommended that you use detergent. If you want to do it, use a moderate amount and if possible, pour it on the sponge and not directly. Likewise, after this, dry it with a kitchen paper or cloth.

When you do an intensive cleaning with salt, you will get rid of bad odors and the remains of food that are stuck. Even so, we recommend that you use several iron pans and do not mix the food in them. That is, one for each type of food: meat, fish, vegetables, eggs, among others.

After cleaning you should moisten a piece of paper with a little oil and smear them both inside and out. This way you will avoid oxidation at all times.

What to look for when buying iron pans?

When we are choosing a new tool for our kitchen we must take into account several things. The first thing is that you will be looking for authenticity. This means that you are looking for a cast iron skillet that is authentic. In the market you can find a wide variety of brands that offer excellent quality and good prices.

On the other hand, you should look for those that require a less laborious curing. In this case, you should look for iron ore pans or sheet metal ones. The curing process for these pans is much simpler and the price is lower.

In the market you can also find some models that do not need to be cured, so you will save a lot of time. It is very important that you keep in mind that these can be more expensive than other models, so you should be attentive to your budget for the purchase of these utensils.

Advantages of using iron pans

Surely, you have already taken some advantages of everything that we have talked about in this article, but we want to highlight the most important ones. In this way you can take into account the iron pans as a utensil for your home.

Your material

Iron is an ultra-resistant material and you can use it in any type of kitchen. This gives you amazing versatility when cooking. You can take it with you anywhere without fear that it could be damaged if you use it in a fire other than your home.

Spend less

One of the qualities of iron is that it is a material that is an excellent conductor of temperature, so you will not need a long time on the fire for it to heat up and we can cook our food or for the water to start to boil.

Ultra durable

Iron pans are very durable if we take good care of them. This is a long-term investment for our kitchen, with many families passing these utensils from parents to children. This is a material that does not scratch easily , even if we use metal tools for cooking.

Goodbye to toxic

With the iron pans we will completely avoid toxins. It is not a rumor, the reality is that these pans do not have PFOA, which is an acid that is highly responsible for the development of some diseases.

It’s easy to use

Once you have cured the iron skillet, if we preheat them we will run into a highly non-stick skillet almost like any Teflon pan.

It is simple care

This is a very simple material to clean, you will only need a little water and a kitchen paper for cleaning. You should not forget to dry it with a paper to avoid that it remains damp and can rust easily.

Care required for iron pans

It is very important that when we use an iron skillet for the first time we must do the curing process. For this you will have to rub a little cooking oil on it and you will have to let it dry on the iron surface. This will give you a non-stick coating, which is what we call curing. It will help prevent the pan from rusting and create the perfect cooking surface.

Likewise, you must bear in mind that after use you will have to clean it, but we must remove the remains of food that may remain on the surface. You can do it with water and baking soda, removing the remains with a sponge.

After washing the iron pans, you should take the time to dry them with the help of a towel, this will prevent the Teflon from chipping.

Brands of the best iron pans

There are brands that stand out from all the rest when it comes to iron pans. The first one is: 

  1. Le Creuset:  this is a brand highly recognized for the excellent quality of its products. One of them is the iron skillet. The French firm has been in the market for more than 100 years, positioning itself as one of the best brands for kitchen implements in the world.
  2. Lodge: On the other hand, we find Lodge, this is an excellent brand for kitchen products. They offer us two things mainly, but they are very important; it is durability and health. This is why Lodge’s iron pans are positioned as an excellent alternative for kitchens around the world. Also, these pans are completely different from the others you can find on the market.
  3. Buyer Mineral: we have the Buyer Mineral frying pan, this is one of the most important French factories in the world when it comes to the production of iron pans. It can be said that 80% of the iron pans in the world are of this brand. This is one of the best we can opt for. Together, you will realize that they are a good option for your home and highly durable.

Where to buy iron pans?

If you have been convinced and made the decision to buy an iron skillet, you can find it in any kitchen supply store. But, if you want to buy at home and be sure that the product will arrive in its best condition, we recommend that you buy at Here you will be able to consult all the characteristics of the product and you will make sure to buy the one that best suits your home.

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