Foodsaver packaging machine

If it seems inconceivable to live without a fridge or freezer, you should add to these needs in the kitchen the vacuum sealer. It is the third foolproof way to keep food fresh for days. There are professional vacuum packers that take up little space and have a good price, such as the FoodSaver packer.

We are getting used to asking the delicatessen or the market to vacuum pack what we buy, so that it lasts longer fresh in the fridge. We pay more for it than if we did it directly at home with a domestic vacuum sealer. Which also allows us to preserve and freeze sausages, fruit and vegetables with all their flavor and nutrients. Food stored in a vacuum last between three and five times longer than in a tupper or wrapped in plastic, and retain their properties in better condition.

  • Simple operation – one touch
  • Shipping and management Cookingtkc
  • Full use of food
  • Wet / dry food function
  • Save space and money in the kitchen

With a vacuum sealer we avoid throwing food away because it has passed. It also allows us to buy more quantities, since we keep the purchase in the fridge for days as if it were just bought. With full flavor, vitamins, aroma, color, and without any additive to preserve it.

In the freezer, it prevents the famous ice crystals from forming in frozen food, spoiling it. It also allows freezing in bags, taking up little space. You can keep leftover cut and blanched vegetables in the freezer

In the pantry, store cereals and legumes from already opened packages, vacuum packed, to prevent them from getting rancid or killed by the bugs. Label each bag with the packaging date and put order and hygiene in your pantry.

Use the vacuum sealer to preserve raw foods longer, freeze menus for the week, or pack them to take to work. You can also lengthen the preserves already opened, preserving them under vacuum.

Household vacuum sealers, such as the FoodSaver sealer,  take up little space, no more than 40 × 15 centimeters, and are very easy to use. They usually have various accessories to keep in various formats.

Which packaging machine is worth having at home?

There are very cheap vacuum packers on the market, which we do not recommend due to their low quality. These machines are not efficient when it comes to vacuum packaging, and it usually happens that after a few hours, the bags detach and let oxygen enter.

Although a small vacuum sealer at home is enough, it must be of quality. Around 100 euros and a power greater than 100w. An easy-to-use machine that completely closes the products, extracting all the air. That you use various types of bags and accessories. And that it lasts for many years.

It is also worth making sure that you have a guarantee, after-sales service and quality seals.

The Foodsaver packaging  machine is the leader in this segment, of American origin, it has a guarantee and official representation in Spain.

How does the FoodSaver canner work?

The FoodSaver canner preserves food so well because it extracts oxygen from the inside of whatever bag or container is used. This prevents them from oxidizing, and eliminates most bacteria that spoil food. A vacuum packed meat can keep well in the fridge for up to 10 days. While sausages, cheeses, nuts are kept with all their properties, safe from oxygen.

Simply place the bag or container chosen with the ingredient inside, in the packaging machine, close the lid and press the packaging button. In a few minutes, the bag is emptied and sealed.

They work with bags of various sizes ready to seal. Or with continuous rolls. Both made of food-safe and very resistant plastic.

To preserve food or recipes with liquid, such as a stew, for example, you must use special glass or plastic containers to preserve under vacuum. That prevent the liquid from making it difficult to seal. This function packs delicate foods without pressing them.

These containers also allow you to marinate meat and fish in record time. There is also an accessory to vacuum a bottle of wine, preventing it from oxidizing and turning into vinegar, for a longer time.

  • Simple operation – one touch
  • Full use of food
  • Wet / dry food function
  • Save space and money in the kitchen

Afterwards, it is enough with a damp cloth to clean the packaging machine, if it has been stained when using it. That easy.

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