Copper pans

Its name can be misleading to the consumer, and this makes him change his mind when buying one of these pans. That is why we wrote this article: we will clarify what copper pans really are. 

The vast majority of these pans are not made of copper . Copper pans are toxic, or rather, they can be if they are not used properly and are used intensively and negligently. Most “copper pans” are pans made of aluminum, and have a copper effect finish. For example, the San Ignacio copper pans use aluminum as their main material, although their exterior is copper-colored. 

Throughout this article, we will refer to these types of pans as copper pans ”, but we make it clear that they are not really copper pans.



This copper pan is one of the best known on the market. It belongs to the Monix brand , and we can see the copper effect finish on the outside of the pan. It is made of forged aluminum, 4 mm thick. In addition, it incorporates a riveted handle to the pan, to guarantee the security of the grip.


  • Manufactured in forged aluminum, which provides lightness and easy handling to the pan. Ergonomic stainless steel handle, totally heat resistant , to prevent the heat of the pan from being transferred to the handle.
  • Available in various sizes: 20, 24 and 28 cm.
  • Nonstick trilayer Quantanium, reinforced with titanium particles. This ensures good resistance, in addition to being a toxic-free non-stick .
  • Suitable for all types of kitchens. This includes induction cookers , and oven (up to 220ºC).
  • Technology Save Energy Sistem, the diffuser bottom heat.
  • Suitable for cleaning in a dishwasher.


What we are going to talk about now is a set of pans from the Deik firm . They have been able to capture the old look of copper pans, and translate them today, including many improvements and new kitchen technologies.

As soon as you see this set of pans, they evoke copper pans, but we remember that this material is not used to make kitchen utensils. These pans are made of aluminum, which we already know is a strong and lightweight material .


  • Manufactured in aluminum, and base in stainless steel. Ergonomic, heat-resistant stainless steel handle , riveted to the pan. This ensures grip security.
  • Available in various sizes: 20, 24 and 28 cm.
  • Fusion Tech non- stick , with interior and exterior coating. In addition, it is free of toxic substances.
  • Compatible with all types of cookers, including induction cookers and oven (up to 220ºC).
  • Suitable for cleaning in a dishwasher.


The pans San Ignacio copper are the best sellers in this category for many years. This brand of pans has achieved great popularity in Spain, due to the high quality of its products. San Ignacio usually collaborates with different brands to manufacture some products. In this case, the firm has teamed up with Bergner to create these copper pans, which we are going to talk about right now.

In this sense we can find several a couple of models. First of all we have the best-selling San Ignacio copper pan, which is the Professional Chef, which we have talked about extensively in this blog. Without a doubt, a success for its quality / price.

These copper pans, called the Pixel Pro Cooper, are made from pressed aluminum. In this way, the pans are strong and durable, as well as light. Thus, anyone can use them, without making a great effort.


  • Manufactured in pressed aluminum. Ergonomic tube handle, stainless steel, riveted to the pan. This ensures the firmness of the handle.
  • Available in various sizes: 20, 24 and 28 cm.
  • Non-stick with Marble coating , which provides a marble effect finish . On the outside, we can see a copper effect finish .
  • Suitable for all types of cookers: glass-ceramic, gas, induction and oven.
  • Heat diffuser background technology . In this way, energy and cooking time are saved , as well as an even distribution of heat.
  • Compatible for cleaning in the dishwasher.


We are not going to show you several examples of copper pans, without talking about the advantages of acquiring one of these sets of pans. At the end of the day, to choose what kitchen utensils to buy, you must know what type of advantages each one has, and thus choose the one that best suits your needs.

  1. The material with which they are made: as we have already clarified throughout this article, these pans are not made of copper. They are normally made of aluminum, and have a copper-effect coating .

Aluminum is a strong and durable material , and also lightweight. This way, the copper pans you buy will last you for a very long time.

  1. Heat conduction : being made of aluminum, heat conduction is very efficient. These pans retain the heat from the kitchen for much longer, allowing you to turn off the cooker sooner, because the heat will still be retained in the pan. That is, these pans help you save energy.
  2. Maintenance and cleaning: thanks to the coating on these pans, their maintenance does not require any special treatment. Plus, being dishwasher-safe, you won’t have to spend time washing them by hand with specific products.
  3. Compatibility with all types of cookers: the copper pans are compatible with all types of cookers, induction and oven included. In this way, if you change the kitchen, you will not have to renew your pans, because they will be compatible. And in this way, they become an ideal gift, because regardless of the kitchen they have, they can use them.


It is a question that arises whenever something is heard from the copper pans. These pans that we have talked about today are not made of copper, but made of aluminum. Therefore, they are not toxic.

Copper is a material with which they no longer manufacture, due to the toxicity they had. Kitchenware companies make pans with the aesthetics of a copper pan, but never with this material. All toxic materials, including copper, have been recalled. Therefore, these copper pans are not toxic.

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