Kuvings Evo820 Juice Extractor

Kuvings Evo820 Juice Extractor

The path to healthier and more mindful eating, which has gained momentum in recent years, has made juice extractors a very popular household appliance. Since countless famous people began to transmit the popular green and natural juices online, everyone began to be interested in how they can also make them at home. This is where the Kuvings Evo820 juice extractor comes into play , which works cold, allowing you to take advantage of all the nutrients in fruit and vegetables.

Juice extractors are household appliances with a very specific functionality: unlike blenders, which can be used for countless things, including to make smoothies or juices, extractors only serve to separate the liquid from the pulp; that is, they work like a traditional orange juicer, but with some peculiarities in the technical design to be able to extract all the water from the food.

As they are very function-focused appliances, it is very important to acquire one that has the quality of the Kuvings Evo820 juice extractor, as this ensures proper operation and proper preservation of the juices. The operation of this type of appliance is simple: the pieces of fruits and vegetables are inserted through a wide opening; then the pulp comes out through one hole and the liquid comes out through another, which will be consumed later. It is, therefore, much more convenient and faster than a traditional juicer.

Since the Kuvings brand was born in 1978, they have designed numerous products aimed at making health more accessible to all: blenders, extractors, yogurt makers or mixers, among others. They have pioneered over the years, creating high-quality appliances that convey to users the assurance and confidence that they are buying something that will last a lifetime.

It is a household appliance that can be easily purchased online, which facilitates its access, and has an excellent quality that accompanies its price. Next, the most relevant features and functionalities of this extractor will be detailed so that you can know all the details before purchasing it.


See here the price of the Kuvings Evo820


Kuvings Evo820 Juice Extractor Power

One of the key points for a juice extractor to work properly and not burn in the grinding process is that it has good power. It is an appliance that has to do a lot of effort with some foods, such as pineapple and celery, and that usually runs for a long period of time. In this sense, the Kuvings Evo820 juice extractor has a power of high watts, which will allow you to make any recipe and achieve fine and abundant extractions making the most of each product.

Product description

This robot is characterized by having a very wide entrance mouth that allows food to be introduced in large pieces without having to cut them, something that is very comfortable and practical to save time and effort. Also the outlet for the pulp is very large ; in this way, there are no jams and all debris can be removed comfortably. As an anecdote, many people do not throw away the leftover pulp, but make recipes with them, such as cookies or cakes. This allows you to make more than one recipe thanks to the robot, making the most of its performance.

Thanks to the experience of the manufacturer, they have managed to create a complete and functional appliance during all stages of use. This is also reflected in how easy it is to wash it, something that is appreciated, because unfortunately other juice extractors complicate this action a lot and make the production process slow and tedious.

Features of the Kuvings Evo820 juice extractor

Below we will detail all the noteworthy aspects:

  • It can be found in two different colors: Dark Silver and Gun Metal.
  • It is easy to disassemble it for washing.
  • It is a cold juice extractor, which helps to preserve the quality of the juice.
  • It has a BPA-free Tritan plastic vat, essential to preserve the wholesomeness of the juices.
  • It has a wide entrance so you don’t have to cut food.
  • The pulp outlet is also large to avoid blockages. 
  • It can be purchased over the internet.
  • It has won international awards for its design and performance.
  • It has a weight of 7.1 kilos and dimensions of 20.1 x 23.9 x 49 centimeters.

Advantages of the Kuvings Evo820 juice extractor

The qualities and accessibility make it an excellent product for lovers of juices and a healthy life. Everyone knows that supermarket juices or smoothies are full of sugar and artificial colors that do not add anything to the body; therefore, being able to make them at home helps us improve health.

Disadvantages of the Kuvings evo820

The only two notable drawbacks to the Kuvings Evo820 juice extractor could be price and weight. The price is somewhat high for the average, but the qualities that it has are not debatable. On the other hand, it is an appliance that could be a bit heavy for some people.

Between you and me

The truth is that, if you are a lover of cooking, you like to try all the electrical appliances and above all you are interested in healthy life and giving your family an extra contribution of vitamins and nutrients, this juice extractor is one of the best versions that you can find in the market. Thanks to the Kuvings Evo820 juice extractor, you will really know what a juice is and you will start a healthy path that you will no longer want to abandon.

If you are a lover of cooking and creating healthy recipes, you will love the Kuvings Evo820 juice extractor. Its qualities and functions make it one of the most relevant in the market ; Thanks to it, every day you can drink juices without added sugar, without preservatives or colorings.

Thanks to this healthy move, juicers, especially cold juicers, have become very popular. There is a wide variety on the market with greater or lesser power, with different functionalities, characteristics and price. Not all the extractors on the market work cold; This is a detail that must be kept in mind, as the quality of the result can vary greatly.


See here the price of the Kuvings Evo820


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