Black Friday 2020 pans

TODAY IS THE DAY! Black Friday 2020 is here! And at SartenesyCazuelas we are ready to offer you the best Black Friday frying pans offers to offer you minute by minute.

As we have been doing every year, throughout this week we will be every day, every hour, pending of certain models that we consider outstanding. We are not going to show the offers of Chinese pans of poor quality, it is not what we try on this website.

We will be looking, yes, of outstanding models and that we have valued with 4 or 5 stars. These models tend to have high prices and, on occasions like this, it is possible to find Black Friday Pans with discounts of 30, 40 or 50%.

What models are we referring to? For example, the Tefal Expertise, the Tefal Ingenio, the Monix Mineral, the BRA Efficient, BRA Advanced … These models reach around € 70 – € 100. However, we know that during a few hours, that day they can fall several tens percent.


We start with a brief summary of the three most interesting models. The best, the best / quality price and the cheapest. We start from the basis that all three have been carefully selected and of extraordinary quality. And if you want more information, we encourage you to read the full article for each model. Good luck with your purchase!

Tefal Expertise

These pans are number one, Tefal’s best seller and an amazing piece of engineering. Their non-stick surface is outstanding and their Titanium coating makes them very, very resistant.

Tefal Expertise

Everything in these pans is made to last: the thickness of the aluminum, the handle firmly attached to the body, the non-stick surface reinforced with Titanium… When you hold these Tefal Expertise in your hands, you realize the solidity of the whole. A wise option, without a doubt.

What price will this Tefal Expertise have with the offers on Black Friday 2020 Pans ? We will know in a few weeks.

BRA Advanced

Another model that is sweeping and that every little bit hangs the “Out of Stock” sign. Since they went on sale, the BRA Advanced have been sweeping. The reason is none other than the quality that BRA wanted to give to this Set of pans. They spared no expense and price was not one of their goals: they wanted quality to compete with the Tefal Expertise. And what if they succeeded.

BRA Advaced

Its non-stick surface, the thickness of its aluminum and above all, the lightness of the set, make this BRA Advanced frying pan, if not the best, one of the best quality / price pans that you can take to your kitchen.

The price of the BRA Advanced with the Black Friday 2020 pans offers  will be available in a few weeks.

Monix Cooper

The Cooper de Monix model was born with a star under his arm. Since its recent market launch, it rocketed straight into the Top3, becoming a bestseller.

The reasons are many, which we already talked about in a complete article that we dedicate exclusively to it. But the three keys to success are excellent materials, with a non-stick surface coated with Titanium, some really neat finishes and a price that, if it is on sale, is sheer madness.

The Monix Cooper were born to compete with the big boys. And boy, if they are … Do you want to know more?

Bonus: Tefal Ingenio

The Tefal Ingenio have been, for decades, the best invention of the French firm. Its removable handle was a pioneer in the sector and a real success. Initially conceived for users with space problems, they are now ideal for any type of cook.

Tefal wit

They can be stored in the refrigerator like a tupperware, they can be put in the oven to finish with a gratin, they do not take up space on the burners because you remove the handle in a click … And the best thing? That ALL Tefal technologies have: (Titanium, Thermospot, diffuser base …)

Obviously, such a frying pan is not especially cheap, but with the offers in Black Friday 2020 Pans there will surely be a few hours in which you can buy them at a bargain price.


We leave you a very up-to-date list of the biggest discounts at this time. It is a list of the best-selling pans and ordered by discount percentage. To the parrot!


Did you think these three models were all deals? No way! Look at the extensive article with dozens and dozens of offers on Black Friday pans of this year 2020 … Go ahead, all yours!


On this website you can find offers of all kinds of pans, iron, Titanium, aluminum … In the menu you can navigate to find the perfect frying pan for you. Our advice? A good pan with Titanium and an aluminum structure. Or if you want strength and durability above all else, stainless steel or iron is your material.

Visit our entry ” Types of materials “, where you can see which material is the best for you. Be that as it may, today is a special day and you shouldn’t miss out on the offers. TIC Tac!


If you want to be up to date and not miss out on any offer, remember that at we will be waiting on those days, minute by minute, to hunt down the best deals on Black Friday Pans and that they deserve to be in your kitchen.

If we take advantage of this day well, we can stockpile kitchen utensils for the rest of the year, saving a considerable amount of money. You sign up?

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