Typical Latvian Dishes: Top 9 of the Most Popular

Latvia is a small European country, bordering the Baltic Sea, which has great diversity. Year after year it is filled with tourists looking for the best experience, the best landscapes and the richest food that can be offered. Its gastronomy is extensive and preserves many of its present traditions, which this country is more than willing to offer to locals and foreigners; that’s why I want to tell you about the typical dishes of Latvia.

Latvian cuisine has a wide variety of foods, prepared in different ways but with an exquisite seasoning that few can recreate. Fish and meat are in almost all the dishes of Latvians, just as vegetables cannot be absent as accompaniments or as a main dish; and in its desserts, dairy products are among the most awarded by the international public. Next, I will show you some of those foods that you cannot stop trying from the gastronomy of this country.

Rye bread

This emblematic bread, despite not being exclusive to Latvia, will undoubtedly be found in every house in this country. Its flavor, its incredible smell and unmatched texture make it the perfect companion for the vast majority of meals; And the Latvian preparation, according to the locals, is different from all over Europe, for that reason, alone or accompanied, it is a typical dish that is inexcusable not to try if you visit this place.


This succulent delicacy has received many names over time in different places, such as spekrausi or piragi, what has not changed is its expert preparation. This is a crescent-shaped filled cupcake that, after being baked, is a dish that you will want to repeat over and over again.

Rolls usually filled with small pieces of crispy bacon, mixed with onions finely chopped, with a soft and flaky dough, and a taste that is impossible to describe, you’ll have to try them !


The typical dishes of Latvia are influenced by many countries and different cultures, so it is not surprising that a dish present in other territories has a version in this country and is so important to its population. It is about the Pelmeni, some great meatballs made of flour, eggs, water and milk, with an incredible consistency and flavor.

Its filling is an explosive combination of various types of meat, such as beef or beef, the lean pork, present in this country and its neighbors, as well as the exquisite lamb meat and, as if it were little, beef, to fill this great-tasting meal.

They are cooked just like ravioli and can be enjoyed with a generous portion of sour cream to add more flavor to the dish.

Smoked fish

With the Baltic Sea on its shores, this country has a consistent variety of fish, from herring and sardines, to pike and caviar. There are many ways to prepare them, but the favorite of the Latvians is the one that consists of smoking them. Whether served hot, accompanied with a good cheese and rye bread, or pickled cold, fish is a fundamental food in the homes of Latvian families.

Janu cheese

I will tell you a little about the Janu Cheese, a native product of this country that is a delight to the palate of anyone who tries it. Made with sour milk and the curd from it, caraway seed is also added for an unmistakable flavor and, for a creamy and spreadable consistency, eggs and butter are added.

As a companion to your meals, with a robust wine or a delicious beer, this mystical cheese is a specialty that makes Latvia proud and that you will surely love.

Aukstā Zupa

Let’s move on to the soups, and if we talk about them, I cannot miss the Aukstā Zupa, a soup that is served cold based on crushed beets, mixed with yogurt and pickles. It is refreshing for those hot days and, adding salt to taste, dill and a boiled egg, it ends up being a delicacy present in the Latvian identity that you cannot miss.


The pork is one of the leanest products most precious in this continent, so it is present in many foods gastronomy of Latvia and among the preparations of this meat, is the Karbonade a variation of the schnitzel German, but with the Latvian flavor.

In this dish, the most tender pork possible is chosen and tenderized, to be later breaded and fried. This leaves as a result a delight to the palate, which is usually accompanied with boiled potatoes, a cabbage salad that cannot be missed, and a delicious cream made with mushrooms. The meat will melt in your mouth and leave you with a sensation that you will want to take home to repeat later.


I can’t forget for a moment to mention Latvia’s star dessert; Alexandertorte is a delicacy from this country, which has a lot of history in its origin. Made with a soft and spongy biscuit, and inside it a divine preparation of red fruit jam ; in addition, fresh raspberries are added , to make together one of the most delicious and eaten desserts in the place.

Black Balm

After this trip through the best Latvian dishes, be sure to try the Black Balsam, a powerful liqueur made with herbs and the strongest vodka in the region, which is then aged or fermented in old oak barrels, for after this process where it acquires a robust flavor, with bittersweet tones and dark and dense colors, becoming the typical drink par excellence of Latvia.

This liquor is recognized worldwide as one of the best, it is valued for its taste and smell, thus attracting critics from different places.

Wait no more, give yourself the opportunity to try everything that Latvia can offer to satisfy all types of palates. And you, which dish are you going to start with?

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