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Cecotec Chup Chup

If you like the new concept “Slow Cooking” or what is the same, the traditional slow cooking or low temperature stews without investing time in the kitchen then you are in luck! Because the Chup Chup Matic pot, Cecotec’s slow cooker, will make the tastiest stews of a lifetime, quickly, efficiently, and making finger-licking recipes. As if you had been cooking all morning, although you will do it in record time, and with excellent results.

The Cecotec Chup Chup Matic pot has been created by the Valencian company Cecotec. Created in 1995 by two enterprising brothers, they never cease to amaze with their new creations in kitchen appliances, so that we always have the latest technologies available when doing housework quickly and perfectly. Not in vain did they rise to fame with their flagship product, Conga, their robot vacuum cleaner. And they continue to triumph thanks to their kitchen robots, pots, fryers and coffee makers, all with the aim of making life easier for us in our home. And the Chup Chup Matic Pot could not be an exception.

First of all, we leave you a short video where you can quickly and easily see the main features of this kitchen robot. Inside video!


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Capacity and Power

This Chup Chup Matic Pot from Cecotec  has a capacity of 5.5 liters, and a power of 260W, more than enough to prepare all kinds of stews.

Manufacturing materials

The pot is made of ceramic and has a hinged glass lid for convenience, with a silicone gasket.

Main characteristics of the Cecotec Chup Chup Matic pot

If you’ve never heard of the “slow cooking” it is a new way of cooking, healthy, healthy, reproducing homemade casseroles usual, in less time than that imagine, thanks to the Olla Cecotec Chup Chup Matic, cooking Cecotec slow, which has the following technical characteristics:

  • Possibility of programming up to 24 hours, which allows us to program the recipe we want to have it ready when we need it.
  • You can prepare wonderful stews of all kinds: stews, stews, stews, stews, and also meats, poultry, soups, broths, fish, and even sweets.
  • Thanks to its technology, the ingredients are slow cooked, so the food is tasty and healthy, and will retain all its properties, both vitamins and nutrients.
  • In its ceramic bowl you can prepare whole pieces of meat, poultry and fish.
  • Its folding glass lid is comfortable to handle, and allows you to open and close easily to check the point of your stews, preventing moisture from escaping when you open the lid.
  • It has two temperatures, low and high. The low temperature is suitable for simmering ingredients for long periods of time, and the high setting is for cooking and roasting in half the time as the low setting.
  • Its high-quality, resistant ceramic tray is suitable for placing in the oven and preparing roasts or finishing stews in the oven.
  • It has an intuitive and easy-to-use LCD screen to program your recipes.
  • Both the ceramic main bowl and the glass lid are dishwasher safe. In addition, the bowl is removable, and can be brought directly to the table for serving.
  • It has a t emporizer of up to 20 hours for recipes that require more time, and it is very safe, because once the cooking is finished, the pot will turn off by itself and the stews will come out at their perfect point of doneness and texture.
  • Has a keep warm function
  • Includes a complete cookbook

Advantages of the Cecotec Chup Chup Matic Pot

How would you like to prepare the usual recipes with the new technologies applied to the kitchen? Well, this is what the Cecotec Chup Chup Matic Pot is capable of doing , which incorporates the latest technologies when cooking, to make your life much easier. Tasty and traditional stews in much less time. Using this pot has many advantages:

  • Traditional recipes will be perfect for your slow cooking function, in which you will use much less time than if you cooked as a lifetime.
  • You can program the stews you want and at the time you want, since it has a programming function of up to 24 hours. Simply add the ingredients, program, and voila!
  • In addition, its low temperatures for slow cookers and high temperatures for baking and other faster cooking stews, are ideal for preparing all kinds of dishes.
  • In addition, its timer of up to 20 hours, allows you to make much more elaborate recipes that require more time, without having to worry. Once the recipe is finished, the pot turns itself off.
  • Once the stew is finished, the pot has a keep warm function, perfect so that the food is always fresh and just right.
  • It is comfortable and versatile. Its main bucket can be put in the oven to give the final touch to your stews, and it can also be taken to the table.
  • Easy to clean and maintain, its bucket and lid are dishwasher safe

Disadvantages of the Chup Chup Matic Pot

No drawback has been detected, except that it is a cooking pot and does not have a food processor function.

Between you and me

For those people who do not have much time in the kitchen, and like good food or have family and want to make tasty and healthy stews, the Chup Chup Matic Pot is the perfect choice. Easy to use from the first moment, and capable of preparing all kinds of stews, stews, stews, broths and soups, baked goods, and even desserts, this pot is very complete and cooking has never been so easy and fast.

It is ideal for families with many members and people who, without having much knowledge of cooking, want to enjoy traditional preparations in less time than it would take to make a lifelong stew. In addition, and like all Cecotec products, it has an excellent value for money. What are you waiting for to cook Chup Chup style again?


See here the updated price of the Cecotec Chup Chup


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If the Cecotec Chup Chup Matic Cooker is not what you are looking for, you may be interested in taking a look at the AmazonBasics programmable cooker, also very easy to use, with 15 preset menu options, and a programmed start of up to 24 hours. It is practical and simple, and is capable of cooking in the style of a traditional pressure cooker, using much less time and with perfect culinary preparations.

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