Tefal Chef

The Tefal Chef pans are the new battle pans from the French firm. The brand structures its pans into three categories: Practical Kitchen (for daily use), Expert Kitchen (for intensive use) and Gourmet Kitchen (for professional use).

Well, where does the firm categorize the new Tefal Chef? In practical kitchen. Indeed, when they developed these pans they did so with daily use in a normal kitchen in mind . This can be seen in some details that we will analyze.

Its shapes are very clean, with no visible screws or rivets. This greatly facilitates cleaning tasks and the robustness of the assembly, as it does not have moving parts that can loosen.

To start, as always we leave you with a short video with the characteristics of the Chef pan in motion. eye! We apologize in advance because it is in Norwegian! This model is new to the Tefal range, it has just landed in Spain and it has not yet been translated. But it serves perfectly to get an idea.


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