WMF Profi

5This time we analyze the WMF Profi range , a complete collection of the prestigious and century-old German manufacturer, among which are these pans. It is a similar model (somewhat superior) to the WMF Favorit stainless steel frying pan

It is a frying pan made in Germany, of the quality to which WMF has accustomed us. In their construction they use a single material, with an antipyretic handle and handles,  and in their design they are completely devoid of screws or rivets. With this they achieve a completely smooth, clean surface, without edges or joints.

This WMF Profit is available in three sizes of 20, 24 and 28 centimeters. In addition, it is possible to buy them with one handle or with two handles. This makes it easy to find the ideal frying pan. Are they worth it?

As always, we start with a short video in which it is possible to appreciate the finishes and cooking examples. In this case, they prepare a good steak, let’s see.


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