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In the market we can find many top-of-the-range pans. But in practice, the ones that usually hang the Best Sellers sign are the most affordable, the entry ranges, like these BRA Premiere.

Being the entry range of the Spanish firm BRA is by no means an indicator of poor quality. The BRA Premiere pans  are pans that, as we will see, perfectly fulfill their mission and pass everything. How do they differ from higher ranges then? Keep reading, I’ll tell you!


For the construction of these BRA Premiere pans , and as in 90% of this firm’s pans, they use cast aluminum. Both its core and the rest of its structure are made of this material.

We cannot say that this is typical of a low or medium range, because even BRA’s Top pans use cast aluminum (with great success, everything is said).

Aluminum is characterized by being a fairly resistant material but, above all, very very light. These BRA Premiere pans are very easy to handle with one hand. Like all BRA pans, they have greatly optimized the weight.

On the other hand, aluminum is an excellent heat transmitter. Therefore, when we put it on the fire it will not take long to reach the optimal temperature. Its base of 5.5 mm (a figure above the average) undoubtedly contributes to this . For reference, the top-of-the-range BRAs are 6mm thick, so there is hardly any difference.

As for the handle of the BRA Premiere pans , there are no differences either. It is an antipyretic bakelite handle, with silicone inserts and totally ergonomic. Even if our hands are wet, it has a great grip. What sets it apart from the handles of other higher priced BRA pans? The Red color. Nothing more.


In this regard, the BRA firm takes great care of each model it puts on the market. Aware that the customer is increasingly demanding, he adapts the pans to the new kitchen models. By this we mean, of course, induction cookers.

These BRA Premiere pans are compatible with induction, glass ceramic, gas and electric cookers. And of course, they can be put in the dishwasher after each use.

The only precaution you should have is to let them cool for a few minutes before wetting them. If you add very cold water when the pan is very hot, it is possible that the Premiere pan will spoil.


The non-stick section is where the differences between the different models of the BRA family really emerge. Although, as we saw, there are no differences in terms of materials and compatibility, here there are.

As we know, the BRA brand always plays on a winning horse, and for this it entrusts the non-stickness of its pans to one of the greatest non-stick experts, DuPont and its Teflon coating.

There are many finishes, from higher to lower quality : Professional, Platinum Plus, Select, and Classic.

What non-stick coating do these BRA Premiere pans have ? Classic Teflon.

This does not mean, far from it, that it has a worse non-stick. What we have found is that the main difference between the Classic and Professional finishes is resistance to wear. While the Professional resists scratches and bumps much better, with the Classic finish you have to be more careful.

Therefore, if we use silicone or wooden utensils instead of metal ones, and we avoid cutting with the knife on the pan, we will not notice a difference. The non-stick is equally excellent.

To help us preserve this Teflon layer, with this BRA Premiere Pans Set includes two silicone pans. With this we avoid bumps and scratches when storing them. Is not perfect?


Another difference with higher ranges is that it only has interior non-stick. Therefore, the outside of the pans is NOT non-stick. We can notice this if we drop some food outside … it will stick. To find non-stick also on the outside we have to go to models like the BRA Terra.

Of course, all BRA non-stick finishes are PFOAS free. At this point, he didn’t need to remember, did he?


  • Optimized diffuser bottom : at the base of the pans we find a 5.5 mm base, responsible for distributing the heat evenly over the entire surface of the pan. We thus avoid that the center is hotter than the ends and one part of our recipe is cooked before another.
  • Energy efficiency : cast aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat. Therefore, it will take less time to reach the optimum temperature and once the fire is turned off, it will retain the heat for longer. This will lead us to reduce the kW of energy consumed each day.
  • Compatibility: As we said before, these pans can work perfectly with all types of cookers, including induction ones. They will also not suffer any damage if you put them in the dishwasher every day.
  • Ergonomic handle: this seems to us to be one of the best qualities of the BRA Premiere frying pan. The shape of the handle, together with the non-slip silicone materials and the low weight, make this frying pan very ergonomic and easy to handle. Ideal for the weak or very old.
  • Spanish guarantee: we always value positively that a frying pan is manufactured under the standards of the European Union. We do not say that a pan made in China is bad, but we know that European quality controls are very rigid and in food matters, it is better not to risk.


  • Its low weight and ergonomics : they are light pans and very easy to manipulate with one hand.
  • Its non-stick is extraordinary from the beginning.
  • They include two silicone pans to prevent damage.
  • They are manufactured in the European Union.
  • They are induction and dishwasher compatible.
  • They are healthy and free of PFOAS.


  • The non-stick surface can be damaged if you use metal utensils or knives on the pan.
  • It does not have non-stick on the outside.


We are looking at inexpensive pans, which are the entry level to the extensive family of BRA kitchenware. They are not bad pans at all. In fact, as we have seen, the only differences with the higher models are the non-stick coating, which is somewhat less resistant, and they lack external non-stick.

If you are careful with the pans, and you are careful to use silicone or wooden utensils, do not put the knife in the pan and store them with the saucepans that it includes, you have pans for many years. The non-stickiness of Teflon is, without a doubt, extraordinarily good.


If you are looking for BRA pans, but with a more resistant and non-stick coating also on the outside, the BRA Terra are undoubtedly the best option. They have a Teflon Select finish on both the inside and outside. In addition, for the price they usually have, it is usually the best quality / price purchase of the Spanish firm.

And on the other hand, if what you are looking for is quality in abundance, we leave you the analysis of the top of the range of BRA. It is the BRA Efficient. They have Platinum Plus interior and exterior non-stick and 6mm Full Induction bottom. And surely the price is not as high as you think!


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