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When we consider the purchase of pans, the first thing we usually look at is the brand, who makes them. And somehow, we trust that the brand of a lifetime offers us quality pans. However, sometimes the best manufacturers on the occasion of an event join forces, share their technologies and work together to achieve something even better. That’s what gave rise to the iconic San Ignacio brand Masterpro pans .

In this way, the prestigious Spanish firm San Ignacio, together with the Bergner Group, have shared synergies to develop the Masterpro range. For its manufacture, in addition to the technical part, they have had an expert team of Chefs to advise the manufacturer throughout the process.

And what was the result? We leave you a short video where the prestigious Chef Pepe Rodríguez gives us a complete presentation.

Masterpro Gravity

The pans MasterPro Gravity are the latest collection of MasterPro. We can assure you that it is a Premium version, with a high price but outstanding qualities. The handles have silicone inserts. However, the biggest difference from the original Masterpro is in the non-stick surface, the Whitford Eclipse in this case. This Whitford Eclipse is up to 10 times stronger than a standard nonstick. 


Masterpro Gravity pans are made of forged aluminum. Giving its structure of this material gives it a very remarkable resistance. However, the most notable thing is its lightness. Aluminum is a very light material, and these pans have a perfect thickness to combine resistance and low weight.

For its part, the base has an integrated ferritic disc to give it total compatibility with all types of kitchens. In this way, they should work perfectly with induction, glass-ceramic, gas or electric cookers .

The mango of the San Ignacio Masterpro is very well studied. It is slightly longer than usual and is made of stainless steel with a rubber surface. This material together with the two powerful rivets that join it to the structure, guarantee a very high resistance of these pans to daily abuse.

It comes in various sizes, from 8 to 11 inches, and it also has a deeper Wok finish. The normal height of the San Ignacio Masterpro is 5 centimeters.

The elongated handle has a silicone coating. This greatly facilitates the grip even with wet or oil-stained hands. If we combine this ergonomic, long and silicone handle with the very low weight of the aluminum structure, we have a super light frying pan that can be handled with one hand, perfect even for very old people.


The non-stick section, these San Ignacio Masterpro pans have been entrusted to the renowned Teflon. When something works, why change it?

These pans, however, are special, and as such they need a non-stick finish commensurate with the high-end of these pans. And for this specific model, San Ignacio has chosen the Eclipse non-stick from the manufacturer Whitford.

In practice, we have been using this pan in its Wok model, which suffers even more from the very high temperatures, for more than a year and we have to admit that the result is spectacular. This finish is particularly resistant to daily use and high temperatures. We wash it daily in the dishwasher and it hasn’t lost any non-stickiness since day one.

Special features

The Spanish brand San Ignacio is not one of those that needs to prove anything to earn a good name. Its fame in Spanish kitchens has been achieved over the decades. However, in these San Ignacio Masterpro two actors have worked hard: the San Ignacio company and the historic manufacturer Bergner. The result can only be an excellent frying pan designed in Austria, with a Spanish stamp and outstanding performance.

Its main qualities are:

  • Aluminum structure lightened : having used this material for the chassis of the pan, as we said, gives it an extraordinary lightness. On the other hand, aluminum is a remarkably strong material.
  • Ergonomic silicone handle : longer than normal and with a ” rubbery ” feel . This allows the Masterpro skillet to be manipulated without any difficulty with just one hand.
  • Whitford Eclipse Non- stick: with the non-stick endorsed by one of the most reputable non-stick manufacturers in the world.

Between you and me

When it comes to buying some pans and not failing, we have to see who makes them, what experience they have and who supports them. In this case, the manufacturing is carried out by the San Ignacio firm, the experience is more than proven and decades of success endorse it.

We personally believe that when a firm like San Ignacio teams up with other powerful players like Bergner and Whitford, the result can only be one extraordinary skillet. Each one has put the best they had and the result, really, is worth seeing.

If you like these pans by design, for a gift or for qualities, go for them. They are excellent pans.


  • They are not especially expensive to bear the Masterpro seal and have an acceptable quality / price
  • Its ergonomics are excellent, thanks to its very low weight and its silicone handle.
  • They withstand extremely high temperatures and can be placed in the oven.
  • Its design is very careful and its steel-colored finish does not leave anyone indifferent.


  • Although they are of very high quality, unless you find them on offer, in the price you are paying the Masterpro firm.

Maybe you are interested

If you are willing to increase the investment a little, for little more you can start finding Titanium pans . For almost the same money they will offer you a noticeably greater resistance. The initial non-stickness will be the same, the difference will be that over the years a pan with titanium withstands daily abuse much better (scrubs, dishwashers, metal utensils …). Something higher in range but not far from the budget, would be the Tefal Unlimited pans .

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