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It is necessary to know that investing in quality kitchen utensils will mean not only a saving in the medium term, but also a relief, since it will allow you to make any recipe without fear of spoiling it. To get quality elements, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money either, the grace is in finding products that keep a good value for money, as is the case with the Tefal Unlimited On pans.

Choosing pans can sometimes be tricky, as there is a wide variety on the market. The ideal is to look for a mid-range game that is versatile, suitable for all surfaces: glass-ceramic, fire or induction. In addition, these Unlimited pans from Tefal have something very innovative: a Thermo-Signal system, which indicates at what temperature it is ideal to start cooking, and another Thermo-Fusion, which executes a uniform and rapid heating system.

Few things matter more when it comes to cooking than finding pans or pots that are non-stick and resistant, that is, that do not lose their quality after several uses or misfortunes. This concern continues, but unfortunately many brands continue to use old methods, which initially work, but whose materials scratch or lift over time, and the food ends up contaminated, stuck and burned.

Due to all these problems, the Tefal brand launched its Unlimited line of pans, which promises to have the best non-stick and anti-scratch coating. The French brand is characterized by being the first to launch non-stick kitchenware on the market. As everyone knows, Tefal already sells all kinds of small household appliances, in addition to kitchenware, but it is because of the latter that it achieved its fame and renown.

Although its competition is high, the truth is that Tefal tends to outperform all the brands in the sector for the value for money of its products, whether they are pots, pans, saucepans or plates. In addition, Tefal Unlimited pans have been a before and after in this market; therefore, in this article we are going to analyze its quality, design and format. We already know that the quality of Tefal Unlimited is outstanding, but let’s break down why it is becoming the favorite product of foodies.

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In recent years, the coating of pans has evolved. Different formats can still be found on the market, from stainless steel or iron to ceramic and aluminum with non-stick surfaces. Regarding the latter, we must buy quality brands that guarantee that they are free of toxins (such as Tefal Unlimited ), because when they decompose they can begin to release PFOA from 260 degrees, something that is quite toxic. For this reason, the battery and kitchenware industry has invested a lot of time and money in finding more sustainable products over time and new models, such as these Unlimited from Tefal, are 100% free of PFOA.

As we have commented in previous paragraphs, Tefal does not use the Teflon brand in the coating of its pots and pans, but rather a system of its own layers reinforced by titanium particles. This Titanium Anti-Scratch coating offers such powerful non-stick and resistance that even using metal utensils while cooking (something not recommended) the base does not spoil and, therefore, the food does not stick. This is thanks to its extra thick base, called Thermo-Fusion +, which makes these pans and pans a desired product by all.

Some layers prevent them from coming off, others help the pan not to scratch, and the last ones prevent the food from sticking. Once Tefal Unlimited is tried, it is very difficult to use another type of kitchenware again because of the ease they bring to the kitchen.

Tefal pans are free of PFOA and other metals such as cadmium or lead. In addition, being non-stick, and thanks to the heat distribution technology, which we will talk about later, the food is prevented from burning or sticking. Therefore, everything that is cooked is free of any substance that could be harmful to humans.

What are Thermo-Spot and Thermo-Fusion in Tefal Unlimited?

Tefal pans can be easily distinguished from other brands thanks to the red dot inside. The purpose of this circle is to warn the user that the pan has reached its optimum temperature. This is very helpful, as it allows you to preheat the pan without the need to calculate it yourself.

Before heating up, the Thermo-Spot pattern can be seen clearly. As the pan heats up, the color begins to change. When it reaches the temperature of 180 degrees, the drawing disappears and the red circle is clearly visible. This is the time to start cooking or to regulate the temperature.

Thermo-Fusion is achieved thanks to the width and thickness offered by its bases. This guarantees rapid heating with a homogeneous distribution of heat throughout the base, allowing better cooking of food.

Tefal Unlimited On Models

The kitchenware that is made under Unlimited technology is very wide. But perhaps the set of three pans on the market is the most versatile and desired.

These are the measurements of the pan set:

  • Small – 8-inch frying pan
  • Medium – 24-centimeter skillet
  • Large – 11-inch skillet

You can also find pots, saucepans, pans and other formats made with this same technique.

Where can they be used?

Tefal Unlimited On models are suitable for any type of fire, be it the traditional ceramic hob, the desired induction, the classic gas fire or even the oven up to 175º.

Most kitchens today have a ceramic hob, as it is a format that over the years has become very democratized. Fire is still a great favorite, but the comfort and hygiene of the hobs has made it take a back seat. Induction is perhaps now the most desired element, more and more people put it in their kitchens.

Although the price is still a little higher than the previous ones, it offers the best of glass-ceramics and the best of fire. Perhaps the most surprising thing is that they can be used to bake up to a maximum of 175 degrees. This makes them very versatile pans, which allow you to make endless dishes, from grilled meats, stir-fries or gratins.

For this reason, brands such as Tefal have decided to offer their loyal customers the possibility of cooking with their utensils in any system.

Advantages over using Tefal Unlimited On

As has already been observed throughout the article, Tefal Unlimited On is a range of pans for the kitchen with unique characteristics on the market:

  • Titanium coating, suitable for the use of any kitchen utensil.
  • Thermo-Signal technology.
  • PFOA free coating.
  • Dishwasher safe for added cleanliness.
  • Compatible with all types of cookers: gas, induction, ceramic and electric.
  • Wide variety of formats.
  • Easy to use.
  • Non-stick, which prevents food from sticking.

There are many advantages. It is true that, although the value for money is ideal, its cost can be a bit high compared to other models. Now, none of them bring all the features that Tefal Unlimited On has.

Maybe you are interested

Tefal has many models of frying pans on the market and all of them are developed under the highest quality systems. Even so, if the Tefal Unlimited are not what you are looking for, you can evaluate the BRA Advanced, which are the most direct rivals in terms of quality of the historic and prestigious Spanish firm.

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