Typical dishes of Russia: the most tasty and well-known

Russia, the largest country in the world, who does not like this beautiful nation? There is nothing that Russia does not have, as its beauty goes far beyond the superficial. Really every detail it presents is incredible, especially its meals. The best way to contemplate the beauty of this great country is by knowing and delighting the typical dishes of Russia, those that its people love so much. And it is not only one of the most visited places, but it is also one of those countries that spread throughout the world, as it has a lot of cultural and gastronomic wealth.

In this article you will know a large part of the typical dishes that Russia presents. It should be noted that most of these gourmet are hot, since we know that almost all year round their climate is naturally cold. Remember, the perfect destination is called Russia, but anywhere you can appreciate their dishes.

Typical Russian salads

In this section you will see the salads that Russia brings and that are charming. They really are the best known in this country for their incredible pungent flavor.

Seledka pod shuboy

If what you are looking for is a light salad, Seledka pod shuboy is your best option. This dish is the combination of vegetables and fruits cooked to taste. Its name in Spanish would be “Herring in Coat”, and it is also called “Ensaladilla Rusa”.

The vegetables used are potatoes, carrots, potatoes, and beets ; these are cooked and will be layered. On the other hand, onion is added and enough mayonnaise, everything will depend on taste. Clearly the dish includes herring, and well, everything mentioned above will be on top of this exquisite fish.

There are some regions of Russia that prepare the Russian salad with apple pieces, all to give it a sweet touch. It should be noted that this food is mostly known for the Christmas season, as it represents the coat.


Another of the typical Russian salads is called “Olive”. It was created many years ago, relatively in 1860 by Lucien Oliver, that’s why it bears the name. This man was well known for his restaurant in Moscow.

Said salad is prepared with chicken, potatoes, carrots, peas, cucumbers, eggs and mayonnaise to taste. This is also usual at Christmas, and in some cases it has a mandarin orange.

Typical caviar of Russia

Cavians are not only typical Russian dishes, but they also represent good food in many places. However, there are two specific cavians that make us think of this nation just by thinking about it.

Red caviar

Its bright red color surprises anyone who tastes it. It is served in a deep plate in which there will be ice divided until half, it is garnished with watercress and that’s it.

This food is usually consumed with slices of bread, which will be spread with butter, lemon zest, and small pieces of chives.

Black caviar

This is the next most famous caviar in Russia, and it is representative for its deep black color. One of the things that identifies it is how high it costs, in fact it is considered one of the expensive meals found in Russia.

A very important and interesting point is that there is not a single caviar, but there are a lot of variety of them. The best known is beluga caviar.

Typical Russian dishes with meat and chicken

There are many typical foods that include as main or secondary the exquisiteness of the chicken and the juiciness of the meat. Each of these dishes makes it very clear that Russia is a country rich in gastronomy, rich in tastes, and rich in talent for preparing such dishes.


This so-called pelmeni, is really one of the most consumed, both by inhabitants of Russia and by tourists. These are bread dough balls filled with pork, lamb or beef, it all depends on what the consumer wants.

The bread dough is made with the following ingredients: flour, egg, milk (optional), and water. On the other hand, the meat is seasoned as follows: onion, garlic, salt and pepper to taste. It must have 35% filling for it to be a true pelmeni.

This dish, despite the fact that it bears resemblance to those of other countries, is mostly identified in Russia, and is much loved by all its inhabitants.

Beef stroganoff

No, it is not only a well-known dish in China, it is also in the US, Germany, France, and especially in Russia; however, its original country is up for debate. Even so with all this controversy, it is still a typical dish of this great nation.

Its main ingredient is veal, one of the most expensive meats in the world. This is cut into slices or strips, but they are really small and thin. It is seasoned with spicy, mushrooms and sour cream.

Kloteta plo kievski

You may be confused, but no, when reading the term Kiev you may have thought that the dish is typical of Ukraine, but it was really created in the great Moscow.

The main ingredient in this recipe is chicken, and it is used in large chunks. What will be done is to fill the chicken Kiev with enough butter and garlic to taste; it is rolled up, breaded, and voila, to eat.


Its main ingredient is meat, which is identified by being marinated. Shashlik is a type of skewer, which is really delicious. It is mainly prepared by marinating the meat, then placing it on a long toothpick with tomatoes and onions; they are seasoned with salt and pepper, cooked in a frying pan and that’s it, to taste. On the other hand, some people tend to add vinegar and even beer to it.

Typical Russian soups

Soups are another attraction that this country presents, let’s see.


It is mainly identified by its deep red color, a color that really cannot go unnoticed. It is prepared with fresh vegetables, which are ready to eat. It can be served hot or cold, it all depends on the region or the taste of each person. The vegetables he brings are the following: potatoes, carrots, beans, cucumber, cabbage, onion and tomato. In some cases it contains meat, pork or chicken. It is always a perfect complement to accompany it with bread.

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