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GM Pot Model H

The Cecotec GM Model H Cooker is presented in different versions (Model H, Model H DeLuxe and Ovall) and have the same benefits, although different capacities and power, so that we can choose the most suitable for our needs. They are practical, comfortable, and easy to use. If we want to have tasty and varied dishes on the table, and cooked with care and to perfection, there is nothing like being encouraged to buy them! They are inexpensive, and the results are spectacular.

Who is behind the brand? Well, two enterprising brothers, the Orts, Valencians of pure strain who set up their company in 1995, and since then they have not stopped growing. They came to the fore with their magnificent Conga vacuum cleaners, with thousands of vacuum cleaners sold in just the first month, and they manufacture no less than 500 high-quality small appliances. Currently, they are one of the benchmarks of the small appliance because they are also not expensive.

We leave you with a short video where you can see all its features in action. Go ahead!


See here the updated price of the GM Model H Cooker


Capacity and Power 

The Cecotec GM Model H Pot has a large capacity, 6 liters, to be able to prepare recipes in large quantities. The Cecotec GM Pot and the GM DeLuxe have a capacity of 6 liters and a power of 1000W, while the GM H Ovall is larger, it has a capacity of 8 liters and a power of 1300W.

Manufacturing materials

 The Cecotec GM Model H Pot is made of high quality stainless steel, which is resistant, does not scratch and does not transmit odors. Its Excelsior bowl is non-stick.

Main characteristics of the Cecotec GM Model H Pot

The Cecotec GM Model H Pot is a great multifunction kitchen robot that can cook for us without any problem, almost any culinary preparation and faster than you imagine! Among its main characteristics, the following stand out:

  • It has 19 cooking programs, to make starters, pasta, rice, stews, stews, fish, desserts, meats … and much more!
  • Cooking programs: turbo function, poach, pressure cook, simmer, confit, steam, steam, cook, ferment, fry, fry, grill, dessert, rice and pasta.
  • It has 11 adjustable temperatures up to 200ºC to prepare all kinds of recipes, and 5 adjustable pressures, to cook faster.
  • LCD screen with ergonomic and intuitive control panel, in which the complete cooking process is visualized.
  • Function reheating and heat meals
  • Step-by-step voice guided control in and languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, Italian and German.
  • It has an Eprom Memory, which memorizes what we have programmed in case the power goes out
  • It has 15 safety systems to cook under pressure without taking any risk.
  • Accessories included: Excelsior non-stick pail, measuring cup, ladle, baking tray, frying basket. The GM H DeLuxe can be purchased with a SlowPot tray or with a furnace head, as well as the Excelsior tray, common to all models.
  • Built- in precision scale, to accurately measure the food that we deposit in the bucket, to work with the exact amounts in each preparation.
  • Includes an innovative Advance cap, which releases pressure to prevent splashes and accidents.
  • Flip-top lid, which is more convenient to stir and serve, without staining the kitchen
  • Excelsior non-stick pail
  • It can be programmed up to 24 hours, to have the food ready at the desired time.
  • Cook with Eco mode, which saves up to 50% energy.
  • It has an intelligent GMCore system, which adapts the cooking to each preparation, according to the amount of food, so it can cook from one to twelve servings.
  • It includes a recipe book, as well as access to the interactive social community of users, with renewal of weekly recipes from the Cecotec firm.

Advantages of the Cecotec GM Model H Pot

The Cecotec GM Model H Cooker puts into practice, as we have seen, all the new technologies available, to make work in the kitchen easier, so it has innumerable advantages:

  • Its 19 cooking programs have the ability to prepare all kinds of recipes, even breads and desserts, with perfect results.
  • Its adjustable temperatures and pressures allow you to cook in the traditional way, and also faster.
  • Its intelligent GMCore system is perfect for adapting the degree of cooking to each preparation according to the amount of food that we add. This is one of its main advantages, since it can make from one to 12 servings. The preparations will always be ready.
  • Thanks to its built-in scale, we will not make mistakes in the quantities.
  • We will save on the electricity bill, since it is capable of cooking with ECO mode, which saves up to 50% energy.
  • Its 24-hour programming function is perfect to be able to program when we want to have our food ready.

Disadvantages of the Cecotec GM Model H Pot

This pot is truly practical, versatile and very complete. No notable inconvenience has been detected.

Between you and me

The Cecotec GM Model H Cooker, in any of its models, is practical, intuitive, easy to use and very comfortable. You can prepare all kinds of stews, including bread, rice, desserts and ferment, thanks to its 19 cooking programs. It is perfect for people who have to cook very often and for many diners, thanks to its 6-liter and 8-liter capacities of its Excelsior bucket (up to 12 servings), it can even cook individual servings, or whatever we want, using its system. GM Core.

It is very useful for those people who do not have much time to cook but do like good food, and who also do not have much culinary knowledge, this pot does practically everything easily and safely. We just have to program it and voila! We will make recipes like true professionals.


See here the updated price of the GM Model H Cooker


Maybe you are interested

If the Cecotec GM Model H Pot is not what you are looking for, you may be interested in taking a look at the Cecotec GM Model G Pot. Its main characteristic is its size, it has a capacity of ten liters! What does this allow you? Well, cook for the whole family or, if you are a few, prepare a recipe and fill tuppers to forget about cooking for a good season.  

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