Magefesa pots

Magefesa pots remind us of those pots of a lifetime, those that last for years and years and continue like the first day, those that prioritize quality over quantity.

This company began its journey in the late 1940s in northern Spain, since then it has not stopped growing, taking the kitchen to all corners of the world, but what is the best Magefesa pot?

Best Magefesa pots

Magefesa has a large number of kitchen utensils, so deciding which one is the best is not an easy task. For this reason, we have made it for you and here we bring you the 5 best Magefesa pots.

MAGEFESA Nova Pressure cooker

Magefesa is a brand that has always stood out for making quality products, and its Nova pressure cooker is undoubtedly the living example of the essence that the brand acquired from the outset. Its Nova range offers us 3 possibilities: 4L, 6L or both.

As soon as you take it out of the box you realize the quality of its 18/10 stainless steel, being aware that it will last in perfect condition for many years. With a robust appearance, what weighs the most on it is its lid, full of safety systems to prevent accidents.

Pressure sensor, closing and opening safety, working valve and safety valve, which adds to its IMAPCT BONDED BOTTOM background, which allows the heat to be distributed evenly throughout the pot, making it a guaranteed purchase.

If to all of the above we add its official 2-year guarantee and that it works equally well in all types of cookers, yes, even in induction, we have no choice but to congratulate Magefesa for its great work.

MAGEFESA Star Pressure cooker

The Magefesa Star range has broken with all established standards, bringing to the market a collection of pressure cookers with the best quality / price ratio seen to date.

In order to meet the needs of all households, we find it available in 6, 8 and 10L as well as an offer in which we can buy two Magefesa pots (4L and 6L) for a very competitive price.

Everything in these pots is designed under 3 principles: durability, for which they have chosen a high quality 18/10 stainless steel, this being the main component of the pot. The design, standing out for being one of the most beautiful pots thanks to its “soft” design. And finally, offer an inexpensive product that maintains high quality.

In short, a pot that can be used in all types of kitchens, with 3 different types of security systems, and that has a 5-layer diffuser bottom to distribute the heat evenly for this price, is an offer that does not it can be missed.

Magefesa Rapida Dynamic pot

Magefesa has many different products to be able to adapt to all audiences. For those who do not have much time, the Magefesa Dynamic pots are the solution, quality kitchenware that is capable of cooking much faster than other pots.

Magefesa’s Dynamic range is made with stainless steel to improve hygiene and durability in the kitchen, which is accompanied by a good assembly and its official 2-year warranty. In addition, for the price of a single pot we take 2, a 6L and a 3L.

As this Spanish brand is used to , its bottom has a very efficient thermodiffuser that distributes the heat in an ideal way so that the food is made much faster without losing a single iota of flavor. And of course, it is suitable for all types of kitchens.

MAGEFESA Prisma Pressure cooker

With the Magefesa Prisma range we reach a higher level in quality of finishes, care at the time of manufacture and of course, quality. Specifically, this pack of Magefesa pots includes a 4L and a 6L.

To manufacture it, Magefesa has used polished 18/10 stainless steel so that no damage remains anywhere on its surface. The lid is the jewel in the crown of this pot, with 5 safety systems and its simple closing and opening mechanism, it is easier than ever to cook with a pressure cooker.

Both pots are suitable for all types of cookers : ceramic hob, induction, gas … And always with the same result: delicious recipes. This is thanks to its IMPACT BONDED BOTTOM system with which Magefesa ensures that the heat is properly distributed in all situations.

MAGEFESA Astra Pressure cooker

If we talk about the best Magefesa pots, without a doubt we have to place special emphasis on the Magefesa Astra, a true marvel that, honestly, should not be missing in any kitchen.

We found 3 possible purchase options: 4L, 6L or both together. Whichever option you choose, you can be sure that you will notice the quality from the moment you place it on the kitchen counter.

Manufactured from high quality 18/10 stainless steel , the durability of these Magefesa pressure cookers seems not to be measured in years, but in decades. It highlights how easy it is to both use and wash, its 5 safety systems and its IMPACT BONDED BOTTOM base, which distributes heat evenly throughout the pot.

In short, a pot that is really worth it and although its price is slightly higher than the rest of Magefesa pressure cookers, how quiet it is, its simple and safe operation and its quality deserve it.

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