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Cecotec IronMix

The Cecotec IronMix kitchen robot is a great ally in the everyday kitchen. It has 22 cooking functions,   and a series of features that are essential for preparing all kinds of recipes. This robot will delight the most fans of cooking, and also the most gourmets, because it is really easy to make an outstanding recipe with very few steps and in a very intuitive way.

The young Valencian company Cecotec triumphed a few years ago with its magnificent programmable cooking pots. They always bet on the application of the most innovative technologies in small household appliances, and recently they have made the leap to multifunction kitchen robots, with the same philosophy and with excellent results.

Their robots are excellent value for money, with functions very similar to those of considerably more expensive kitchen robots. They are having great success among the most demanding users, for their great performance in the kitchen, and for the ability to prepare very varied recipes, always with impeccable results.

We leave you a short video of everything that this kitchen robot can do.

Regarding where to buy it, you can find it in the usual Internet Marketplaces or directly in the Official Store of the manufacturer. In our opinion, this option is one of the most interesting because in order to have to carry out any post-sale management (warranty, spare parts, any part …) it will always be easier to deal directly with the manufacturer than through intermediaries. Nobody knows Cecotec kitchen robots like Cecotec! In addition, it is possible to find the kitchen robot in the Official Store even at the same price as on other platforms, so it is a very interesting option. It’s up to you!


See here the updated price of the Cecotec Ironmix



It is made of stainless steel, so both the robot and its accessories are easy to clean. Some accessories are made of high-quality plastic.

Capacity and Power

It has a large capacity jug: 3.3 liters, ideal for cooking for 4-6 people. The Cecotec IronMix kitchen robot  has a power of 1500W, so it can successfully perform all the functions for which it is manufactured.

Cecotec IronMix kitchen robot functions

It has 22 cooking functions, in addition to a series of essential features in the kitchen, among which the following could be highlighted:

  • It has the capacity to chop, chop, crush, grind, beat, stir or emulsify.
  • It can perform cooking functions such as boiling, frying, poaching, keeping food warm or cooking in a double boiler. Precision technology, capable of keeping food at its exact cooking temperature, even at low temperatures.
  • Its Turbo Boost function sprays at maximum speed and is ideal for making slushies or sorbets.
  • Its stirring function is one of the most innovative. It is capable of stirring food while cooking, achieving a uniform heating of recipes.
  • It has a steamer for cooking on two levels, capable of preparing two and up to three recipes simultaneously.
  • It has 12 cutting speeds.
  • It has a timer of up to 60 minutes.
  • Double Security Check System security system. Double safety and closure system (one in the jar and one in the robot) to avoid accidents and splashes when preparing hot recipes.
  • Low Gear Technology, a system for cooking at low temperatures and at maximum power.
  • Temperature, degree by degree, from 20ºC to 120ºC.
  • Simple to use temperature, timer and speed control with blue LCD display.
  • Among its accessories, it includes the steamer, blade, butterfly and spatula
  • Includes recipe book.

Advantages of the Cecotec IronMix Food processor

This IronMix kitchen robot from Cecotec is very practical and performs a large number of essential functions in the kitchen without much effort, since it is easy to use. Its main advantages include the following:

  • Its 22 cooking functions   include much of the necessary culinary tasks, saving the use of other kitchen utensils.
  • The stirring function is one of the most noteworthy, since the robot stirred while cooking, ensuring uniform heating of the recipes. It is ideal for preparing dishes such as rice pudding, béchamel sauce or risottos, achieving the perfect texture.
  • Great precision in any type of processing, especially in processing at low temperatures
  • Possibility of preparing very healthy and low-fat dishes, thanks to the steamer.
  • Its emulsifying function is very useful for preparing various sauces, mayonnaise and dressings.
  • Great precision in any type of cooking, especially in its poaching functions or applying low temperatures, since the most difficult recipes are always ready.
  • It is a very easy to use and very intuitive robot. It is not at all complex in its daily handling.
  • Excellent value for money in relation to the functions it performs
  • Its double security system, which uses the latest technologies, is ideal to avoid splashes and burns in the kitchen

Disadvantages of the Cecotec IronMix Food processor

Not many drawbacks have been detected, perhaps for more advanced users, it is missing that it has a precision scale.

Between you and me

The Cecotec IronMix Kitchen Robot is an easy-to-use and very intuitive robot that performs with total professionalism  many of the most essential cooking functions for everyday cooking. Its simplicity makes it possible for any user who is not familiar with new technologies to know how to get the most out of all its functions. 

Perhaps for professionals, or for chefs with advanced culinary knowledge, its features are more limited, but for the day-to-day kitchen it is one of the most complete robots on the market.

For the most novice in the kitchen, its great precision in cooking and preparation at low temperatures stands out, when it comes to preparing somewhat more complicated recipes, such as sophisticated stews or some more elaborate desserts and sauces. It has an excellent value for money given its varied features and cooking functions, compared to other more sophisticated robots, but for which we will need a higher budget.


See here the updated price of the Cecotec Ironmix


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If this Cecotec IronMix kitchen robot is not the one you were looking for, you may be interested in looking at the characteristics of the Bosch AutoCook Kitchen Robot , it is a premium brand kitchen robot with a power of 1,200w and 5 liters of capacity, perfect for large families . It is a very complete and easy-to-use robot, also at a more than competitive price in relation to its many functions.

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