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Moulinex Maxichef Advanced

The Moulinex Maxichef Advanced kitchen robot  is a complete appliance for cooking and preparing dishes in a simple way and with extraordinary results. Moulinex is a brand of kitchen appliances with a long history in the market, prestigious and fully trusted by the user. Always at the forefront of new technologies and features, this brand of household appliances makes life easier in the kitchen.

This robot model has 45 cooking programs that include a wide variety of techniques, from steaming to frying, stewing and baby food, among others. It is very versatile to prepare varied cooking recipes. This Maxichef Advanced Kitchen Robot  is very complete and  easy to use, with very intuitive functions and programs, so as not to waste time in the kitchen and obtain the best results.

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The Moulinex Maxichef Advanced  robot is made of high quality aluminum and with a very resistant and long-lasting non-stick coating.

Capacity and Power

Its maximum cooking capacity is 5 liters (3-4 people). It is ideal for families with 2 children, or people who share a flat, since its capacity is medium, for a maximum of 4 people. Its power is 750w, and it is enough to cook recipes for 4 people.

Special Features

The Maxichef Advanced Food Processor   has the following kitchen functions:

  • It has 45 cooking programs, among which the baked ones, the fried ones, the cooking, the stews, the sauces, the creams, and even the reheated ones can be highlighted.
  • Thanks to its spherical bowl technology, the degree of cooking of the food will be adjusted to each culinary preparation. This is undoubtedly one of the most valued functions among users, since the dishes will always remain homogeneous in temperature and perfect in their degree of doneness.
  • The robot has features to be able to prepare stews and stews, rice, desserts, creams, soups and even baby food, among many other dishes.
  • Its new Fuzzy Logic technology automatically calculates the cooking parameters so that it is always suitable for the chosen recipe.
  • Innovative and practical function that allows you to keep food warm after cooking. Thus, our recipe will remain at the ideal temperature until it is time to consume the food. Its warm keeping program lasts 24 hours.
  • Integrated control panel, which is activated by simple buttons with an LED screen (data display). With this control panel, the Moulinex Maxichef Advanced robot is easy to operate.
  • It has technology to reheat, start, stop, turn off, keep warm, time or adjust the temperature.
  • The DIY option (do it yourself) that allows you to adjust the temperature, the time, the cooking programs, as well as memorize your own recipes.
  • Visible cooking design, so the Moulinex Maxichef Advanced robot is very comfortable and safe, since you can control how food is cooked, without having to open its lid. In addition, it has a removable vapor protector. This robot allows you to cook with or without a lid, and it opens with a single click, to facilitate the introduction of more ingredients when needed, in a totally safe way.

Advantages of the  Moulinex Maxichef Advanced food processor

  • One of its main advantages is its spherical bowl technology, which distributes heat evenly, to prepare delicious dishes at the right cooking point, since the heat is adjusted to each preparation.
  • Its control panel and integrated LED screen allow programming the robot in a very simple and intuitive way.
  • Its visible design will make it possible to check the cooking status of food at a glance, without having to reprogram or open the lid.
  • Possibility of keeping food hot for a maximum of 24 hours and in perfect consumption condition.
  • Practical and easy to open, assemble and disassemble, with a functional handle for easy transport.
  • Easy to wash parts (manual or dishwasher safe)
  • Very useful accessories that help with the task of cooking, such as a steamer basket, spatula, measuring cup and recipe book.

Disadvantages of the  Moulinex Maxichef Advanced food processor

If it is necessary to speak of disadvantages, only one is detected that, in addition, can become another advantage to be added.

  • The recipe book that it includes is very limited (only 30 recipes) although its programs allow us to design and prepare our own cooking recipes.

Between you and me

The Moulinex Maxichef Advanced kitchen robot offers everything that may interest us to prepare cooking recipes that are delicious, at the right cooking point, and varied. It is very easy to use, and it is ideal for families with children because it is safe, allows you to monitor cooking at all times, thanks to its visible cooking design, and keeps food hot for up to 24 hours and in perfect consumption conditions , which is very suitable for people who have limited time to eat.

In addition, it is a robot that is easy to assemble and disassemble, and has parts that can be washed in the dishwasher, or by hand. Many users who have already tried it highlight the ease of use, and its great versatility to be able to prepare a large number of foods, sauces and desserts.

Its spherical bowl technology to distribute the cooking evenly, as well as the wide variety of cooking programs (up to 45), its panel with simple buttons and integrated LED display and its visible design to control the cooking of food, the ease of use, as well as a very reasonable price taking into account its features, make Moulinex Maxichef Advanced one of the most popular and demanded kitchen robots on the market.

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