How to cook noodles? And what are its benefits

Noodles are considered one of the easiest dishes to make. They are made by almost everyone due to the speed of cooking that they present, a maximum of 5 minutes. You can accompany them with various sauces or dressings.

They are also wonderful if you mix them with soups and consommés. Clearly this will depend on the type of noodle you are preparing, since not all have the same cooking.

I show you the best way in which you can prepare the types of noodles.

How to cook wheat or egg noodles?

These are known as Noodles, they are originally from Thai cuisine. They are highly recognized for their flavor and texture, which differentiate them from other industrial products.

They are long noodles with yellow tones, you can find them ready to prepare, or if you wish, make them in your own home.


  1. You should bring water to boil in a large saucepan, and the heat should be at high temperature.
  2. Add a pinch of salt, this allows the noodles to get a little flavor.
  3. Add them when the water is boiling ; Take into account that if they turn out to be very long and thin, you should cut them in half. I recommend that you do not add them until you confirm that the water is really boiling, because if you add them before they will be watery and soft.
  4. Everything will depend on the thickness of the noodles, but these usually last between 5 to 12 minutes so that they are tender.
  5. You have to taste the noodles to make sure they are done, you will know if they are soft enough to bite into but still a bit hard. Another way to test it is to throw a noodle at the wall, if it is ready it will stick to it.
  6. You have to strain the noodles once they are ready.
  7. Put them in a bowl and add several drops of olive oil.
  8. Add the companion you want.

Generally these noodles are usually eaten alone or with butter, pepper, salt and olive oil, but you can also use it as a side or add it to a soup.

How to cook rice noodles?

There are different versions of this type of noodle, but they have a characteristic woody white color, almost translucent. It does not have a very marked flavor, but I recommend them as accompaniments for stews, stir-fries or soups.

Believe it or not, many people make mistakes in preparing them, so I will explain the best way to make them.


  1. You should soak the noodles in cold water for at least 30 minutes. This in order that they can be softened before preparing them.
  2. Strain the noodles that were in cold water.
  3. Boil a pot with plenty of water.
  4. Add the rice noodles to the boiling water. Take into account that these noodles tend to cook very easily, so once they are soft, remove them.
  5. Place it in a colander to remove the hot water, once they are ready.
  6. Proceed to serve the rice noodles.

You can find two types of rice noodles in the market; in a block presentation (these last 5 minutes) and vermicelli- style rice noodles (their preparation time is only 2 minutes).

I recommend that you prepare dishes such as: sautéed rice noodles with chicken and chicken noodle salad.

If you are interested in learning how to cook noodles, this is the article for you; here you will find the different types and how to make them Look!

How to cook mung bean noodles?

This type is known as ‘ ‘ glass noodles ”, their hue is transparent due to the fact that they are made with mung bean starch. They do not have their own flavor, they absorb the flavor that you provide them.

I recommend that you consume them in salads or while they are hot, sautéed with vegetables and even in fondues. These are the ones they use to fill the spring rolls.


  1. Bring a pot of water to a boil.
  2. Once the water is boiling, remove the pot from the heat and let it sit for a while. The most important thing you should know is that these noodles cannot boil, just soak them in hot water.
  3. Add the noodles to the hot water, leave them in for about 15 to 20 minutes, or until they are soft enough.
  4. Strain the noodles to release all the excess hot water.
  5. Serve them on a plate.

If you consume 100 grams of this noodle, you will be assimilating: 351 calories, 86.1 grams of carbohydrates, it does not present protein, it has no fiber, it has 13.42 grams of water and 10 milligrams of sodium.

How to cook buckwheat noodles?

They are also called soba noodles, they have a lot of presence in Japanese gastronomy, but they also maintain a firm step in Western gastronomy. They have a fairly dark hue and are extremely slim. I recommend that you consume them in winter, they provide you with a lot of heat, energy and protein.


  1. Bring a container of water and a pinch of salt to boil.
  2. Be careful when you go to drop the noodles into the water.
  3. Wait a while for the water to boil.
  4. To prevent the noodles from overcooking, add a cup of cold water to the pot.
  5. It will take about 5 to 7 minutes for the noodles to be done and fully tender.
  6. Pass the noodles through a strainer.
  7. Soak them briefly in plain water so they don’t overcook.
  8. Serve them.

I recommend that you consume this type of noodles with grilled fish or that are lightly seasoned. You can also prepare this dish with vegetables.

They are highly recommended for the great contributions it has for your cardiovascular health. In 100 grams that you consume, you will get: calcium (18mg), magnesium (230mg), fats (3.3mg), fiber (17), proteins (13g) and carbohydrates (62g).

Benefits of consuming noodles

  • It is rich in carbohydrates, and they provide you with a lot of energy.
  • It allows you to lower cholesterol levels in the blood.
  • They are sources of glucose, this is the main food for the brain.
  • You feel the sensation of fullness, which prevents you from anxiety.
  • Wholegrain pasta is highly recommended for people who are on dietary treatments.
  • You do not get fat.
  • Its preparation is very easy.
  • They are involved in the metabolism of triglycerides.
  • You can get this product in any supermarket.
  • You can accompany it with any meal.
  • It can be placed as a main dish.
  • Regulate your blood sugar levels.

Noodles are a very soft food, although their cooking method can vary depending on the type; And as you could see, the benefits they bring to your life and health are multiple.

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