Cecotec Rock and Grill

Cecotec is one of those brands that never disappoints, when you least expect it, they have a new product that you did not know and that you have no choice but to try. This time we are talking about Cecotec Rock and Grill plates, do you want to know everything about them? Here we tell you!

Cecotec Rock and Grill 700W

The Cecotec Rock and Grill 700W grill is the smallest in the house, and therefore the most economical. But do not be fooled by its potency, as its results are on the same level as its older sisters.

To assist its small engine, its entire interior is covered in Rockstone, a non-stick material that makes both using and washing it much easier.

Some of its positive points are its cold-touch handle, its light on the top that alerts you when your food is ready and its compact and very light design.

On the other hand, it also has some shortcomings, for example it lacks automatic shutdown.

Cecotec Rock and Grill 750W

Cecotec also has a slightly higher Rock and Grill model, reaching up to 750W. However, this is not the only difference from the previous grill.

Both the interior lining and the operation are identical, however, the 750W model has a 180º opening that allows the use of both sides of the grill. In addition, its floating top plate system allows you to adapt the width of the grill as much as you need.

Its main advantages are its toxic-free ecological coating, its simplicity and its design, with the adjustable top plate.

Its main negative point is that, like its little sister, it does not have any button, neither to turn on and off nor to regulate. Instead, when you plug it in it starts working and stops when you unplug it.

Cecotec Rock and Grill 1000W

The next model in the Cecotec Rock and Grill range is the 1000W model, a power that is not negligible. This grill sits midway between the ones that are more powerful and the ones we’ve seen so far.

This Contact Grill electric grill has all the advantages that the previous plates had: RockStone coating, non-slip base, compact design … But one of the points that makes it more interesting is its large kitchen surface.

Among the advantages of this Cecotec Rock and Grill 1000W are its built-in grease collection box, the possibility of modifying the height of the upper plate and how easy it is to clean it.

The disadvantages of this grill are mainly that the power cannot be regulated and that it does not have an on / off button.

Cecotec Rock and Grill 1500W

With the Cecotec Rock and Grill 1500W rapid we are approaching the top of the pyramid of the Rock and Grill range. This brings together the most important features of the previous models and has some new ones.

Among the novelties of this Cecotec electric iron, its rapid heating stands out, with which we can have the iron at maximum power in a very short time.

The main advantages of this Contact Grill are its floating top plate, which allows you to insert all kinds of food, its large cooking area and its modern, compact and light design.

Again, its biggest disadvantage is its simplicity, it has no way of regulating power.

Cecotec Rock and Grill 2000W

To conclude, the top-of-the-range griddle of the Cecotec Rock and Grill saga, its 2000W model. Although its price is slightly higher than the rest of the models, it surpasses them in all aspects: quality, versatility, functionalities

Unlike all previous models, Cecotec has included a temperature regulator so that we can vary the temperature according to our needs. In addition, it still has a floating top plate, so we can cook all kinds of food regardless of its size.

The main positive points of this griddle are its power, enough to cook everything you can imagine, its 180º opening, which allows you to double the cooking area and its warning system when the food is ready.

If we talk about its disadvantages, or the only thing we can say is that for some jobs (steaks and other very large meats) it is too small.

Which one should you choose?

There really is no perfect purchase option that works for everyone, so it is important to take a good look at all the details of these appliances to choose the correct one. Since they are all quite similar, you may be wondering which one is the best for you.

If you haven’t made up your mind yet, here are some final tips so you can make the perfect purchase:

  • If you like sandwitchs, the first model can be completely discarded. Its top plate is not floating, so putting two slices of bread inside the griddle is going to be a real achievement. Instead, you can choose any of the other models.
  • Power is always fine, but the smartest thing to do is pay only for the watts you need. If you only plan to use it from time to time or for things that do not require a great power to cook, I would opt for one of the models of 1000W or less. If, on the other hand, you want to use it a lot, I would consider buying the 1500 or 2000W.
  • The main problem with these plates is their size, not at all comparable to classic kitchen plates. Therefore, if you want an iron that also allows you to cook for the whole family, I would definitely go for the 750 or 2000W, which are the ones that have the option of opening 180º and using both sides of the iron.
  • Of course, the price is always a factor that we must take into account when making any purchase. Although all Cecotec Rock and Grill plates have very similar prices, the 1000 and 1500W plates are the ones with the best quality / price ratio.

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