Typical dishes of Catalonia

The typical dishes of Catalonia are based on the Mediterranean diet. Therefore, they incorporate different products from the garden and the sea. Of course, and like all Spanish cuisine. Catalan gastronomy stands out not only at the national level. Also internationally.

Typical food of Catalonia: Its most traditional dishes

There is a great variety of traditional Catalan foods. Its typical dishes range from sauces to fish, seafood and desserts. Regarding drinks, Catalonia stands out for its winemaking tradition.

Cava del Penedés is the favorite to accompany many of the most popular dishes. The sweet liquor known as ratafia, is also very traditional in this area.

In any case, the important thing to mention is that Catalan cuisine is homemade. Full of flavors and in which fresh and high quality products are used.

These are the most popular typical dishes of Catalonia

We show you below some of the most typical and traditional dishes of Catalonia. You will discover that all of them have the quality to be considered as typical dishes of Spain.

Escudella i carn d’olla

It is considered the best Catalan spoon dish. Of course it is one of the most traditional foods in Catalonia. In its preparation the “pilotas” are used, which are a kind of load meatballs that are characterized by their elongated shape.

Ingredients such as meat, egg, garlic, as well as vegetables and pot meats are required for its preparation . In fact, escudella is the soup that is made with the broth that results from cooking all the ingredients.

Both the vegetables and the pot meats are served as a second course. This is the reason why this dish is known as escudella i carn d’olla.

Pa Amb Tomàquet

It is also another of the typical foods of Catalonia, although it is also prepared in other cities in Spain. Its preparation is simple, as it requires few ingredients. In addition, it is often prepared to accompany any Catalan dish.

Usually the ingredients used include tomato, olive oil, salt, bread, and optionally garlic. All you do is cut the bread into slices, which can be toasted.

Then the tomatoes are cut in half and to give it more flavor, a little garlic is rubbed on the slice. Then half the tomato is spread on the bread and a little olive oil is added to the bread.

To finish, salt is added to the slice. It can be accompanied with some cheese, Serrano ham, or other sausages.

Butifarra amb mongetes

It is a traditional Catalan dish that is prepared with grilled raw sausage and mongetes. The mongetes, by the way, are nothing more than beans or white beans, and they certainly add a very characteristic flavor to the food.

For its preparation, a raw sausage, mongetes or white beans are necessary, as well as parsley, garlic, sweet paprika and a little salt. The sausage can be grilled or grilled.

In addition, in a frying pan you should sauté the mongetes and when they are ready, add the parsley and minced garlic. Optionally you can incorporate a little sweet paprika.

To finish you add a little olive oil, salt and then sauté for a couple of minutes until lightly toasted.

Veal fricandó, one of the typical dishes of Catalonia

In this case, it is a beef fillet stew that is called Fricandó. It is often a typical dish that is served with mushrooms, although chanterelles or senderuelas can also be used.

In its preparation, ingredients such as ripe tomatoes, onion, bay leaves, white wine, wheat flour and salt are required. It all starts with soaking the senderuelas in warm water.

Then you have to season and flour the veal. Olive oil is heated in a frying pan and then the fillets are fried. After this the fillets are reserved and in a saucepan the grated onion is browned over medium heat.

Add the peeled tomatoes and cook everything together, mixing until smooth. Then the veal is incorporated and left in the sauce for a minute. Then the wine and bay leaf are added.

Then the meat is covered with water, the senderuelas are added with a little salt. All of this is simmered for at least an hour.

The suquet de peix

To finish, this is a typical Catalan dish, very popular on the Catalan and Valencian coast. It is prepared with varied rock fish, which is used for the broth. Medium Sardinian is also required, in addition to ripe tomatoes, garlic, onions, potatoes, almonds, and olive oil.

The broth is prepared with rock fish, bay leaves and onion. At the same time it is necessary to clean and slice the Sardinians. Then, in a saucepan, you need to fry the chopped onion, tomatoes and garlic.

When the sauce is dry, add the broth and let it poach again. The potatoes are peeled into slices and added to the stir-fry. It is covered with the broth and salt is added.

The Sardinians are incorporated shortly before the potatoes are cooked. Then add the garlic, parsley and the chopped almonds.

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