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Recipe books are essential, everyone should have one. After all, they are an incredible way to learn from true professionals who have been in the kitchen for many years, but what is the best recipe book?

There are thousands of cookbooks, but so you don’t spend hours looking for one that suits your needs, we’ve selected the 5 best cookbooks currently available.

1000 Gold Recipes

Who does not know Karlos Arguiñano? We could even say that he is the most famous, beloved and best valued chef in Spain. He has been in the kitchen for more than 50 years, and as a result of his experience this book has emerged, the 100 Golden Recipes by Karlos Arguiñano.

A book of more than 700 pages full of recipes that Karlos himself has selected one by one, and it shows. The book is imbued with that positive and characteristic attitude of the chef who has made us smile so many times on television.

Without a doubt, a great book, bound with a hard cover to withstand many years of cooking, full of delicious recipes that you will be wanting to try as soon as you read the first and above all, very simple, so that even newbies in the kitchen can enjoy of this art in the same way that Karlos does.

Mother kitchen: Simple and traditional recipes to cook at home

Although he is less well known than Karlos Arguiñano, Joan Roca is considered one of the best chefs in the world, so we can only expect a great cookbook from him.

In his book Mother kitchen: Simple and traditional recipes for cooking at home, he has managed to gather the best 80 recipes that one can imagine. All of them, from the experience and affection that only a chef like Joan Roca can have towards the kitchen.

In it there are all kinds of dishes : starters, fish, meat, eggs, vegetables, sweets … Divided into 3 types of recipes: those of a lifetime, adaptations to current cuisine (reduced in fat …) and other recipes that he himself called evolutions to classic recipes.

In short, a very complete book and suitable for all types of cooks, since as it says in the description, they are recipes without complications or technicalities.

1080 cooking recipes

If we talk about cookbooks, we have to talk without a doubt about 1080 cooking recipes by Simone Ortega, a true reference in the world of cooking that has more than 3 million copies sold.

It is probably one of the best-selling cookbooks in Spain, if not in the world. All the recipes that it includes are created with great care, and it shows on every page.

The result? It has earned a place on the shelves of millions of homes and the praise of the most important chefs out there.

This time, a “pocket” edition, much cheaper and with a new binding and design, more adapted to what we expect today from a cookbook.

Family food

What can we say about Ferran Adrià? A respected chef who has been awarded 3 Michelin stars and who has always shown a great passion for cooking.

His recipe book goes further, it is not a simple instruction manual that tells you the amounts of the ingredients. Instead, we could say that you have created a Cooking Guide.

Among its pages you will find 31 healthy menus that you can make in your day to day, but it also complements it with very valuable advice on how to organize yourself in the kitchen. All this, with hundreds of photos so you can see both the recipes and the tricks that only an experienced cook knows.

In conclusion, a fundamental book, essential to learn to cook healthier and more varied and above all, learn to make the most of time in the kitchen, enjoying this passion and taking advantage of every minute we spend with the stove, therefore, many rate it as the best cookbook.

Make Eating: The Best Recipes

Making Eating is a recipe book that, although it hasn’t been on the market for long , has already won the affection of all its readers. This work of modern cuisine comes from the hand of Dani García, a chef endorsed by his 3 Michelin stars.

His book has a clear objective: to bring quality cuisine to every home. For this, it relies on 80 recipes selected with special care so that they are easy to make, with ingredients that we all have at home and, even more importantly, that they are delicious.

Dani García has achieved a fairly balanced book, some already consider it as one of those essentials that must be in all kitchens to have a tasty, varied and healthy diet.

Why have at least one recipe book at home?

It is always said that each house has to have a recipe book, which is essential, but why? Here you can see 3 reasons why you should have at least one recipe book in your kitchen:

  • Recipe books are the instruments thanks to which we enjoy many recipes today, why not continue with that tradition?
  • They are the ideal way to get closer to what it would be like to taste a dish prepared by one of the most sought-after chefs in the world without leaving our room.
  • There is nothing like the experience of someone who has the kitchen in his veins and who has been cooking since he can remember to show us his best tricks.

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