Kitchen Scales Buying Guide

Still don’t have a kitchen scale at home? The truth is that kitchen scales are one of the most essential products that you should have in your kitchen, because they are tremendously useful for measuring and hitting the portions.

Although it is true, it is not only a thing of diabetic people, because although they have to measure very carefully the portions of the food they eat in order not to overdo it, the truth is that it is useful for all people equally. And then we will tell you why.

Best kitchen scales

In this guide, our goal is to tell you about the best kitchen scales, but not before telling you why you need them. It is important that you have at least one in your kitchen for these reasons:

  • They allow you to correctly measure the amounts of food
  • They are great for diets
  • You will not throw food again

By means of kitchen scales, it is over with following recipes badly. Thanks to the scale you will be able to measure the quantities of your recipes, without having to take any ingredient by eye. It is a way to save time and money from now on, because with this investment, all the new recipes you make will be great.

Sure, kitchen scales are great for dieting too. If you do some type of diet in which you cannot exceed X calories a day to achieve your goal, you will need to carefully measure the food you eat. For example, 50 grams of oatmeal, 30 grams of cereals, etc. To follow it strictly, you cannot measure by eye, but you must be guided by what the scale tells you. Also, if you do it the first few times, then it will be much easier for you to know how to calculate it.

It also helps you stop throwing away your food, because you won’t have to keep doing “more” because of not calculating the proportions well. Because although it is better than what is missing, sometimes we tend to spend ourselves making food due to the laziness of measuring the glasses that we pour out of rice, pasta, etc. This way, the amounts can be exact whenever you cook. By not throwing away food, you will also contribute to caring for the environment and save money.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you need kitchen scales. If you still don’t have one at home, it’s already taking time to get hold of some of the best. In addition, they are on Amazon at a very attractive price, so they are great both for you and as gifts. A gift ten for anyone.

Now, let’s get to know the best kitchen scales once and for all:

GPSIEN kitchen scale

The GPISEN brand kitchen scale is one  of Amazon’s bestsellers right now and also the most valued. Coincidentally, it is the one I have in my house and I can guarantee that it works very well. I have been with it for several years and it works like the first day, it is fast, precise and aesthetically attractive. Very resistant and of quality.

In terms of its features, it is small / medium in size 18 x 14 x 1.8 cm and can weigh up to 5,000 grams (11 pounds). It hardly takes up space and you can store it practically anywhere, and even leave it resting vertically in the kitchen, against the wall.

It comes with an interesting 2-minute auto-off function to save energy. It is made of stainless steel and is durable and easy to clean. As you will see, it has an LCD screen where it tells you the results of what you are measuring and you can quickly convert between g-kg-lb-oz-ml-milk / ml.

To make it work, you will only have to insert 2 AAA batteries, which are also included. The warranty is 2 years.

Camry kitchen scales

The manufacturer Camry also makes available to users a kitchen scale with an original design and it works, at a great price.

It is a very precise digital kitchen scale, which comes with high precision sensors and allows a maximum weight of 11 pounds, 5 kilos of capacity.

It has an interesting function to correctly weigh the volume of liquids by calculating the net weight of the ingredients and subtracting that of the cup.

The design is attractive and of quality, with anti-fingerprint stainless steel. It is easy to maintain and clean, making it ideal to have kitchen scales for many years, as it will remain as the first day for a long time. In addition, it hardly takes up space.

It also incorporates the 2.3 * 1.1 inch LCD screen in lb, oz, g, ml and fl. oz. And it has an automatic shutdown function if not used in 1 minute. One of the best you’ll see on Amazon and at an excellent price. Available in many colors.

Etekcity kitchen scale

Etekcity also makes available to users one of the best kitchen scales that you can buy right now on Amazon.

With the amount of models that are available it can be difficult to choose, but it is also great and recommended. It is versatile and has a size of 18 x 14 x 1.8 and weighs 5 grams, being able to weigh up to a total of 11 pounds, which is 5 kilos of capacity. It takes up little space and is easy to store anywhere.

It can calculate the weight of the ingredients by subtracting the weight of the bowl and offers the auto shut-off function in 2 minutes to save energy. Features similar to previous kitchen scales, so there is not much difference in this regard.

Regarding the design, it is attractive and being made of quality stainless steel , it offers durability and you will have a product for many years.

It is easy to use and you can quickly convert between g / ml / oz / lb’oz and get the results from the LCD screen. Plus, it’s backlit and even shows low battery.

To put it to work, you only need 2 AAA batteries which in this case are included.

Pritech kitchen scales

If you are looking for a somewhat different scale for your kitchen, you may be interested in the Pritech model .

We have this digital scale available in 2 formats, rectangular or round. The truth is that the round draws attention because it differs more from the appearance of the previous ones, but it is still attractive. Especially if you are looking for something similar.

The design is sustainable, since it is made of bamboo-type wood. It is physically attractive and will look great in your kitchen. Especially since it is not too big, but it has an ideal size at 18.5 x 18.5 x 2 cm.

You can use it on a daily basis and whenever you want to measure the food ingredients you want, liquid and solid. To do this, use the gram, pound, ounce, and kilogram measurements . It can weigh up to 5 kg just like previous models.

Through the digital screen you can see the results. It has a 2-year warranty and is one of the most interesting models of kitchen scales that you will find on the market, especially if you want it of the bamboo or round type. It’s very original!

Etekcity Kitchen Scale with Removable Bowl

You could say that before kitchen scales were of this type, or at least some. This model from Etekcity is a very attractive type of digital scale that incorporates a removable bowl (mixing bowl) at the bottom of 2.15 liters for more uses.

Like the other models, it has a capacity of 11 lbs, which is 5 kg maximum and with high measurement sensors, so that the results are totally accurate. The result is shown through the LCD screen having blue backlight, where data measurements are indicated in kg (g), lb (oz), ° C and ° F.

This scale from the manufacturer Etekcity stands out for its design, because it is retro, elegant and classic. But above all, very attractive, so it will look great in any kitchen. It is of high quality, made of stainless steel for a long life.

It is multifunctional in the sense that it also includes a temperature sensor and an alarm, so you can manage everything from there. And it also incorporates tare and auto zero functions, so you can measure ingredients reliably and easily.

It works with 2 AAA batteries included.

Diyife kitchen scale

Finally, we want to tell you about another of the quality kitchen scales at a good price that you will find on Amazon. It is about this Diyife model .

It is similar to previous kitchen scales and has significant advantages. The design is attractive, simple and it is made of high-quality material, stainless steel and an environmentally friendly ABS body. So it is safe, easy to clean, and durable. Also fine, to be able to store it well anywhere.

It allows to measure a maximum of 5 kg and the precision is 1 gram. So you can measure very small things such as kitchen ingredients but also jewelry, medicines, fruits, meat and other items, to weigh using different weight units ml / oz / g / lb.oz, and thanks to quick readings.

It’s one of the kitchen scales that offers a 45-day refund if you’re not satisfied, as well as a 12-month warranty service. It runs on 2 included AAA batteries and the fully charged battery can last 3 months or more thanks to the smart auto-off function.

As you can see, the best kitchen scales are on Amazon. We have listed some of the main ones, the most sold, popular and best valued by the entire user community. They are all of excellent and durable quality and are fabulous value for money. Ideal for you to have a digital scale for many years.

Which of all these kitchen scales do you prefer? And if after cooking you have food left over, remember that the best option is to vacuum pack it in the fridge or freezer!

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