Vacuum sealers: revolution in the kitchen


We have all ever bought vacuum packed food, or heard of this kind of food preservation. Until a few years ago, vacuum packaging in our own home was something that was not on people’s minds. Thanks to the advancement of technology, now anyone can enjoy the best vacuum sealer, in the comfort of their home.

But what are the advantages of vacuum packing machines? And how exactly do they work? If you plan to buy one of these instruments, here is a perfect guide to information and features.


The vacuum sealer is a machine that allows you to keep your food in good condition for a longer time, without using chemicals. You can preserve meat, fish, vegetables, and even foods with a certain percentage of liquid.

Domestic packaging machines have a different structure than industrial ones. They are usually elongated in shape, and their main component is the suction mouth. They also include a sealing line, so that none of the product spills out and the packaging is effective.

Today, there are numerous designs on the market, for the consumer to choose the one that best suits their way of life. We can find more traditional designs, in colors such as gray or black, to more modern and striking designs, with colors such as red.

The main function of a vacuum sealer is to remove the air from the bag where the product is stored. But if you have one at home, or you are considering the purchase, you need to know how it works.

It is a simple procedure, where the machine does all the work. The only thing the person does is place the food in the bag, and adjust it to the machine.


  1. A bag should be available to store food. The food you want to pack is introduced into the bag. This packaging can also be done with plastic rolls. The advantage of using plastic rolls instead of packaging bags is that you adjust the size of the roll to the food to be packaged. The bags have a set size, and may that may not always cover the product.
  2. With the food prepared in its bag, the packaging machine is opened and the bag is adjusted to the suction mouth.
  3. Once it is properly adjusted, the packaging machine is closed, and the button is pressed to start the process. The suction mouth begins to remove all the air that is in the bag.
  4. When the machine has expelled all the air from the bag, it automatically seals it. Some packaging machines have a seal-only device . This helps us to manufacture packaging bags.

We leave you a short video where you can see perfectly how one of the best vacuum packers works.

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