Typical dishes of Salamanca

The typical dishes of Salamanca are yet another reason why you should visit this municipality in northwestern Spain. Like the typical dishes of Toledo, the gastronomy of Salamanca is very varied and is based mainly on pork meat and cereals.

We invite you to discover the most popular foods in Salamanca. Also, a bit of the characteristics of its gastronomy. So prepare your favorite recipe book because you will surely want to prepare some of these traditional dishes at home.

Characteristics of the gastronomy of Salamanca: Its typical dishes

The gastronomy of Salamanca is nourished by the abundance of cereals, hams and sausages. In addition, it is a privileged region in terms of its livestock, from which a great variety of cheeses is also produced.

In fact, it can be said that a large part of the traditional dishes of Salamanca are meat. The pigs are even fed with acorns and chestnuts that are produced in the fields.

Thanks to this, in the municipality there is a great abundance of sausages and hams. Therefore it is common to find popular dishes with meat ingredients such as chorizo ​​cular, or longaniza de Salamanca.

A typical Salamanca meal can also include greens and vegetables. Mainly the dishes that incorporate chickpeas, beans, even lentils are usually cooked.

What are the most typical dishes of Salamanca?

As you have seen, the gastronomy of Salamanca focuses in a special way on meat products. But that does not mean that all the popular foods of Salamanca have a similar flavor.

Here we present some of the most popular typical dishes of Salamanca.


Contrary to what one might think, the Hornazo is not a pie filled with meats, although it certainly seems that way. It is in fact one of the most traditional dishes in Salamanca.

It is basically a slightly flaky dough, which is filled with chorizo, bait ham and marinated pork loin. Zamora loose flour is often used to prepare this dough, which is mixed with lard.

Something characteristic of this popular Salamanca meal is that the dough must be left cold for between 14 to 18 hours. This is done in order to stop the yeast fermentation.

Potatoes revolconas: One of the most popular typical dishes of Salamanca

Due to its popularity, this could well be considered one of the typical dishes of Spain. It is often called wiggled or wagged, due to the way it is prepared. That is, the cooked potatoes are stirred in a casserole using a wooden spoon.

The revolconas potatoes are made with potatoes, bay leaf, paprika, oil and a little salt. It is common that in some bars in the region this dish is accompanied by bacon, chorizo, or pork rinds.


Chanfaina is also one of the most popular typical dishes of Salamanca. It is a traditional food from Salamanca, with Arab and Jewish influences. Rice, meat and cooked lamb’s blood are used in its preparation, as well as paprika, chilli, garlic and bay leaf.

First, the meat is prepared, which is placed in a pressure cooker so that it cooks faster. At the same time, the sauce is cooked with the onions and garlic, as well as the paprika.

The previously washed rice is incorporated into the sauce and when the meat is ready, it is cut into pieces and incorporated directly into the rice with the vegetables. The blood is then chopped into squares and added to the pot with a little salt and pepper.

Lemon Serrano

In this case it is a salad that is often prepared for breakfast on Holy Thursdays in Salamanca. The dish is served cold, although there are different variations in which cold cuts are incorporated, including fish and wine.

The traditional recipe is prepared with egg, orange, lemon, as well as tuna, chorizo, oil, vinegar and a little salt. The egg should be cooked in boiling water for a maximum of 20 minutes.

At the same time, the lemon and orange are peeled, and then cut into wedges. Then they are placed on a plate and the boiled and chopped egg is added. The thinly sliced ​​chorizo ​​is also added.

To finish, add the tuna and mix everything perfectly. Add the salt, oil and vinegar.

Guijuelo ham

Guijuelo ham is actually a typical product of Salamanca. With this ham you can prepare delicious starters and possibly the best canapes. It is also known that Guijuelo ham contributes to reducing cholesterol, in addition to being a rich source of calcium, vitamin C and iron.

Some of the dishes that can be prepared with Guijuelo ham include:

  • The poached egg with ham in two textures.
  • The ham toast with figs.
  • The melon skewers with ham.
  • The ham and burrata rolls.

Ledesma donuts

If you plan to visit Salamanca soon and want to try its typical foods, you cannot miss the Rosquillas de Ledesma. It is a sweet that is made in the form of small donuts using mainly flour, eggs, sugar and lard.

For its preparation, the eggs, milk, anise and sugar are placed in a bowl. All this is mixed with rods and later the lard and butter are incorporated. Then a little flour is added and small donuts are formed with the dough.

They are placed in the oven at 180 ° and baked for 15 to 20 minutes maximum.

Bollo Maimon

It is one of the typical sweets of Salamanca that is made with eggs, flour, sugar, lemon zest and brandy. Its preparation is very simple since you only have to crack the eggs in a bowl and mix.

Then add the sugar, the lemon peel and the sugar. Later the flour is incorporated and everything is mixed until obtaining the mass for the sponge cake. In a greased mold, pour the mixture and bake in a preheated oven at 175 ° C for 25 to 30 minutes, or until the bun is golden brown.

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