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Pans are the most widely used kitchenware product in the world. This is due to its easy handling, linked to the wide variety of dishes that can be created with them. Therefore, it is important to have a good frying pan in our kitchen. Today, we are going to know the Magefesa Paula frying pan , so that, if you have considered changing your kitchen utensils, you have some purchase options. We started!

The kitchenware firm Magefesa has 25 years of experience, something that can be seen reflected in the quality and durability of its products. And they not only make kitchenware like these Paula pans from Magefesa, but they also make pots, saucepans, casseroles … All with the same quality seal.


The Paula de Magefesa pans are made of steel enameled vitrified. Steel is one of the most used materials in the world of kitchenware, due to its great resistance and durability. It is a material resistant to corrosion, high temperatures and shocks. And, in addition to being a resistant material, it is a lightweight material, suitable for anyone to handle it, even with one hand.

Steel is one of the most used materials not only for its resistance, but also for its great heat conduction. Thanks to this, Magefesa Paula pans heat up faster, even at low temperatures, and retain heat for longer. Therefore, you will not need to keep the pan on the fire for a long time, since it lacks a low temperature, and it retains it for much longer than a pan made of another material.

Magefesa Paula pans also include ergonomic Bakelite handles in their materials . This is a heat-resistant material, which allows the pan to be handled safely, since the heat from the pan is not transferred to the handle.


Magefesa Paula pans feature a Quantanium two-layer non-stick coating. It is one of the highest quality non stick on the market, both for its resistance and for its non-stick properties. Thanks to this, you can cook with less oil, and cook healthier dishes.

In addition, Magefesa Paula pans are certified that the non-stick coating is free of toxic and chemical PFOAs, which can be transferred to food. The non-stick coating is scratch and abrasion resistant.


What sets the Magefesa Paula frying pan apart from other pans? The answer is simple: the use of different innovative technologies from the world of cooking, which bring many advantages to the cooking process.


  • Manufactured in vitrified enamelled steel, which provides great resistance and durability to the pan. Ergonomic heat resistant Bakelite handles for easy and safe handling of the pan.
  • Heat diffusing bottom: as we have already mentioned, steel is a great conductor of heat. To channel and take advantage of that heat, the pan includes a diffuser bottom, so that the heat is evenly distributed throughout the pan. In this way, the food is cooked evenly.
  • Quantanium bilayer non-stick, scratch and abrasion resistant. In addition, it is sustainable with the environment, since it allows you to cook the same dishes as always, but adding less oil.
  • Magefesa Paula pans are compatible with all types of cookers: glass-ceramic, gas, electric and induction.
  • They are also compatible for cleaning in the dishwasher, thanks to the fact that they are resistant to corrosion and the non-stick material is resistant to scratches.


  • These pans are of great resistance and durability. Thanks to this, you will be able to buy Magefesa Paula pans and keep them for many years. And it doesn’t matter if you change your kitchen, because, being compatible, you can continue using them.
  • They are sustainable pans with the environment, both for their energy saving system and for their non-stick layer, which allows you to cook with less oil than necessary.
  • They are compatible pans for cleaning in the dishwasher, so you will not have to invest extra time in care or cleaning. In addition, thanks to the non-stick Quantanium bilayer, cleaning is much easier, because food does not stick.

The only downside is that the Magefesa Paula pans are only available in blue. Therefore, if blue is not one of your favorite colors, or you prefer a more traditional design, you would have to select another pan model from the Magefesa line.


The Magefesa line, despite not having more than 50 years of experience like many other firms, has high quality products. He has known how to merge the simplicity of pans with the best technologies in the kitchen world, in order to create a product like these Paula pans from Magefesa : quality, innovative, and affordable for everyone.

Not only is it an affordable skillet for its purchase price, but it is also affordable and aimed at everyone for its features. As we have mentioned before, the Magefesa Paula frying pan is a light frying pan, even though it is made of steel. This allows even people with little cooking experience to use this pan easily. In addition, it is compatible with all types of kitchens, so it adapts to the needs of the consumer. And as Magefesa seeks to be close to the consumer, and adapt to their needs, Magefesa Paula pans are available in various sizes: 18 cm, 22 cm and 26 cm in diameter.

This frying pan is also notable for its innovative design. And it is that Magefesa not only innovates with the inside of the pan, but also with the outside. These pans do not have a traditional finish – they are finished in double layer blue enamel. This material, when combined with the steel of the pan, provides greater strength, ensuring that the pan will remain as it was on day one for many years.


If you are looking for a frying pan with similar characteristics to the Magefesa Paula, but in a more traditional design, we recommend the Magefesa K2 Gransasso frying pan . It has a non-stick bilayer, compatible with all types of kitchens, and a matte black finish .

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