Typical Moroccan dishes that you cannot stop trying

When we travel to a place, the first things we want to appreciate are the diversity of cultures that make it so special. Morocco is a country with too much variety of characteristics that identify it. More and more people plan to travel here and enjoy its music, its people, its dances, and as a main focus, the typical Moroccan dishes.

All his dishes, believe it or not, have had a great impact on foreign cultures ; In fact, you could say that most of the countries in Africa have done very well in the world with regard to their food.

In this article I will show you what are the typical dishes of Morocco, in case you ever plan to travel or maybe you want to try it at home, because for flavors there is no border, politics, or religion. On the other hand, it should be noted that these dishes are quite familiar, that is, they can be prepared at home without any problem, so you really will not have any impediment to taste the good taste.


Whoever has gone to Morocco and at least has not heard the word “couscous”, really did not go to Morocco, as this is the most iconic dish of that country. A very traditional and familiar meal that you can imagine. It is that type of dish that everyone can prepare, but if it does not have that Moroccan touch, then it is not the same at all.

Couscous is a well-known seed worldwide, wheat semolina seed. The difference of Morocco with respect to this, is on how it is prepared, since here many vegetables are added, because the more vegetables you have, the better. In addition, enough lamb meat is added to completely change its flavor.

In some regions of this country it is prepared with raisins and legumes, giving it a slightly sweeter flavor. On the other hand, it can also be made with butter and whipped milk, which gives it a perfect delicacy of immense freshness.


It is another of the most remarkable dishes in Morocco. It is a special type of pasta, which is essentially prepared with chickpeas. The fact that it is made with this legume is fascinating, since the flavor becomes very powerful. In addition, lemon, olive oil and the well-known tahini are added.

This is usually eaten in meetings or simply to accompany bread in an intimate lunch.


Among the main dishes Moroccan tagine is, whose name is to give the container in which it is cooked a pot of clay with a conical shape.

Among the cheapest prices on meals is this one, which is incredible, because the flavor is exquisite. It is prepared in different ways, be it with legumes, chicken or lamb meat.

With lamb meat

This is the most famous and is accompanied by some legumes. This also has almonds and plums, because a meal in Morocco is not from here if it does not have a taste between salty and sweet. Also, to add a touch of taste, cinnamon or saffron is added as a dressing.

With chicken

It is in second options but it does not mean that it is a less delicious stew, since all tejín is magnificent in the mouth.

It is prepared with a little lemon juice and olives to give it a sour tone. On the other hand, a very good and too spicy tomato sauce is added, which is flavored with many spices.


Also known as pastela or bastilla. It is a typical Moroccan dish frequented in the festivals of that country. Like all Moroccan food, it has a sweet and salty taste, but more than other dishes.

It is very easy to prepare and the ingredients can be found in any nearby market. It is a few layers of puff pastry stuffed with some meat or chicken. To this a delicious almond paste is added and voila, baked. To complement the sweetness of the dish, it is seasoned with a little sugar, or in some cases, cinnamon.

Khubz bread

Many people know it as flatbread. It is a typical ideal complement to eat with stews, soups and creams. In fact, its flat shape has to do with its being a companion to stews, since this allows the bread to flood its layers and absorb it easily.

Moroccan Soup

What else should identify the delicacy of the dish if not its name? And it is that really every meal in Morocco is special and makes it clear that this country is rich in flavors.

Moroccan soup is also known as ” harira “. It is made especially with lamb meat, and we know that anything that has lamb meat is delicious. This has legumes and tomatoes, which are seasoned with many spices, but the main ones are coriander, black pepper, ginger and sometimes parsley. On the other hand, in several states it is eaten with dates.

This soup is more than anything traditional in Morocco because it is used to end Ramadan and break that fast. For that reason and because of how rich it is, it never goes out of style.


Just thinking of this name I feel an immense hunger. This is one of the most delicious dishes in Morocco, you will be able to notice it only with its smell, in case you go to this country and decide to eat it.

It is prepared with minced meat accompanied by various complements and dressings, which are: pine nuts, parsley, garlic, cumin, onion, hot paprika and olive oil to taste. In some areas of Morocco it is prepared with cheese and fried egg, and the meat is made into meatballs.

It really is a divine dish, suitable to be tasted around the world.

Chicken with almonds

Finally I have a completely delicious dish worthy of Morocco. It is chicken seasoned with onion, parsley, garlic, ginger, cumin, rashanut, turmeric, paprika and of course, as the name implies, abundant almonds. All these spices lead the dish to be so delicious, and for that it is well known.

In other regions many vegetables, dates, plums, olives or any other fruit are added.

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