Cecotec Mambo Comparison – The Four Kitchen Robots

Choosing a Robot kitchen Cecotec is a success for all those who want to go a step further in the kitchen. There are four models, and all four are excellent depending on the use you are going to give it. Therefore, today we are going to see the Comparison of Cecotec Mambo and each of the four models: 8590, 9590, 10070 and 10090.

The Valencian firm was born in 1995 with the aim of incorporating new technologies into all its electrical appliances, experiencing extraordinary growth since its origins, thanks to innovation as a hallmark of the brand.

The Mambo Kitchen Robot is one of its flagships, in its four models. They are very complete multifunction kitchen robots, with different cooking and food processing functions. They have some similar technical characteristics and functions, and others that differ depending on the model chosen, the most basic being the Cecotec Mambo 8590 and the most advanced the Cecotec Mambo 10090, and the most recommended and balanced, according to our comparison of Cecotec Mambo, the 1070. . Although, in general, have much in common, below desgranamos the differences of each.

To begin, we leave you a simple table where you can clearly see the differences and similarities of the four models. This way you can see what is necessary for you and what is not. As we tell you, in our opinion, the 10070 is postulated as the best quality / price because for a very competitive price you have a kitchen robot with everything that a Kitchen Robot should have and with App Connectivity. There goes the comparison of Cecotec Mambo !

Cecotec Mambo 10090 Robot

This model is perhaps one of the most desired by the public. It comes with the necessary elements for cooking (others can be purchased separately): steamer, ladle, blades, kneading blades ( something that almost no kitchen robot has ), butterfly, tongue and, the jewel in the crown, it also comes with two jugs . One of them is the traditional steel one that most of the public is familiar with; the other is Havana, a jug with a porcelain coating. The latter provides non-stick, but is more delicate than the other model, since it must be treated with special products.

On this occasion, they have given a twist to the issue of security and, in addition to having the traditional fit of the cup, now it has another insurance with which, if the lid is not closed, it does not allow to start it. This is essential to avoid, for example, that a piece of food skips while it is being shredded, as it could be quite dangerous.

This model has Wi-Fi and an application, very comfortable and intuitive, to which you can connect during its operation. With it, you can control and manage the actions you want to order from the robot. In turn, through this app, the robot warns the user, wherever he is, if the process he had scheduled has ended, so that he can approach to perform the next action.

When a recipe is being made, the application marks the steps to follow from the screen of the mobile or tablet, being able to activate the recipes through it, which saves time and confusion, as there is no margin for error. This makes it much more comfortable to handle, especially for people who telecommute from home.


See here the updated price of the Mambo 10090


Cecotec Mambo 10070 Robot

As in the previous model, the quality of its materials, resistance and durability are unsurpassed. As in the Mambo 10090 model, it also has App connectivity. The only difference is that it does not include the porcelain-coated Habana pitcher, but the traditional model that is dishwasher safe, which provides an extra point of convenience.

The Habana jug is one of the brand’s novelties, but this time it is not included, something that will be noticed in the price, but not in the utility of the robot. The capacity of the stainless steel jug is 3.3 liters, which allows you to prepare a wide variety of recipes. It works through an intelligent power system that offers a range that goes from 0 to 10 levels. All this can be controlled through the app, as this model does have connectivity, which favors access to recipes and control of all functions remotely, which implies greater freedom and field of work.

Is it worth it even if I don’t have the Habana jug? In our opinion YES. The stainless steel pitcher is perfect for 99% of users and recipes. Think that it has different automatic temperature modes and the blades are always moving the ingredients, so the risk of something sticking to you is very low. We would recommend the model 10090 with a Havana jug to anyone who is thinking of very delicate recipes such as desserts with chocolate or something very susceptible to sticking. But we believe that for the price that the 10070 has, it is today the best quality / price Kitchen Robot.


See here the updated price of the Mambo 10070


Cecotec Mambo 9590 Robot

This model, unlike the previous one, does not have Wi-Fi connectivity with the App, but it does come with the porcelain-coated jug called Habana. This jar, being non-stick, offers the possibility of cooking more complex dishes with greater peace of mind. There are preparations that have a tendency to stick to the base or the walls of the jar, but with this model that does not happen. For this reason, the most novice or the most gourmet of the kitchen will be able to experiment without any fear.

To this element must be added that the robot has a scale, which will allow recipes with exact measurements. In addition, it brings a butterfly with silicone reinforcement to be able to better scrape the base and not waste the product. All this makes the robot’s usability more comfortable and intuitive for anyone.

It has the best security system, the Security Check System, which is the most advanced, since it allows the blades to be removed and inserted easily. The dosing cap also has a safety lock, which allows you to grind and apply the turbo without fear of splashing.


See here the updated price of the Mambo 9590


Cecotec Mambo 8590 Robot

This is the most basic model when compared to those previously described, as it does not have a Wi-Fi connection nor does it come with the Habana jug. Except for these differences, this model shares almost the same features and functions as the other Mambo models. Therefore, there are many reasons to recommend your purchase.

It has a built-in scale to be able to make recipes perfectly. It has materials that make it resistant and durable compared to other models on the market. The jug that comes with this model is the stainless steel one, which is very easy to handle and can be washed in the dishwasher without problems, as it does not require special maintenance like Havana. Like its brothers, it has a 3.3-liter capacity and an intelligent heating power system that goes from 0 to 10, simulating traditional fire.


See here the updated price of the Mambo 8590


Cecotec Mambo 10090 vs Mambo 10070

Kitchen robots have revolutionized the small appliance market in recent years. The emergence of brands that have created their own product has increased, leading to a democratization of prices. Until relatively recently, there was only one predominant brand in the kitchen robot market, difficult to beat and with hardly accessible prices. Now the Mambo 10090 stands up to Thermomix. And within the Cecotec family, the Mambo 10090 vs Mambo 10070 there are some subtle, but important differences. Let’s see them!

Cecotec is one of those brands that have their own kitchen robot models, called Mambo. Different versions can be found with more or less accessories and with certain functionalities. Choosing one or the other will depend on the needs of each user and the budget you want to invest in it.

On this occasion, a comparative study will be created between the two best models of the brand: the Mambo 10090 vs Mambo 10070. These two robots are sweeping the market thanks to their excellent value for money. The Mambo 10090 is Cecotec’s most advanced model to date; consequently, the Mambo 10070 is a version that is considered by many to be “the little sister”.

Next, the similarities and differences that the Mambo 10090 and Mambo 10070 have will be defined. Taking into account that both models have been released almost at the same time, it is normal that there are more similarities than differences.

Jugs for cooking in Mambo 10090 vs Mambo 10070

The 10090 model includes the famous Habana ceramic covered jug. In contrast, the 10070 only comes with the classic stainless steel, which is dishwasher safe. This differentiation that Cecotec creatives have made between Mambo 10090 and Mambo 10070 is curious, since Habana is not a new accessory, it already appeared in previous models, such as the 9090 and the 9590.

It is a stainless steel jug that has a ceramic coating on the inside, which makes it non-stick and, therefore, more comfortable when cooking. It should be clarified that the 10090 model also comes with the classic stainless steel jug, that is, it comes with both options included.

Cecotec Mambo 10090

The price of each model

The differences can also be seen in the price of both kitchen machines. Obviously, the Mambo 10090 is slightly more expensive than the 10070. Between them there is a difference of just over one hundred euros, although it will depend on the page where the product is consulted.


See here the updated price of the Mambo 10070


Wi-Fi connection and Mambo app

Both the 10090 and 10070 have hit the market to offer everything the public has been asking for for a long time. Both models have connectivity and come equipped with Wi-Fi, which allows you to connect to them through the Cecotec Mambo App. In the application you can find countless recipes to get the most out of the robot.

Its operation is simple: you just have to choose the recipe you want and the app will guide you step by step. Even from the phone you can program, turn off, turn on or change the temperature, which will allow the user to have greater autonomy.


Another point of connection between the two robots is in the renewed safety cover. This system already appeared in the 8590 and 9590 models, and now it is also found in the 10090 and 10070. It is a cover that has been manufactured with polymer injection and has a double safety lock. With this new format, they have improved the previous mechanism, which had certain flaws. As can be seen, there are more similarities than differences between the two models; therefore, both are an ideal product.

Functions that have the Mambo 10090 vs Mambo 10070 model

Both have 30 functions. It is the habitual thing in the new models; to find less, it is necessary to go back to the first robots of the brand that hit the market. These are some of the functions: whisk, whip, knead, heat, blend, chop, fry, grind, grate, pulverize, boil or reheat, among others.

Both models are very complete, they come with all the functions. Therefore, any recipe, dish, dough or preparation can be made : from jams, bread, desserts to stews or creams. There is no food that can resist them.


See here the updated price of the Mambo 10090


Power, motor and temperature

Both models have a double gear motor, with 10 speed adjustment. They are accompanied by a power of 1700 W with 10 calorific power settings.

This is perhaps the most important point of this type of kitchen robot: the possibility of chopping and grinding any food without fear of burning the motor is the strong point of the entire system. Thanks to its blades, its speed and its power, nuts can be crushed into a cream, without any problem or effort.

Obviously, to be able to cook so many different dishes it is necessary for the thermal amplitude to be large; in this case, both can be programmed from 37 to 120 degrees.

Scale and timer on Mambo 10090 vs Mambo 10070

The scale is integrated into both the Mambo 10090 and 10070. With it, you get a cumulative weighing that makes recipes easy to recreate. The scale allows any food to be weighed without having to remove the jug; in this way, the ingredients can be added progressively, as they are requested.

The most useful thing about an appliance is the timer, and in this case both robots have it. With it you can program from 1 second to 12 hours ; in this way, the food will be ready when you want it.


Except that the 10070 model does not come with the Habana jug, which does come in the 10090, the other accessories are shared. Among them is the famous MamboMix kneading spoon. This element makes the difference, since almost no brand offers it.

Cecotec Mambo 8590 vs 9590

Cecotec has been launching different kitchen robots called Mambo for several years. Each model has a series of features and accessories that have changed over the years and with the updates that have been made. On this occasion , a comparison will be made between the Cecotec Mambo 8590 vs 9590, which can still be purchased at a much more reasonable price than any other similar product.

These robots are listed as a high-end home appliance, but at an incredible price. The relationship between the materials, the functions they have and the cost of the product has made them an essential element in many kitchens. They have managed to streamline traditional cooking methods, managing to execute tasty dishes in a much simpler and faster way.

Cecotec Mambo 8590 and Mambo 9590 are perfect for people or families who do not have much time to invest in cooking, but want to eat healthy, rich and varied. For this reason, Mambo is perfect, since there are several appliances in one. With it you can make countless recipes for all tastes: stews, creams, rice dishes or soups.

Fortunately, the market has changed, since years ago talking about kitchen machines meant talking exclusively about a brand that had a great monopoly and prices that were not very accessible to the majority. That is why Cecotec has led to a revolution in this field, reaching more families.

Before making this comparison, be aware that both models have many similarities. They are products of the same brand, with the same functionality and they came on the market with little margin of difference.

We leave you with a simple table where you can quickly see the main differences.

Mambo 8590 vs 9590 Security

Both Mambo 8590 and Mambo 9590 present one of the few novelties in terms of safety. Both have the lid made with a new polymer injection material that comes with a double closure for greater peace of mind. This factor was an issue that could be improved compared to previous models and, from what you can see, Cecotec has efficiently taken care of it. Few things users value more than the peace of mind of being able to cook without fear of a culinary accident.

Compact design

These two models have a more compact design in relation to the previous ones, which allows it to be moved comfortably through the different areas of the kitchen. Its size is currently 49 centimeters high by 46 long and 33 deep, with a total weight of 10.1 kilos.


See here the updated price of the Mambo 9590


Power and temperature of the Mambo 8590 vs 9590

Both the Mambo 8590 and 9590 models have a power of 1700 W, which allows the realization of an endless number of dishes, being able to chop and grind almost any food. In addition, they have an adjustable range of 10 calorific powers that go from 37 to 120 degrees of temperature. This breadth provides a lot of versatility to the recipes that can be prepared in the robot.

Speeds of both models

In this case they also share the speed range they reach. They have the graduation of up to 10 motor rotation speeds, to which must be added speed 0, which is what is used to cook in casserole mode; that is, as if it were a stew in a traditional pot, something that had no previous model.

Meal programmer on Mambo 8590 vs 9590

The Mambo robots bring the possibility of programming the recipes so that they begin to be made when the user wants, without the need for them to be present. The time range in which it can be programmed is from 1 second to 12 hours. This makes them one of the kitchen appliances with the longest time range.

Cooking functions

Both the Mambo 8590 and Mambo 9590 models have 30 kitchen functions : grating, cooking, blending, chopping, stewing, grinding, kneading or steaming, among others. With this robot you can make both stews, rice dishes or vegetable creams such as pizza dough, cream of nuts or steamed vegetables: its functionalities are endless.


See here the updated price of the Mambo 8590


Jug and capacity

The jug that comes in both models is the traditional stainless steel one, which has a capacity of 3.3 liters. It can be put in the dishwasher, which makes it very comfortable to clean. Keep in mind that to put it back on the robot you have to dry the area where the connection poles are very well.

In the case of the Model 9590, there is a difference and that is that it also comes with the famous Habana jug. It is a jar that has a ceramic coating on the inside, which makes it non-stick, something perfect for making stews or rice. In this case, it is advisable not to put it in the dishwasher and clean it by hand.

Luckily, Cecotec has finally decided to sell the Habana jug independently. This allows any customer to get hold of it whenever they want, without having to change the robot model, but as one more accessory.

Accessories on Mambo 8590 vs 9590

The set of accessories that they bring is the same for all the robots: the MamboMix spoon, which is the one to be used to knead and stir slowly; the classic two-level steamer, which allows you to make two preparations at the same time; the castle to boil; the silicone spatula, which is used to cook safely inside the jar and the butterfly.

Robot color

Although it is an insignificant detail as it is merely aesthetic, a different hue can be found between the color of the model 8590 and that of the 9590. The former has a more grayish tone; On the other hand, the second is a dark black that gives it a more elegant appearance and makes it stand out from the rest of the robots on the market. Otherwise, they are very similar, and little else could give them away.

Is a Cecotec Kitchen Robot worth it?

Kitchen machines have always been a focus of interest, and the appearance of new brands and models in recent years has only increased the phenomenon. This type of product was not previously available to everyone, but, thanks to brands like Cecotec, this has changed : prices have been democratized, which has allowed more people to become part of their family.

Cecotec is a Spanish company that specializes in small household appliances. Its products are innovative, revolutionary and provide quick and convenient solutions to day-to-day problems or situations. The range of elements is very wide: it ranges from vacuum cleaners, irons or dryers to kitchen robots, which is perhaps its star product and which we are going to talk about on this occasion.

Its commitment to innovation has made its Mambo food processor one of its star lines. In addition, they offer a wide variety of accessories for the robot, which allows each user to acquire what best suits their needs. Thanks to its price and affordability, being able to arrange it is easy and convenient, since they ship both nationally and internationally.

Advantages of cooking with Cecotec Kitchen Robots

If we choose one of the Cecotec Kitchen Robots from the Mambo Range, we will be able to enjoy many advantages of cooking and food processing thanks to the versatility of these robots, which are completely multifunctional, due to their ability to cook and process all kinds of food. food. We will be able to elaborate from the traditional recipes using its zero speed, to the most sophisticated ones with the functions of poaching or confit. Among its main advantages, we could highlight the following:

  • The large capacity of its jugs in any of its models (3.2 liters) makes it possible to cook large quantities. The food processors Cecotec are perfect for families with many members, or for people who have invited very often.
  • Being able to cook up to three and four dishes at the same time is a great advance in the kitchen, since any recipe will arrive at the table freshly made and at its right point.
  • One of the great advantages of this range is the possibility of programming recipes with a timer of up to 12 hours, to have dishes ready at the desired time.
  • Its exclusive SlowMambo function stands out, to be able to make stews over low heat, in the most traditional way, while the recipe is stirred constantly to ensure that the cooking is uniform.

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