Thermomix VS Cecotec Mambo, which is better?

We have to confess that we wanted to do this article! Today we bring you a detailed comparison between the latest Thermomix vs Mambo 10090 model from the Cecotec brand, two of the most desired kitchen robots of the moment.

The popularity of kitchen machines has caused major brands to release their own models. Since Thermomix came to light decades ago, this type of product is one of the most desired by users given the versatility it offers when preparing different dishes in the kitchen. The problem comes when the price of this brand is very high, which makes it difficult for most families to buy.

Nowadays, other brands have brought similar kitchen products to the market, competing with the historic Thermomix. Among them is Cecotec, which a few years ago launched the Mambo family, a very complete and functional kitchen robot that has been a revolution in this sector, since its price-quality ratio is extremely high, making it the perfect alternative.

Thermomix was born in the 60s by the hand of the German company Vorwerk. Since then, every few years, it has been releasing new models of kitchen machines with different functions, accessories and price. Instead, the Mambo 10090 is a robot that belongs to the Spanish company Cecotec, which was founded in the nineties, which offers several models with different properties and accessories.

Cecotec has been going strong: its properties, functions and elements are very complete for being a relatively new robot on the market. Therefore, it will be very difficult for Thermomix to compete with a model with similar characteristics and that, in addition, costs a quarter. To learn more about the specifications of each one, this article will make a comparison between the two products.

Price comparison between Thermomix and Mambo 10090

In this section, the Cecotec Mambo 10090 robot undoubtedly wins the prize, as it can be purchased for just over 300 euros, when the Thermomix is ​​around 1200 euros. It is a very big difference that tips the balance towards Mambo, especially if one takes into account that both products have similar characteristics, as will be seen throughout the article.


See here the updated price of the Mambo 10090


Digital screen

Both products currently have a digital screen: 6.8 inches in the case of Thermomix; somewhat simpler, with an intuitive touch panel, in the case of the Cecotec Mambo 10090. The latter is easier to use and has an app for tablets or mobiles with which you can control everything, either from the kitchen or from the comfort of the living room.

The Cecotec Mambo screen is on your phone or Tablet

This app allows you to manage the entire cooking process, control the times, change the program or simply turn it off. Having this last option is very comfortable; in fact, for some it is more advantageous than having a large screen like the Thermomix integrated into the appliance.

Cooking functions: Mambo 10090 or Thermomix

Something that is undoubtedly a great point in favor of the Mambo is that it has 23 kitchen functions, while the Thermomix only has 16. Even so, with both you can make any recipe without great problems. The Mambo has a function without blade movement called SlowMambo, which is very useful for making some specifications in recipes, especially those that are more classic. It consists of stirring constantly during low temperature cooking; in this way, the flavor and quality of the stew is increased.

  • Mambo Cecotec functions: chop, chop, crush, grind, pulverize, grate, SlowMambo, whisk, whip, emulsify, mix, cook stir, confit, knead boil, keep warm, ferment, cook steam poach, cook with precision grade by grade, kitchen to the bain-marie, turbo function.
  •  Thermomix functions: stir, mix, cut, beat, emulsify, knead, chop, cook, fry, steam, simmer, slow cook, vacuum cook, ferment, cook at high temperatures.

As can be seen, some functions are shared between both robots, such as slow cooking, fermentation or the option of boiling. All of them are very useful on a day-to-day basis, making life easier for all those who have it.

We leave you a video where you can see the main functions of the Mambo 10090:

Thermomix vs Cecotec Mambo blade review

The blades are a key element in both products, since their ability to chop and grind food is one of the main attractions for which millions of people want to buy a kitchen robot. On this occasion, the difference can be seen with the naked eye.

Both have very powerful blades, capable of grinding nuts into a liquid mass. But the Cecotec Mambo brings what is called a MamboMix spoon to make bread or pizza doughs. This shovel is much more complete for this type of function, since it is much easier to separate the mass from the blades.

Caps and accessories

Both glasses have very similar lids with their respective measuring glasses : in the case of the Mambo, it is transparent; in the Thermomix, it is opaque. In addition, they have steamers that are also very similar, although Cecotec’s has somewhat more capacity, which always makes cooking easier and allows you to increase the amount of food you want to prepare.

The heat system

Both kitchen robots have an intelligent system for heating food, which prevents it from burning or sticking to the bottom of the jar. Thanks to this, in both versions you can boil milk, make bechamel for croquettes, fried tomato and even melt chocolate without fear.

Thermomix jars vs Cecotec Mambo

This is a key element, since the Mambo 10090 has two types of jug: the traditional one made of stainless steel, like the Thermomix, and a second jug called Habana, which has a porcelain coating, which makes it non-stick and in turn somewhat more delicate. This second ceramic jug is ideal for those recipes that need a special delicacy (melted chocolates and other dishes that can stick). The Cecotec Mambo glasses have a capacity of 3.3 liters, which allows cooking for a greater number of people, and the stainless steel one can be washed in the dishwasher.

The Thermomix glass has a capacity of 2.2 liters, a bit fair if you have a large family. As a plus point, it could be said that it can also be washed in the dishwasher.


See here the updated price of the Mambo 10090


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