KitchenAid cookware

The KitchenAid brand of kitchen products is world famous in the market thanks to the quality of its products and above all thanks to its kitchen robot specially designed for confectionery. But this time we are going to talk about KitchenAid cookware, which may surprise users who were unaware of this type of product within the brand.

As everyone knows, KitchenAid is a brand of American kitchen products owned by the famous Whirlpool Corporation. The history of this brand has more than 100 years, as it was founded in 1919 in order to specialize in the production of stand mixers, and its first model was the popular H-5. For these products it became famous decades ago, but the truth is that it not only has appliances, but also has household items.

KitchenAid is famous for the strength and high durability of its products. Although it has been used at a private level for years, it is also well known within the professional world, given that the results obtained are very high; In addition, it allows to expand production, because thanks to its characteristics there are no limits to the imagination of chefs.

Although this brand, as we have already said, has a star product, this time we are going to talk about the KitchenAid non-stick stainless steel cookware, which has such good reviews in the market from users. Although it only has three pieces and is priced somewhat higher than others, its characteristics and the durability it offers make it comfortable and profitable.

Manufacturing materials

This set of two pans and a saucepan is made of stainless steel. As we have already mentioned in another article, it is one of the best materials for the manufacture of kitchen products due to its resistance, good heat transmission and it is very hygienic.

The pots are accompanied by two glass lids that greatly facilitate the cooking process because you can see the food without having to lift them, which prevents steam escapes and saves energy. The saucepan, being smaller, lacks a lid, as it is not necessary due to the type of food that is cooked there.

It is a game that is easy to acquire, since it can be easily bought online: it is sent home in a box very well packed so that no piece suffers any damage, especially those that are made of glass.

KitchenAid cookware


It is very important to consider compatibility when choosing a KitchenAid or other brand of cookware, since it is what will allow you to cook safely and efficiently. KitchenAid cookware is suitable for all types of fires : gas, electric, glass-ceramic or induction. This last option is the most valued and sought after by users, since not all pots or pans are valid for this type of fire.

Features of the KitchenAid cookware

Next, the most significant characteristics of this cookware will be analyzed and it will be detailed why it differs from the rest of the products that can be found on the market.

  • The set consists of 2 pots of 20 and 24 centimeters in diameter, and a saucepan of 16 cm. Although it is small, it is a very complete game.
  • It is made of high quality stainless steel and has two transparent glass lids.
  • It is suitable for any type of fire: gas, hob, oven, electric and induction, which makes it very versatile.
  • The handle is ergonomic in the shape of a V, which provides control and comfort during use.
  • It can be purchased comfortably over the internet.
  • They are highly resistant and multipurpose.
  • They are non-stick, something essential in a kitchen, as it prevents food from sticking or settling on the base.
  • The handles are also made of stainless steel.
  • They are very safe thanks to the fact that the lids are made of transparent glass.
  • They are easy to clean, as they can be conveniently placed in the dishwasher, something that is essential for many people.
  • Suitable for ovens at 220 degrees. In other words, as it does not contain any silicone details, it can be easily placed in the oven to carry out any function, such as au gratin for macaroni.
  • Its design is elegant as well as clean and simple, so it fits in any kitchen.
  • Silver color (stainless steel).

Advantages of the KitchenAid cookware

What advantages can we find if we choose to purchase this set of saucepans? Well, the truth is that several, since, although it may seem small, its elements are great jewels for the kitchen and will bring many joys to their owners.

  • It can be purchased online.
  • It is suitable for all fires, even for the oven.
  • Its grips are ergonomic.
  • The brand is a world benchmark for quality and durability.
  • Transparent glass lids.
  • Made of high quality stainless steel and non-stick.
  • They can be put in the dishwasher.
  • They have a medium weight, so they are comfortable for anyone.


This time we can find a couple of drawbacks, and that is that the price can be somewhat high if you take into account that the game is only composed of three pieces, something that could be small. This last detail could also be a disadvantage for many people.

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